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Teapigs Peppermint Infusion

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Brand: Teapigs / Type: Herbal Tea

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    6 Reviews
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      02.02.2014 08:46
      Very helpful



      Extra special tea

      I was introduced to the Teapigs range of products by my sister. She loves to explore health food shops and often brings me stuff which I would n't otherwise have tried. Some of this stuff I have considered overpriced, pretentious fare - so when she brought me a pack of 15 peppermint 'caffeine free, biodegradable tea temples' my initial reaction was to roll my eyes and stick them away in the cupboard. Tea 'temples'? Really? I was perfectly happy with my collection of flavoured Clipper and Twinning teas thank you very much. And how much were these 15 er...'temples'? Nearly four pounds a pack? (More eye rolling. She must have more money than sense, I thought.)

      The product:

      The back of the Teapigs pack tackles the purchasers first obvious question: 'What's so special about this tea?'
      Teapigs claim that their tea is 'fresher and finer than any teabag mint you have tasted before because...we insist on whole leaves.' The tea temples use whole leaf only, avoiding the dust found in regular tea bags.

      The 'tea temples' are transparent mesh bags - the material used for the bags has an almost satin sheen to it, making the product look classy, expensive but also wholesome. The temples have string attached for convenient infusing of the tea. The peppermint tea inside looks appealing. It is green in colour and the pieces of leaf are quite large when compared with the teabags I've been used to.

      According to the Teapigs website the peppermint for this tea is sourced from Bulgaria.

      The product claims (like all peppermint teas) to be beneficial for soothing your tummy.

      The tea is 2 calories per cup and is suitable for gluten free and dairy free diets.

      Using the tea:

      Teapigs advise that you steep the tea for at least three minutes in a cup of boiling water to get a good flavour. Seven minutes will give you the strongest flavour. Can be served hot or cold.

      My view:

      Having tried this tea I am really impressed with it. Yes, it's pricey - but in my opinion it's probably worth it.
      It is particularly delicious. Three minutes of infusing gave me a light, minty, refreshing drink - with a fresh taste that really hit the spot. It certainly has that extra something. My mouth felt minty, clean and tingly after this drink and it did seem to settle my stomach. An enjoyable experience.

      If money were no consideration for me I would probably buy this peppermint tea all the time. As it is, I will have to be content to buy this as a special treat now and again.

      Would recommend.

      This tea is available from teapigs.co.uk in various sizes, both in loose tea - and in the tea temples. There is a delivery charge to factor in when you are purchasing. The product is also available from good health food shops and from Amazon where a pack of 50 tea temples are currently £10.75.


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        15.12.2013 21:12
        Very helpful



        One happy piggy!

        *The purchase*

        I am a huge teapigs fan already and picked these up as I had tried them at my sister's house and loved them. The range seems to be growing quite quickly and I am seeing them increasingly in most major supermarkets. There are other herbal infusions in the range including; superfruit, lemon and ginger, pure lemongrass, chamomile, liquorice and mints, roobos, rooibos spiced winter red. There is also a range of normal teas available.

        I picked up a pack of these teapigs from Tescos at £4.15 for 15.....In comparison to other peppermint teabags on the market teapigs are definitely one, if not the, most expensive I have ever seen. At the current price of purchase this means each bag costs approximately 28p. In comparison...
        Twinings cost 6p per bag
        Tesco cost 4p, Tesco finest range cost 19p per bag
        We are Tea cost 27p
        In the past I have tried the Twinings, and very recently tried the Tesco finest range (in an attempt to find a cheaper teapigs alternative) so can make some comparison to these brands.
        I suppose within the issue of price this is where one of my main gripes with this product lies - at the time of writing this I have only ever seen that it is possible to buy 15 of these at a time. Surely for some of the more dierhard teapigs fans it would be profitable to come up with larger bulk buy packs enabling you to stock up whilst saving a bit of money by bulk buying? In any case I digress...

        *The product*

        The teabags are wrapped in a big plastic bag which is placed in a brown triangular package. The whole look of the product is very simplistic and in my opinion very attractive. The teabags themselves are very large (which may explain the limited 15 to a pack) and triangular in shape. The bags are very soft and silky to touch and transparent so you can see the product that you are getting. There is a little string attached to each the bags - these strings are long enough to hang comfortably out of mugs of most sizes. There is a little teapig sign on each teabag. This is where my second gripe with these teabags lies however as I have found that on a few occasions the label has stuck to the teabag and in an attempt to get the tab away from the bag I have accidentally ripped the bag.

        The teabags themselves like the packaging is very attractive. What is so different about these teabags when compared to some of the cheaper brands like Twinings is that inside the teabags are fresh whole leaves (and not ground down leaves). When looking through the transparent bag you can see how fresh the leaves are and how vibrant in colour they are which I truly fantastic.

        *The taste*

        Brewing a cup is very simple. Just place teabag in a cup and pour over boiling water and leave to infuse for a few minutes. I find that overall the teabags give a quite a mild (but not weak) brew - so I like to leave my teabag in whilst drinking (as I do like a strong taste to my tea). Some people may only like to leave it for a few minutes however.

        Brewing the tea is easy - and I find that this is where teapigs really do earn their money. As the bags are so big, spacious and domed shaped (3 dimensional) the water really has a chance to capture all of the flavour from the teabag. Most teabags are flat and thus just sit in the mug.

        The taste is just the best thing about this product! The taste is very refreshing with a hint of mint, and afterwards your palette feels very clean and refreshed (so great for an after dinner drink). You can sweeten this but I really don't feel the need and I think it is sweet enough already. I have recently tried the Tesco's finest peppermint leaves, which in comparison are very bitter and don't give the fresh and light taste that these do (definitely not a re-purchase there)!

        *The benefits of peppermint tea*

        There are various different benefits. Apart from liking the taste the reasons it is one of my regular tea tipples is....
        Aids digestion. Sometimes after a heavy meal I find a cup of this really helps soothe my tummy.
        Helps bad breath. Although I don't specifically suffer from bad breath (or at least I hope I don't) this does help somewhat freshen your breath as you get a nice minty aftertaste (as opposed to coffee or tea breath)!


        I find that I can use the bag around 2/3 times before the taste is lost.

        These are made in a factory where there are nuts.

        The pack is recyclable and teabags are biodegradable.

        These teabags are caffeine free.


        Overall I would definitely recommend - these teabags really are the cream of the crop. They do lose a star in my opinion however due to the difficulties with the label. I also find it difficult to part with so much money for them - however justify this as in comparison to coffee shop herbal teas this is still much cheaper and far more superior!


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          30.06.2012 18:03
          Very helpful



          Extra fresh minty tea. Worth the price.

          I'm a big fan of teapigs tea. It's pricey - an average 15 tea 'temples' weighs in at around £3.99, but for a luxury tea item they make a really sterling product. I'm not a great fan of peppermint tea, but it is good if you have any sort of digestive problems so I decided to give the teapigs version a whirl.

          The tea 'temples' come in a easy to open cardboard box with a cute picture of a sweet on the pack. The tea bags themselves come in a fabric pyramid which is clearly high quality and you can see that they've used whole leaves inside it. To brew the tea, it's recommended that you leave the tea to infuse for 3 minutes to get the full flavour. Don't add milk. The tea itself doesn't give off much of a smell, though you can tell it is minty but, goodness me, when you drink it it's like an infusion of Kendal mint cake it's that minty. Really fresh and spicy and not too sweet. Although I am not a fan of peppermint tea, this one is really, really nice. It goes down easily and the pepperminty taste lingers for quite a while afterwards. If you remember those adverts for extra strong mints where a person blows out chilled air after eating one, that's kind of how a teapigs peppermint tea makes you feel. Extra fresh, on the inside.

          I haven't tried it yet, as we haven't had a summer to speak of, but I'm guessing that this would also make an excellent iced tea, perhaps with some fresh mint leaves and a bit of lemon on the side.

          Call me a convert.


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          20.02.2012 10:34
          Very helpful



          A bit too strong for me

          One of my most exciting discoveries in recent months has been finding online companies that provide beauty boxes. These usually contain various make-up, skin care, fragrance products etc, and I have been trying a few from different suppliers. I received my new year detox kit from Latest in Beauty, and along with my usual beauty bits, it also included a sample of this Teapigs Peppermint Leaves tea. I'm a big tea drinker and was happy to be able to sample a Teapigs blend as I've heard a lot of good things about them. You can find further information at www.latestinbeauty.com, and Teapigs tea can be purchased directly through their online store at www.teapigs.co.uk.

          Product description: "Our peppermint tea is fresher and finer than any teabag mint you have tasted before because, as with our regular teas, we insist on whole leaves. Sip this when your stomach is grumbling. It's great after a heavy night out down the Red Lion."

          The teabag was nicely packaged, with a paper wrapper decorated with a cute peppermint sweet image. It also provides brewing instructions and information about the teabag. Teapigs seem passionate about their products and have named their uniquely styled teabags "tea temples". Instead of the usual style teabag, the tea temple is made of a silky transparent material which is fully biodegradable. They have a 3D shape which allows the water to really penetrate and the tea then infuses quickly, and remind me a bit of PG Tips' Pyramid teabags. They also have a handy string and tab attached at the top so you can pull the tea bag out of your cup without any mess, although it is a little on the short side and mine actually fell inside my cup when I was making the tea which was a bit of a pain.

          Recommended directions for use:
          Allow one tea temple per person
          Infuse in boiling water for at least 3 minutes
          Drink it pure

          This tea is naturally caffeine free and contains only pure peppermint leaves without any other extras, leaving it free of any artificial additives. Teapigs say they only ever use the whole leaf, and as I looked inside the teabag I could indeed see pieces of leaf that were still intact and did not seem to have undergone any form of drying or processing. I was a little uncertain of whether or not I would actually enjoy this tea, as it does not contain any actual tea leaves, only peppermint leaves. I brewed my tea for less than the recommended three minutes, as to my eye it looked ready after about a minute and a half. The water had changed colour to a muddy sort of dark green/brown and the scent of peppermint was wafting up at me from my mug. I added a little teaspoon of sugar just to take off the edge and give a bit of sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth.

          I must admit that I found this tea a bit overwhelming even from the start. It had a nice fresh scent and although it had a dark colour, the tea looked very clear and pure. Upon my first few sips I experienced a bit of a tingling feeling in my mouth which was quite a surprise! This overpowered my other senses and I decided to leave the tea to cool for a little while before trying again ,as I had barely noticed the flavour, I was more worried about the weird tingle! After trying again I found that the peppermint flavour was very strong, even with my reduced brewing time. It had a full flavour that was recognisable as pure peppermint, but rather than being an enjoyable drink, it just reminded me of dental care products and felt a bit too much like mouthwash. I finished my mug-full but it was not a pleasant tasting drink and I didn't enjoy it.

          Peppermint tea is reputed to aid digestion and Teapigs make sure to advertise this point by marketing their peppermint leaves tea as a "tummy tonic". This is a good choice for drinking after a meal to help support the digestive system. It is a healthy option all-round thanks to the properties of the peppermint, as well as being a completely pure and natural tea that is free of caffeine. Teapigs have gone all out to give a high quality product and this is reflected in the presentation as well as in the contents of the tea temple.

          Sadly for me, even though this offers some good benefits, it just wasn't too my taste. I found the peppermint flavour to be far too strong and I would not force myself to drink it again. I would recommend it if you like strong minty flavours and can cope with the overpowering tingly feeling at the beginning, but I wouldn't go and buy this particular tea for myself.

          Ingredients: Pure peppermint leaves


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            29.12.2009 14:04
            Very helpful



            Nothing more refreshing then tea pigs peppermint tea

            I get a lot of bloat so started to drink peppermint tea. Usually its in a bag looking like a grey dust and tastes pretty weak even when I leave the bag in.
            Then I was in a delicatessen on holiday when I spotted Tea Pigs. It was in a cardboard packet with a green sweet packet on the front. It has a plastic window on the front of the pack and you can see the actual bags themselves. They looked like big pieces of mint leaves in them instead of the usual dust, it looked much more appealing. The mint is contained within what they call 'tea temple' bags, which are a silky mesh purse that is designed to let the leaves process properly.
            I added my hot water and let it sit for about five minutes before sampling. It was a completely different experience to the usual herbal teas. The flavour was strong and refreshing but not in a harsh way.
            I can no longer drink other peppermint tea as it just tastes weak and unpleasant after these.
            I also found if I have a cup a day it does really help with the bloat I get.
            You can purchase tea pigs on line or at some delicatessens. You pay about £3.50 for 15 bags so its not cheap but your definitely getting what you pay for.
            I was lucky to find a farm shop near to me also serves tea pigs in their café so that is my new haunt.


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            08.07.2009 14:38
            Very helpful



            An excellent product from Teapigs


            I first tried peppermint tea on the advice of my doctor when I experienced a nasty stomach bug in my twenties as it would help soothe my stomach. My first experience with the first brand I tried wasn't a pleasant experience. It tasted bland like hint of toothpaste in hot water, and it looked like something dredged out of a garden pond that had seen better days. I rated it amongst the worst tasting substances I have experienced, I couldn't even drink a whole cup as the taste seemed to get more bitter as the drink cooled, so I didn't think this would work as an iced tea. However, I could not ignore the fact that it worked, and the effects far outweighed the taste. As the famous song says, I found a spoonful of sugar (or honey) certainly helped this medicine go down and it is drinkable to the point I can consume an entire cup but it still tastes bland, and looks unappetising. If you've read one of my earlier reviews, you'll know that I am cutting down on the amount of caffeinated drinks I drink during the day, so I am making the effort to drink more fruit and herbal infusions.


            I was advised that the best herbal teas, both in terms of taste and maximum health benefits that the tea needs to be loose, so I began my quest to find one and trawled the local shops with no success, so I tried the internet to see if I would have more luck there. My search results in Google came up with the Teapigs website. I clicked on the Herbal Tea's link and found the Peppermint Tea, I read the description and it certainly sounded like what I had been looking for and I also noted it had rave reviews, so I thought it was worth trying.


            Teapigs was formed by Nick and Louise who met at a larger tea company. It prides itself on using whole ingredients to maximise flavour rather than crushed leaves and so on. The teas and infusions are available loose or in 'tea temples'. I am reviewing the 'tea temples' so I will explain what they are. They are a pyramid shaped tea bag made of silk, it is designed to allow the full flavour of the leaves to infuse in a similar manner to loose tea. Other infusions in the range include superfruits which I will try out one day, lemongrass and a host of green and black teas.


            As well as buying direct from the Teapigs website at www.teapigs.co.uk, you can also buy them from various delicatessens, and online retailers. I bought mine from a local shop as listed on the Teapigs website. My box of 15 tea temples cost £3.49. It also comes in a pack of 50 tea temples, a sample pack of 3 tea temples, as well as loose.


            I've got the packet of 15 tea temples. It's in a brown cardboard box which states the Teapigs name, with tummy tonic underneath. It contains a picture of a peppermint sweet. The label states that it's caffeine free and the name of the infusions is 'peppermint leaves'. I call it a box, but it looks more like a cross between a envelope and a box. The lid folds over at the back, and it's fastened with sticky film. You peel back the film to open the envelope/box hybrid. To close it again there is a little tab that tucks neatly into a groove. You could put the tea temples in an airtight container or tea caddy if you wanted to. The instructions say to store it in a cool dry place, but I would also advise storing it away from things that might absorb the flavour of the peppermint as the mint aroma comes through the box.

            There is a window on the box and you can see the tea temples inside contained in a cellophane bag in their glory.

            The back of the box explains what is so special about this peppermint tea and that it uses whole leaves. It recommends sipping this for a grumbling stomach and after a heavy night at the Red Lion. It also provides the instructions - infuse the tea temple in boiling water for at least three minutes.

            The sole ingredient in this infusion is wait for it.... peppermint leaves, as you would expect.

            The packaging doesn't contain the nutritional details, but it doesn't contain any added sugar. It is my understanding that fruit and herbal teas in general are low in calories and a good choice for anyone on a diet. The nutritional information would change if you added sugar or honey.

            The contact details are on the side of the box. Finally you'll find the best before date near the bottom of the box.

            The tea temples are biodegradable, and the box can be recycled.


            The tea is produced in a factory that handles nuts, so may not be suitable for anyone with nut allergies.

            Peppermint is widely recommended for gastric problems such as IBS and heartburn, but it is best to seek medical advice first if you suffer with either of those or any other illness incase it isn't suitable or may not mix with certain medication. I have read that peppermint should be avoided if you take homeopathic remedies, again seek advice before trying this.

            MY EXPERIENCE

            What can I say. I could tell I was on to a winner when I picked up the box in the shop, and I have already mentioned you can smell the mint on the box. I only tended to drink peppermint tea when I have a stomach problem, so I waited. Over Easter I experienced some horrible trapped wind and I felt sick, so I took the opportunity to test out the product.

            =Opening the box=

            I opened the box and lifted out the cellophane bag and was greeted with the most wonderful peppermint aroma imaginable and that was before I opened it. I opened the bag, and wow the smell is so fresh and minty that it is comparable with both Original Source Mint shower gel (without the notes of tea tree) and peppermint essential oil. I can't say that about other brands of peppermint tea that I have tried, which smell minty but somewhat subdued. I can only put that down to the whole leaves Teapigs uses, and it's no wonder that they insist on it.

            =The Tea Temples=

            I put the kettle on to boil. In the meantime I took out a tea temple from the celophane bag and it certainly looks and smells impressive. The smell is stronger than other brands of peppermint tea that I've tried.

            The leaves inside look really pretty and looks far more appealing than the crushed powdery leaves in normal tea bags. There is a lot of tea inside especially when compared with other brands. It has a tag and string which is stuck to the side of the tea temple, you just detach the tag and the pyramid dangles from the string. I found the string was too short for my mug, so I put the bag in after I filled it with boiling water.

            =Brewing it=

            The kitchen was filled with the aroma of peppermint as I allowed it to infuse, just as I would expect. The peppermint leaves went a nice shade of bright green. I infused by tea temple for five minutes. The instructions on the box suggest brewing for at least three minutes, but that is a matter of personal taste depending on how strong you want your infusion to be. Herbal (and fruit) infusions are best served without milk.

            =The Colour=

            I was greeted with a rather pleasant Amberish coloured liquid. It didn't look like pond water, this tea looked inviting and I actually wanted to drink it. I think the clear mug I had used also helped here.

            =The Taste=

            I cooled the drink down with a little tap water, and put in a teaspoon of sugar and gave it a stir (I use honey if I have it in the house). Now it's the ultimate test, the taste. I couldn't believe my tastebuds, and I never imagined I would be putting 'herbal infusion' and 'delicious' in the same sentence. But this is one herbal infusion that tastes delicious. It is a very clean and fresh taste of mint which is not too overpowering, and it doesn't taste like toothpaste either. I think the design of the tea temple and the sheer amount of leaf material inside it makes a difference as it was full of flavour. As with other brands of Peppermint Tea I have tried I didn't like it cold, but it was drinkable.

            =My opinion=

            I drank my mug and I actually enjoyed it, just as I would a fruit tea. My tummy was settled very quickly as well, and it perked me up to the point that I don't think I could drink this in the evening as I found it too stimulating, I felt the effect was more pronounced compared to other brands I have tried. It left a pleasant feeling in my mouth afterwards, and I didn't experience the slimey or scummy feeling you can get with other brands. The packaging also mentions that it won a best tasting product award in 2008, but I am not surprised about that.

            I could easily drink this regularly as it is very refreshing, but it is expensive so I only drink this medicinally for stomach problems, travel sickness or for when my premenstrual tiredness and nausea strikes. However, it is worth the higher price tag as it is an excellent quality product and is full of flavour.

            I will definitely buy this again, and try some of the other flavours and lose teas.

            I do think it is worth giving this one a try even if you've had toothpaste and pondwater experiences as I did when I had my first taste of Peppermint Tea. Some coffee shops sell them so if you don't want to commit to buying a box so why not order a cup of this especially if your stomach is having one of those days.

            First published on Ciao under member name Munchkin2009


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            Brand: Teapigs / / Type: Herbal Tea

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