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Resensa Green Iced Tea

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Brand: Resensa / Type: Green Tea

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2007 21:25
      Very helpful



      Cool refreshing drink that comes in a convenient powder form

      It's been nearly three years since I discovered iced tea. While I was travelling around south east Asia I discovered that this seems to be the soft drink of choice for many people there. I acquired quite a taste for it and upon my return to the UK began to look around for something similar to relieve my thirst during the long hot summers we seem to be enjoying these days.
      Bottled iced tea was just starting to make an appearance in a few shops but somehow the taste just wasn't right.
      It took an online search to discover Resensa Green Iced Tea. It is green tea, rather than the black iced tea I was looking for, but I discovered that I actually preferred the taste of the green tea.

      Resensa Green Iced Tea is shipped to you in powder form and you just add water (and optionally ice cubes) to produce your own refreshing drink. The mix is supposed to be 1 sachet of powder produces 1 litre of tea, but I actually find this a little sweet so I add more water than that. This flexibility is of course one of the great advantages of being able to mix the tea yourself.

      The tea arrives in boxes, each box contains six sachets of powdered tea and a helpful leaflet outlining the health benefits of the product. These claims sound very impressive, and it is undeniable that green tea does have some health benefits, but I wonder just how much research have gone into some of the more spectacular promises. I really don't know if Resensa Green Iced Tea will really slow the ageing process or reduce the risk of cancer, but I do know that it tastes great, and for that fact alone it is worth drinking.

      Resensa Green Iced Tea costs around £0.90-£1 a litre if you include the cost of the postage, I would happily recommend it to anyone, just add your own ice cubes and water for a cool refreshing drink that will help you enjoy those hot summer afternoons.


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