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Pukka Triple Ginger

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Brand: Pukka / Type: Ginger Tea / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      08.12.2013 23:06
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      There's a fire in my belly!

      *The purchase*

      I have really enjoyed several of the other Pukka teas in the range. I picked this up from Morrison's a few months ago for £2.39 and have seen the range increasingly in some of the major supermarkets. In terms of price/tea bag ratio you get 20 tea bags - which puts these within the mid price range (Teapigs are around £5.00 for 15 and Clipper Green Tea will set you back around £6.00 for 80 tea bags).

      I really like the smell and taste of ginger. I often use ginger root in some of the chutneys and savoury jams I make, as an alternative to chilli, but where I still want to get a bit of a kick.

      *The product*

      All 20 of your teabags are individually sealed in a little paper packet. Whilst this is nice as it keeps the flavour in (and looks quite funky) I do feel it is a bit of a waste of paper. The teabags then come in a cardboard box which is prettily designed and very colourful.

      Although the product is called three ginger tea, there are not three types of ginger in this per se; rather the main ingredients are all in the ginger root family. Whilst ginger is the main ingredient (51%), galangal is the next (28%) and turmeric root (4%) - there is also liquorice root and natural ginger extract although the amounts are not revealed on the box.


      The manufacturers recommend that you steep a tea bag in boiling water for 5 minutes (at least). Whilst I really like ginger I have found that steeping for five minutes is way too long and I prefer to steep for around The yellow tea - which looks a lot like camomile tea. Disappointingly there isn't much of a smell of ginger - although I guess this makes sense as there would have to be A LOT of ginger in there to have any sort of pungent smell come across.


      In terms of taste, I did really enjoy this tea. The taste of ginger does really come across, but is not too overpowering - in terms of after tastes there is a little bit of fire but this isn't too strong at all.

      -It is uplifting and warms your spirit. I am not sure how much a tea can really warm your spirit but it definitely slid down my throat and into my tummy making it feel all warm.
      -The taste is rich and spicy. I would say that the taste is more mellow in flavour - although you get the kick of the ginger there are also mild undertones in this which seem to 'calm' it down.
      -Stimulates and settles digestion. I cannot say that I have seen a difference in my digestive habits but I don't suffer any problems in this area.


      If you like ginger and want to try something different I would definitely recommend. It is a good price and tasty enough. Just doesn't really hold the wow factor for me which is why I would drink again but probably wouldn't make it one of my regular teas.


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        17.11.2013 20:29
        Very helpful



        It makes a refreshing change but don't leave the bag in

        Not for Sissies

        Pukka Three Ginger is the Vindaloo of herbal infusions, a brew so fearsome that it's a case of one tasted, never forgotten. When I get a cold, I don't 'do' drugs. No paracetamol, sprays and potions for me, and certainly no anti-biotics. Instead I brew up lots of hot soothing drinks. I thought I'd brew up a fresh one and tell you about this extraordinary drink.

        My love of Pukka infusions started with their Vanilla Chai bags - a product I adore because it reminds me of holidays in India. Unfortunately I've found it hard to source and when I was faced with not being able to find the one I wanted, I bought the Pukka Three Ginger instead, hoping it would also be really good. If ethical credentials matter to you, this comes with Soil Associating Organic certification, plus USDA and GB-ORG-05 accreditation and it's Kosher. That's quite an achievement for a little bag of dried roots.

        ~To Tea or Not to Tea?~

        Pukka three ginger 'tea' is not tea at all - it's a herbal infusion but since most people use the term 'herbal tea' whether a bag contains tea or not, it's important to be clear especially since Pukka sell both infusions and 'proper' teas of a wide variety. The infusions are put together by a chap called Sebastian Pole who has the grand title of 'Pukka's Ayurvedic Practicioner and Herbalist'. If you're familiar with Ayurveda, it will need no introduction. If you're not, it's basically an ancient system of Indian herbalism and natural medicine. Millions swear by it and there's almost certainly more to it than some other alternative therapies, but I buy this tea in the hope of taste rather than physical or spiritual redemption. My chakras may be unbalanced but how does the 'tea' taste?

        A box of Pukka contains 20 sachets, each of which is individually wrapped in a sealed paper envelope. Many herbal teas - especially organic ones - tend to go 'off' very quickly but this particular type has a long shelf-life. My box has been hanging around since spring and has a use by of mid 2015 which is extraordinary. This may be due in part to the packaging but I suspect that the main reason it lasts is because the ingredients are both very strong and rather stable.

        The three gingers are not strictly speaking three actual gingers but are ginger and two other roots from the same family - namely galangal and golden turmeric. The instructions recommend to steep the bag in boiling water for "at least" five minutes. I like hot, I like spicy, and I appreciate a product with a kick but I could not drink this if it were left that long. Generally I can cope with the bag in the cup for just as long as it takes me to walk from the hot water dispenser to my desk which is less than a minute unless I get hijacked along the way. I made a cup for a colleague yesterday and it practically took her head off. A long steep leaves me with a cup of what tastes like concentrated gingernut biscuits and Jamaican ginger cake. Sadly I don't really like either of those products. Steeped for a short time, it's not exactly refreshing, but it is quite soothing when you've got a bit of a cold.

        ~Good for What Ails You~

        Talking of colds, our office at the moment is so full of people coughing and spluttering that it sounds more like a kennel than a work place. In an attempt to keep my cough a little bit under control, I've been adding honey and lemon juice to my Pukka Three Ginger. It makes a drink that's less harsh and hot, but also smoother and more soothing. Does it make my cough any better? Probably only in a psychological way. Realistically I'd probably do just as well with a cup of coffee but sniffing up the vapours of honey, lemon and ginger is good for the soul. Recently at home I've been drinking honey-lemon-ginger made with freshly grated ginger and it's definitely a much better taste than when I use a Pukka bag but - and it's a big but - it's a lot neater to drink when you aren't perpetually spitting out bits of grated fresh ginger. I suspect that Pukka may have cottoned on to this use of the bags as they've recently introduced a 'lemon, ginger and manuka honey' bag which almost certainly won't taste as good as freshly made but would be a lot easier and tidier to use.

        A box of 20 bags will set you back around £2-£2.50. Compared to a cup of PG Tips, it's not cheap but that's probably the wrong benchmark. With good long shelf-lives on some of the Pukka products, you can afford to buy a few without fear of them going off before you get through them. My loyalty to Vanilla Chai means I would buy that ahead of this one if it were available, but when it isn't on the shelf, I'm happy to have more of this. It's not an every day drink - I really do have to be in the right 'mood' to drink this - and it's one that very few of my colleagues would be likely to pinch if I leave them on the desk when I'm not around.


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