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Sleepytime® Herb Tea

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Brand: Celestial Seasonings / Type: Herbal Tea

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2013 10:53
      Very helpful



      Brilliant for me, I love them!

      When it comes to night time I have a lot of trouble simply relaxing. Being used to very noisy flats before getting this one and too much stress generally going on around me meant I always felt on edge and even though now I have a really quiet flat and no stress really in my life at all I still find it hard to switch off and just relax and go to sleep.

      For a long time I've drank alcohol as a tipple before bed, not always an excessive amount but enough to chill me out or I've gone to bed at silly o'clock!

      However recently I have got myself on a more healthy living kick. I'm eating healthier, not drinking at all now, quit smoking and I go to the gym. I'm not perfect with any of it but alot happier and more well balanced on the whole as a person.

      So I've had to look into my terrible sleeping habits. I have dabbled in remedies for sleeping like tablets from the Doctor and stuff I can buy over the counter, pricey and habit forming in some respects. I had to look at what was stopping me sleeping and feeling relaxed and when I was doing this I bumped into these tea bags on sale at my local B & M store and felt that only 39p a box I simply had to try them to see if one or two cups of this helped me before bed!

      The Packaging:

      The bags come in a mainly white and turquoise blue coloured box that has a flap to one side of it for ease opening and on the lid/top of the box there are we are told that it they are Sleepytime Throat Tamer Herbal Supplement and that it is '100% Natural Tea, Celestial Seasonings, Wellness Tea, Caffeine Free' and then we are also told that it 'Coats and soothes throats, contains licorice root and chamomile' and that it has the Classic Sleepytime Flavor and that we get 20 bags in the box and that they have a net weight of 34g then other information listed all over the box includes being told a bit about the company and the bags, the ingredients are listed, lots of information is given in Foreign languages and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated then when you open up the flap I mentioned earlier we are simply told how to make the tea up. Nice enough packaging this is and not too much of it but its informative enough.

      The Tea Bags:

      Celestial make a few different kinds of these Herbal Teas as far as I can make out after a little search on the web, these are Sleeptime as the heading says but these ones are meant to help soothe a sore and/or irritated throat, great for me who has recently given up smoking but these are not a cure or a remedy for coughs or colds or anything like that at all and they are only designed to be soothing.

      So what you is very think white, square and packed with what looks like golden and yellowish mix, packed teabags that look really good quality and are a standard sort of size. They are stored in a greaseproof paper within the box and as soon as you open up the box or lift one out to use it you get a really gorgeous natural fragrance of licorice, of spearmint and a hint of lemongrass. I was surprised when I first realised what the ingredients used in these were as I think of them as uplifting and reviving ingredients however these also contain Chamomile, Slippery Elm and various flowers.

      To make the tea up is simple and all you do is simply pop boiling water over a bag and we are meant to allow it to steep/brew for about 6 minutes or so. It smells lovely when brewing, makes a dark brown but smooth clear tea and you can add whatever you like to it though I like this just as it comes.


      I have dabbled with a lot of herbal teas and infusions in my time, even made up my up on the odd occasion (I didn't have a good experience once with stinging nettles and nutmeg I can tell you lol) and have to admit that usually, flavourwise I am not keen and I am an avid 'ordinary' tea drinker however this is really nice and I look forward to one or two cups of an evening as part of my going to bed routine.

      The flavours are all very well blended and nothing screams out confusingly taste wise trying to make t statement or confusing anything! You get a nice gentle taste of licorice, a hint of the spearmint which slightly opens up my sinuses, the lemon lifts the flavour and adds a natural sweetness, the flowers add a little bitterness and ground the whole tea. It isn't harsh in flavours, bitter or too sweet just natural and I think this is really lovely.


      I really didn't expect these to help me at all though I am highly susceptible for herbal treatments to help me though for some reason as a general rule. Bach and things like that really help me in my day to day life and I'm happy to report so do these!

      These really do relax me, make me feel pro active and taste really lovely. My mind stops racing with just sipping one of these, my sinuses feel clearer, my throat feels coated and soothed and less scratchy, I don't feel bloated before bed and I'm generally out like a light within half an hour of drinking this, if I've had a stressful day and start to relax sooner I will have a couple of mugs of it and that soothes my worries away and puts me in a good frame of mind and I also notice I wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested!


      If you are having trouble relaxing and sleeping I do rally recommend these. I do realise that they won't be to everyone's taste however the effects these give I would think would be worth anyone overlooking and trying them out though they are not readily available however I have seen them on sale in a few B & M Stores lately for 39p a box of 20 of them and you can Google for online stockists of course!

      A must try for people who struggle to relax to get to sleep and cheap and really effective for me along with being a tasty and pleasant remedy!


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    • Product Details

      Sleepytime Herb Tea, a blend of chamomile and spearmint to relax the senses.

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