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Tetley Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla

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Brand: Tetley / Type: Black Tea

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    2 Reviews
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      20.09.2010 20:32
      Very helpful



      Worth a try

      Being a student, I try my absolute hardest to stay as warm as possible without my heating bills being through the roof. It's no surprise that I'm an absolute tea addict, my favourite being Earl Grey tea (I usually drink Twining's Earl Grey).

      As is tradition, last week my flatmate and I did a monthly 'big shop' in Morrisons. These Tetley Earl Grey teabags with Vanilla cost £1.00 for 50 teabags since they were on special offer.

      I love different tasting teas so opted to try these teabags, which I had never seen anywhere other than Morrisons. It was an absolute bonus that they were so cheap! I would recommend popping down to Morrisons as soon as possible if you're wanting to benefit from this offer - I'm not sure when it is available until.

      I usually drink my standard tea with lots of milk since I find it quite bitter, however with Earl Grey I only take a little milk as it is much more sweet. I also usually take my Earl Grey with two sweeteners or two spoonfuls of sugar - I know this covers the taste a little but I have a very, very sweet tooth!

      With this tea, I had it with both milk and two sugars initially. However, I found that the tastes of Earl Grey, vanilla, sweetener and milk were far too much! Very overbearing. Therefore, I opted to take the tea without milk. This may sound petty but this means that the tea stays much hotter for longer which can be a problem if you're in a rush!

      The tea, however, is absolutely delicious. It has the smoothness of vanilla to perfectly complement the strong yet sweet taste of Earl Grey. It is much less refreshing than standard Earl Grey and I would opt for this tea before bedtime! It is absolutely delicious with lemon (and without sweeteners), and this makes it a little more refreshing which is a bonus for early morning tea drinkers!

      If you're a fan of standard tea, I wouldn't recommend this flavour. It strays so far away from regular tasting tea that it probably won't suit you if you're unadventurous in this respect. However if, like me, you're a tea fanatic, it is an absolute must.

      Highly recommended!


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        16.11.2009 21:37
        Very helpful



        Speciality tea from Tetley

        When I was pregnant, I couldn't stomach the taste of instant coffee. This is no bad thing, as we know too much caffeine is not good for you, especially when pregnant. So I began drinking tea instead, but found 'normal' tea far too bitter and strong tasting, especially as I never add milk. This isn't really a problem as I do like a nice, ice cold drink of milk or water, but, probably due to the cold weather, I found myself craving a nice hot drink. After trying various herbal and fruit teas, which all tasted a bit flowery to me, I stumbled upon Tetley Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla from Morrison's. I decided to give them a go -and I'm so glad I did!

        ==Pleasing on the eyes?==

        Ha, now this is where I struggle as the packaging has changed since I tried the tea. My bags came in a tube, slightly resembling Pringles, but shorter and made of thicker cardboard, a little more up market. The lid was also thicker black plastic and slots snugly on the top, so you can rest assured your teabags will stay fresh. The picture of a fancy teapot and cup, reminiscent of Chip and his Mum from Disney's Beauty & the Beast remains the same. I did feel I had bought something of quality, even if it was only teabags! However, from the photo you can see on Dooyoo, which is from the Tetley website, you can see they are now packaged in a box. Now I have purchased Tetley Earl grey in box form, and as far as I'm concerned the packaging does not affect the tea at all, if anything, the tube was overkill.

        ==The Bags==

        As soon as the tube was opened I could smell the sweetness of the vanilla, which slightly worried me, as I'm used to unsweetened hot drinks. It obviously smelt of tea, but nowhere near as strong as 'normal' tea (and yes, I did test by sticking my nose in our 'normal' bag of Tetley teabags!) it also had a slightly perfumed aroma, which I find difficult to describe although I definitley wouldn't call it citrus, which is strange as that is exactly what it is! Earl Grey is flavoured with bergamot, which is a small orange, native to southeast Asia. The tea used is a pale gold tea from south west China. The bags themselves are round and look exactly the same as a usual Tetley bag, except for some little white flecks dotted about, which I presume is freeze dried vanilla.

        ==The taste test==

        I made up the tea in the usual way, i.e. put the bag in a mug and added just boiled water. I was making my hubby a cup of normal tea at the same time and you can see the difference in the colour coming from the bags. My hubby's was a lot stronger bronze colour, but I resisted the temptation to leave my teabag in for longer as I hate strong tea. I don't have milk, but I am assured that is okay to add if you wish or even a squeeze of lemon if you prefer! The aroma wafting from the cup was actually lovely, quite delicate and the vanilla had calmed down a little. The taste was lovely too, you can taste the bergamot, but if I hadn't of known I don't think I would have guessed it as an orangey taste. The overall tea flavour tastes quite delicate so not for strong or stewed tea lovers! The bonus for me with this tea is that there is no bitterness at all. The vanilla doesn't make it taste sweet, but kind of slightly creamy and very comforting. I thoroughly enjoyed my drink & found it very refreshing, but I haven't managed to convince my hubby who thinks it smells like the perfume counter in Debenhams. Honestly - it really isn't that bad!

        ==Good or bad for you?==

        As I said at the beginning, everyone should try and cut back on their caffeine intake, especially pregnant women, who are recommended not to consume more than 200mg or 2 cups of coffee or tea per day. The good thing about tea, is that it is also rich in antioxidants which help the body to rid itself of bad molecules and contains theanine which helps you to relax, so it's better than coffee but like everything else, it's only good in moderation!

        ==Price & availability==

        I'm afraid I can't remember the exact amount I paid but I think it was around £2.20 for 50 teabags, which I believe is the only size they make. Sorry to be so vague, but since I bought this pack my local Morrison's no longer seem to stock it. Just my luck, I finally find some tea I like and I can't buy it anywhere! A quick check on the Tetley website tells me that it is stocked in Morrison's and Tesco's, but I have checked Tesco's online and can't find them on there so will update this review when I get to a Tesco's store. So why am I telling you about a tea you can't get anywhere? Well, there is always the option of buying direct from Tetley themselves, by email & PayPal or downloading a form to send with a cheque or postal order, although you have to order your items in multiples of 6. For the Earl Grey and Vanilla, this totals £12 for 6 boxes, which works out at £2 per pack. This is an improvement from the tube price which used to be £11.99 for 4 tubes. I have since tried the Earl Grey (without vanilla) which is also very nice so will stick to that until I find some more of this one.


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        Brand: Tetley / Beverages / Type: Black Tea