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Maccabee Beer - Pale Lager

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Brand: Tempo / Type: Black Tea

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2009 22:13
      Very helpful



      Not good

      Maccabee Beer is made by the Israeli company Tempo Beer Industries, the beer plays second fiddle to Gold Star. Israeli beer choice is fairly limited with Tuborg and Heineken having taken over the market a bit in recent years. This beer might have the 18 year old yanks fooled who have only occasionally had an illegal sip or two of commercially poor beer and go holidaying to Israel but your average Israeli will admit that Maccabee is the closest alcoholic equivalent to urine there is.

      In fact they seemed far more negative about its qualities than me and various people questioned the fact that they were still in business. It wasnt that bad, I'd drank worse beers but it was very watery with a weak slightly astringent taste, very little in the way of carbonation and definitely doesn't do The Maccabees (not the band!) proud in anyway or form. At 4.9%, it's the same strength as Gold Star but is a much lighter colour and is in no way comparable. This beer is available outside of Israel, most notably in the US and you can't help but think that they are using the name as a bit of a gimmick to unsuspecting Jews.

      If curiosity gets the better of you, then you'll be likely trying out this beer if visiting Israel - you'd be better off sticking with Gold Star though.


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  • Product Details

    Brand: Tempo / / Type: Beer / ABV: 4.9%

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