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Lipton Green Tea Citrus

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Brand: Lipton / Type: Green Tea

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2009 04:59
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      I'll chill some green tea and add lemon slices and make my predictable version next time!

      Lipton are an international company focused on the sale of tea related beverages. They produce products such as tea bags and leaves for hot teas, but have a well known and well advertised range of 'ice tea' drinks.

      Green tea
      Green tea is made from a different plant to black tea - this is the Camellia sinensis. It does still contain caffeine but is said to have other health benefits due to containing polyphenols, ascorbic acid and other minerals. It is supposed to reduce the chances of heart disease and Parkinsons disease, reduce cholestrol and according to some evidence reduce the chance of having cancer! It is also proven to increase the metabolic rate within your body so has the effect of assisting weight loss.

      The bottle.
      I bought my green tea as a snack size bottle 500ml for one pound and nine pence at a newsagent - this is more than I would usually pay for a cold drink from a shop fridge (I look for the best offer!), but I was on a little bit of a losing weight kick so decided anything that might have a slight, remote, little chance of helpind was worth it! I have not seen this particular type of ice tea in the supermarket, however I have found online that you can get 1 litre bottles and cans.

      The bottle is a very simple cylindrical shape with a curve up to the lid. The lid itself is quite wide. The label covers most of the lower half of the bottle. It is in Liptons themed green and yellow colouring with the red & white logo top and centre.

      Compared to the scary sounding chemicals in some drinks I felt the ingredient list on this was mercifully short and I think I understood what all the items on it were!! Water, green tea extract (interesting way to put it) and sugar, I expected. I was a lttle disappointed it had lemon juice flavour in rather than actual lemon juice. The only other items listed were e-numbers (330, 331) and antioxidant!

      This combined gives you 142 calories in 500ml. The most notable part of the nutritional information say this it 34g sugar (40% of RDA!!)

      Prominently highlighted in yellow are the words 'no preservatives', 'no artificial colours' and 'no artificial sweeteners'.

      The drink

      The liquid colour was a light yellowish - not very appetising.

      I was expecting the drink to be light a green tea - I LOVE green tea and reckon it tastes like unsalted popcorn - probably with a bitter aftertaste of lemon, all in all quite a tangy but refreshing taste and I have to say I was rather disappointed.

      The flavour immediately reminded me of Lipton's peach ice tea (have they just changed the colour??). It is very sweet and although there is a taste of artificial fruit it's not very lemony...

      Like other iced teas in the range this is not fizzy. This had the effect of making the sweetness even heavier and more overpowering to taste.

      I couldn't taste any sort of flavouring I felt was a green tea taste. Although I appreciate green tea is a more delicate flavour than black tea, I still would have liked to taste it! I would say overall that if you want an ice tea flavoured drink stick with original black iced tea.


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      Brand: Lipton / Beverages / Type: Green Tea

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