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Marks & Spencer Organic Camomile, Limeflower and Lavender Tea

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Fruit Tea / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2009 16:26
      Very helpful



      A great tea for quiet moments.

      I have recently been trying to increase my fluid intake, since having ME it seems I am always dehydrated and can't tolerate caffeine in tea and coffee. So I have stocked up on some lovely alternatives and Marks and Spencer Organic Limeflower and Camomile tea bags are one of them. For 99p you are treated to 20 teabags.

      I was attracted to the product by the attractive packaging which is lilac, and the brightly coloured Camomile daisies and Lavender plants look lovely on the front.

      To be honest Marks and Spencer do not stock a wide range of herbal teas, and I personally don't shop there much at all, just occasionally I pop in for a look round, and will sometimes try new things. In general I have to confess it isn't my favourite place to shop at all, as I dislike the queues which are always so long in our branch, and having ME I can't stand in one position as my heart starts racing, so it is really a place I tend to avoid. Also as Twinings and other manufacturers of herbal teas produce great selections, I don't have to worry, but this product is a lovely alternative as it is calming and refreshing, and certainly attractively packaged.

      When I mention herbal teas to my husband, especially camomile, he really looks troubled and he finds them all too floral, but recently I have been making him a few, and he is gradually drinking them, and not minding too much, so I think they are an acquired taste. Certainly camomile is weird the first time you try it, and it really does taste like tea made from the weeds I sometimes used to feed to my lovely guinea pigs who loved them! This version though has limeflowers and lavender added, so it is slightly less bitter and more soothing.

      It also has peppermint and liquorice root, which you can't discern from the flavour, and the proportions of ingredients are as follows:
      Camomile (40%), Limeflower (35%), Lavender (10%), Peppermint (10%), Liquorice Root (5%).

      To make the tea you simply add boiling water over a bag in a mug, and wait for about 3 to 5 minutes and then drink without milk. This tea is also suitable to leave the bag in, and then you can top up with water for a second mug, making it very economical, and it doesn't taste stewed or bitter doing this.

      From a hydration perspective herbal teas are great because they are as good as drinking plain water, and you can even make this and then chill it for a very refreshing iced tea.

      One thing I would say about this tea is that the lavender flavour really dominates, and the bags are very fragrant when you open the packet. It's not new to drink lavender, as the plant is from the same family as our common herbs. However, many people associate it with old ladies and lavender bags sitting in sock drawers, certainly my gran made these, but it is reassuring to know that actually lavender is used in dishes as a flavouring in many top restaurants all over the world!

      I find this tea very soothing and comforting and I enjoy it very much. It is more interesting than plain Camomile but it still has the calming properties of the main ingredient, just with more interesting layers of flavours. Being caffeine free these are great for avoiding the effects of too many coffees and teas.

      It makes a lovely drink in the afternoon when you hit that horrid 4 pm feeling, and if you can find five minutes you can enjoy this drink as an alternative to coffee and a few biscuits!

      Certainly a good product and a lovely drink. I will buy it again, and I really like the fact that it is organic and all the ingredients have not been sprayed or treated with any chemicals.
      It's a good price too working out at 5p a cup (or 2 cups if you reuse the tea bag).
      I don't notice an immediate effect with this tea, I mean don't expect to be so laid back you can't drive or work, but it certainly makes you feel like you have taken a few moments out to unwind.

      The great asset of this is that you don't need milk which means you can drink it anytime as long as you have access to hot water.

      I think it is proof that lavender has more too it than being a filling for those bags in sock drawers- it's actually really sophisticated!


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        20.03.2006 15:53
        Very helpful



        Delicious tea from M&S.

        I am a huge fan of camomile tea. I know a lot people don't like it but I enjoy the flavour and I find it really relaxing. I also love Marks and Spencers. Again I know they have fallen out of favour with lots of people but in my opinion their food is beyond compare. Whenever I go to M&S I always spend far too much money on luxury food and last time I was there I treated myself to some herbal tea. It was on offer at the time and I got 2 boxes of 20 organic teabags, (30g), for £1.50, so I got a box of camomile and a box of camomile, limeflower and lavender.

        The camomile, limeflower and lavender teabags come in a very pretty box. The box is various shades of lilac and purple with a picture featuring a limeflower, a camomile flower and some lavender. The box bears the Organic logo, (I am not sure if this is M&S's own logo for organic produce or if there is some kind of industry standard mark), the M&S logo and all the usual product information.

        I really like the way the information is laid out on these teabags and indeed on a lot of M&S food. (I know people dislike packaging descriptions now but I really like this packaging so I will continue). The important information like Ingredients is presented in white boxes with a bold easy to find/read title. It is nice and big so you don't have to scour the packet to find what you are looking for. On the side of the box is a bit of blurb about the benefits of organic food which I think is a great idea.

        I was really impressed by the ingredients of these teabags; camomile (40%), Limeflower (35%), Lavender (10%), Peppermint (10%), Liquorice Root (5%). That adds up to 100% so no nasty fake stuff in here just lovely natural flora.

        Obviously you can make a cup of tea using these bags in a pot or in a cup. If you are making it in the pot I would recommend getting a special pot that is just for herbal/fruit tea as it can leave residuals flavours that will spoil "normal" tea. I find the easiest way is in a cup, just one teabag and some boiling water!

        Most herbal teas are to be drunk without milk and these are no exception. You can try if you like but I would strongly recommend against it. Yuk!

        Upon opening the box you are greeted by a strong smell of real lavender, I really can't detect the scent of limeflower or camomile but it isn't unusual for lavender to be overpowering. I have actually popped a couple of these in my knicker drawer and they are making all my smalls smell lovely and fresh. I really like the smell of lavender, (I find it relaxing and calming), but if you don't I would avoid these as they really do smell and taste of lavender.

        The smell wafts about in the steam when you add water to one of these tea bags and I really like it but I have had a few comments like, "those things stink", from the boys.

        Onto the taste; I think these taste wonderful, I take the teabag out quite quickly because I don't like herbal tea too strong, and you can really notice the flavours of limeflower and camomile. It is really hard for me to describe the taste as I don't really have anything to compare them to. I suppose they have a kind of Parma violets taste but in a none sweet way. They taste like lavender smells; if that makes any sense.

        I think they are really refreshing and they clear any other flavours from my mouth. I tend to have one in the bath or just before bed as I really do find them so relaxing and refreshing.

        I would recommend them to anyone who needs an easy way to relax or anyone who loves the smell of lavender. I think they normally cost 99p a box but I have lost my receipt and they are not listed anyone on line so I am not 100% sure. Sorry guys.


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        Fruit tea.

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