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Tesco Green Tea

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5 Reviews
  • Tastes good (to me)
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • None for me
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    5 Reviews
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      15.09.2014 12:08
      Very helpful


      • "Tastes good (to me)"
      • "Cheaper than other brands"
      • Healthy


      • "None for me"

      As good as the more expensive brands

      I go through phases of being an avid green tea drinker, mainly in the colder months, so my consumption is currently on the up!

      I don't care about the brand but I've tried all sorts depending on what's on offer and what gets bought in at work. Currently we have this Tesco branded box in the office.

      There are 20 bags in the box and it cost around 60p according to the person who goes and buys it, I imagine it is readily available in most Tesco stores as the one near us is very small and they had it there. The bags themselves are regtangular and seem of good quality (ie, they shouldn't split).

      To make the tea you simply put a bag in the mug, pour boiling hot water over, and then I usually leave it to brew for a good 3-4 minutes so that it's not too weak. The tea is green in colour, but kind of a yellow-ish green, and to me has the smell kind of smell of standard tea.

      To me this Tesco green tea tastes the same as any of the more expensive brands I've tried, but it is hard to desribe the taste of green tea. It's not that much different to normal tea, but it is not drunk with milk or sugar and it has a slightly more 'pungent' taste. I definitely think the taste grows on you as I used to be not so keen but now I like it a lot.

      The benefits of drinking green tea are that it cleanses the body, contains antioxidants and for me it's great because I don't like milk, and find normal black tea too strong.


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      21.02.2012 22:04
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive green tea bags - good value

      *** "Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one."***
      Ancient Chinese Proverb

      ---WHY I BUY THIS---

      The virtues of green tea are always being written about when it comes to food and drink that does you good - and so, needing all the help I can get, I buy green tea bags.

      'Green tea benefits have become a popular topic for anyone interested in boosting their overall health. Green tea is so rich in health benefits, that it is sometimes referred to as some type of miracle substance.
      Green tea comes from the same source as black tea, which is the type of tea we are most familiar with. The big difference between the two teas - and what makes green tea so much more healthful - is in the way each type of tea is grown and processed. Green tea is dried, just like black tea, but it is not fermented, and that means that the healthiest ingredients of green tea remain intact.' (www.typesoftea.net)

      ---THE PRODUCT---

      Tesco Green Tea bags come in a box of 20 bags weighing 50 grams.
      The cardboard box is a bright green with an image of green tea leaves on the front and back.
      The product is produced in India but packed in the U.K.
      Marked as a 'source of antioxidants'.
      The teabags are suitable for vegetarians and are 100% green tea.
      Allergy advice - cannot guarantee nut free.
      Product has a long shelf life and mine have a best before date of over a year ahead.
      Inside the square teabags come packed in a sealed silver plastic foil type bag.
      Also comes in a variation with lemon.


      Making your perfect cup of Green Tea:
      * Use one tea bag per person per cup
      * Boil freshly drawn cold water and pour the water the moment it boils
      * Infuse for about 3 minutes according to your personal taste
      * To sweeten add sugar or honey to taste
      * Serve without milk.


      64p for 20 teabags.
      (Compared with £1.26 for 20 Twinings green teabags at Tesco.)

      ---MY OPINION---

      I have tried herbal teas in the past and not been very keen on them at all - preferring my traditional cup of black tea, the same sort as I always have enjoyed.
      However I thought that there might be beneficial effects to drinking green tea - but I always like my ordinary tea with a little milk and sugar so I have a novel way of consuming my green tea.
      I do not drink the green tea on its own without milk - though I suppose I could.
      I make cups of tea for myself using TWO teabags - one green and one black - I put both into a mug and infuse for a minute or two, then add a little sugar and some milk - the teabags can be put in another mug ready to make a second brew if I am wanting one straight away. This could be done in a teapot as well and would probably make more sense - but my method works fine for me.
      Doing the tea this way means I get the goodness from the green tea - but also have the taste of a conventional cuppa. Granted you can taste that the tea is slightly different - but not to a dramatic degree - and I feel this is a good compromise for me so that I can get the best of both types of tea.
      The Tesco Green Tea bags are inexpensive so I can afford to brew-up this way.
      I do not use a green tea bag every time I have a cuppa, but try to have two or three a day.
      Green tea supposedly has some remarkable properties, so if you want to check these out there is masses of information online.

      ---BLENDED TEABAGS!---

      Seems like Tetley are copying my idea of drinking the two kinds of tea together as they have brought out 'Blend of Both' - teabags containing a blend of both black and green tea in one bag.

      ---STAR RATING---

      5 Stars.

      ---WOULD I RECOMMEND?---

      Yes definitely.




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        17.08.2011 12:58
        Very helpful



        Great value green tea that is good for your health

        Times are tough especially when it comes to grocery shopping in recent times and I could not bring myself to buy my usual Green Tea Clipper bags without them being on offer in the supermarket so I had a browse through the tea aisle and decided to try the Tesco's Green Tea box of twenty which were considerable cheaper than the other available branded tea boxes at 64p per 50g box (20 tea bags).


        The Green Tea comes in a rectangular recyclable cardboard box which is white and green in colour. There are some pretty green tea leaves behind the Tesco branding and product description with 'a source of antioxidants' written below. The tea bags are kept in a sealed foil wrapper for freshness and it suggests once they are opened to keep them in an airtight container, I use mine within a week or two so just keep them in the box. The bags are rectangular and flat in shape and contain the pure green tea.


        Green tea leaves have very high antioxidant properties and has been linked to weight loss by speeding up your metabolism. Green tea is made from the plant Camellia Sinensis, which has less caffeine content than your normal teabag has. Green tea also counts towards your recommended two litres of water a day intake which is great for obvious reasons.


        As with any cup of tea you simply add just off the boil water to your mug and insert the tea bag and leave to infuse with the water. Tesco says to leave it for about three minutes or to your taste, as with all my none milk tea drinks I leave mine in for the full effect. The green tea turns the water a quite unappealing off grey colour with a hint of green but doesn't give off too strong a smell. You can also add sweeteners such as sugar or honey to the drink if you want a sweeter taste.


        The green tea taste is quite a subtle yet distinct one and many people find it unappealing and an acquired taste. For me I find it has an earthy taste and this particular brand tastes quite dry in my mouth, which I suppose is why you would add sweeteners to it. It is still however a nice cup of 100% green tea, personally I drink it for the health benefits rather than my love for it. I also find green tea makes me feel very hungry, which is odd!

        Green Tea (100%).

        Allergies Information
        May contain Nuts

        Overall I would buy Tesco's green tea again for both the value and overall good taste, however if my regular and favoured Clipper green tea was on offer I would buy that over this purely for the taste value of which I think Clipper is slightly ahead on.


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          24.08.2010 11:07
          Very helpful



          Get drinking now!

          Green tea originates from China and is currently gaining popularity in the West due to it's hugely beneficial health properties. I usually drink black tea prepared with sugar and milk, and can be quite fussy about flavoured or herbal teas as they don't feel like a proper cup of tea in my opinion! I have seen green tea mentioned time and time again through magazine articles, news reports and word of mouth from friends. After spotting these tea bags in Tesco's I decided it was worth a try. A box of 20 Green Tea Bags costs only 78p which is at least 50p cheaper than other varieties that were available on the shelf.

          The tea bags come in a cardboard box, and are sealed within a foiled packet within that. They are the ordinary flat square shaped tea bags, and contain green tea leaves instead of black. Green tea is prepared in a slightly different way and it's important to make sure you read the guidelines before carrying on and getting it wrong! (I have made this mistake before.)
          "Making your perfect cup of Green Tea:
          1. Use one tea bag per person per cup.
          2. Boil freshly drawn cold water and pour the water the moment it boils.
          3. Infuse for about 3 minutes according to your personal taste.
          4. To sweeten add sugar or honey to taste.
          5. Serve without milk."

          I find it odd to drink tea without milk, but obviously different tea requires different extras. I usually add one and a half tea spoons of sugar to a mug of green tea, and this is just the right amount of sweetness. I think that green tea tastes very similar to black tea, but has a slightly more bitter taste that definitely requires some sort of sweetener to balance it out and make it more enjoyable to drink. I have tried adding ordinary honey and manuka honey to sweeten, and this is also a nice additive that gives a more natural taste. It also tastes just fine without milk which I was very pleased about! This would also make it great for taking away or travelling, as you can just pack the dry tea bags and some packets of sugar and sweetener then you are able to enjoy a hot cup of tea without the worry of tracking down and obtaining milk as well!

          The first time I drank a cup of green tea I didn't like it. I think this may have been an ingrained response to trying something new and I had persuaded myself I wouldn't really like the taste before I had even tried it. After a few more cups I grew to really enjoy the flavour and I now drink it frequently and try to replace regular tea for green tea now. This feels like a really easy way to make a healthy change to your diet.

          As well as tasting good and being easy to prepare, it's really awfully good for you. The antioxidant level of green tea is a hundred times more effective than vitamin C and twenty-five times better than vitamin E in protecting our immune systems. Antioxidants help reduce the level of damage inflicted by free radicals which damage your body's cells and cause ageing. Green tea also acts as an antiviral agent. It contains the mineral fluoride that prevents cavities as well as strengthens tooth enamel. This is an ingredient in toothpaste, and some people even recommend using green tea as a mouth wash for improved dental hygiene.

          Wikipedia states "Over the last few decades green tea has been subjected to many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long-purported health benefits, with some evidence suggesting that regular green tea drinkers have lower chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer.[1] Although there is no scientific evidence that plain green tea can produce weight loss, a green tea extract rich in polyphenols and caffeine has been shown to be useful for "obesity management", since it induces thermogenesis and stimulates fat oxidation.[2]"

          You really can't go wrong with all these positive results! It is so easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. It is recommended to drink two cups of green tea a day, and this is an achievable goal that will really help your body and improve your health.

          Tesco's green tea bag are a real bargain and they make a nice tasting drink. If you are wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle then this is a cheap, quick and easy change that is realistic to maintain and simply to fit into your day-to-day routine. I would definitely recommend drinking green tea, daily if possible, and these Tesco tea bags are affordable for everyone! Go out and buy some now!


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            23.08.2010 22:28
            Very helpful



            Give it a try

            I have never really been a big fan of flavoured teas etc, I much prefer a regular cup of tea or a black coffee, however for some random reason when up Tesco the other day I decided I fancied trying Green Tea, I have no idea why, I just had the urge to buy some. Unsure as to whether I would actually like Green Tea I scoured the shelves for the cheapest option. I settled for Tesco own brand, being the cheapest available if I hated it I had not wasted too much money.

            The Green Tea comes in a small Green and white box. The front and back of the box are mainly white in colour with pictures of green leaves over it. In the middle of both the front and back of the box is a green square in the shape of a tea bag, in the middle of this are the words Tesco Green Tea A Source of Antioxidants, this is the same on the front and back of the box. The sides, bottom and top of the box are all green in colour, the sides have a white square on each of them with various information about the tea such as ingredients and preparation guidelines. All of this information is written in black lettering and very easy to read. The tea bags themselves come in a small silver bag which is inside the box. The tea bags are all joined together and need to be separated by tearing along the perforated line, this is very easy to do and the bags doe not split at all.

            100% Green Tea
            Preparation Guidelines
            Use 1 bag per person
            Boil fresh water and pour it into the cup over the tea bag
            Leave for about 3 minutes, or until it has brewed enough to your personal taste
            Serve without milk
            Sweeten with sugar or honey if you wish. Being diabetic I cannot use either of these but use Tesco Granulated Sweetener instead it tastes just as good.

            The Taste and Appearance
            I made my first cup of Green Tea the morning after I bought it, usually the first thing I do in the morning when I get up is make myself a cup of black coffee so I was a little unsure as to how I would cope with the Green Tea first thing in the morning. I made the tea as per the instructions and stirred it, I was a little put off by the green sludgy colour that faced me inside my mug, however it didn't smell nasty so I gave it a try. I was surprised a the taste to me it really didn't taste any different to normal tea. That is all I can say about the taste, I cannot taste any difference between the Tesco Green Tea and regular tea. I have to admit I quite enjoyed my Green Tea, plus it is supposed to be good for you, I cannot comment on that part of it as I have only had it for a few days, but I will certainly stick with it. Green Tea is much better than the flavoured teas I have tried in the past, apart from the horrible colour!!!!! This tea is also suitable for vegetarians, which I would expect of a tea but you never know.

            As I said I didn't want to spend a fortune on Green Tea then hated but Tesco own brand only cost 78p for 20 bags, I personally think this is excellent value for money. Obviously the amount of time they last depends on own often you drink the tea, however for me they will last 2 or 3 weeks making them very economical.
            Overall I was glad I tried Green Tea as it is certainly something I will continue to buy, and will defiantly continue to buy Tesco own brand as it has a lovely flavour and at 78p for 20 bags you cant go wrong. I would recommend anyone tried this product, I always thought I would hate green tea but I have surprised myself, it is nothing like the flavoured teas I have tried in the past.


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