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Twinings Aromatic Lady Grey Tea

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8 Reviews
  • Twinings : the best a man can get
  • Too fruity to be lady - like
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    8 Reviews
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      26.05.2014 13:14
      Very helpful


      • "Twinings : the best a man can get"


      • "Too fruity to be lady - like"

      Ideal for a Peace Mission

      Our ancestors would combat any irksome situation with the phrase: ?Don''t worry for now, come over this afternoon, we''ll sit down with a nice cup of tea and sort it out, once and for all.? Modern day foreign policy could take the same tact: "Vladimir, forget all about our recent disagreements and our flirtation with silly embargoes, we''ll sit down together with the world press around us and have a nice cup of tea and sort it out, once and for all; Twinings Lady Grey Tea, hits the mark." Instead of seeing terror cells as our enemies, the developed world can approach this in a different means, go into these camps of terror with thousands of Twinings Lady Grey Tea bags strapped to your middle saying; ?I''ve come in peace, the greatest eighteenth century prophet Thomas Twinings wants to reward you for your tenacity, your fight to the death attitude has brewed up many stirrings in foreign lands; the prophet Thomas Twinings has sent me to you with tea, you can have this arrangement for ''eterni-tea''; forget the forty virgins parables, they''re only virgins once, as with these bags you can dunk them into hot water twice or thrice, the experience is just as good as the first time. Come, this is your reward." Twinings pale golden tea could solve global problems, if we think outside the box and into a bag with a piece of white string attached.

      Leave the tea to brew for three to five minutes, or until you think it is ready. Then drink black, or with a slice of lemon or orange.'' Odd really because on the paper sachet the words ?zesty, orange and bright'' is highlighted ? why add fruit to what is already zesty? I can only deduce that after three hundred years of instructing the public of how to make tea, Twinings marketing team decided to have a brain storm; ?Ah, now what else can we suggest apart from adding hot water to a tea bag? think, think; how about actual slices of fruit along with the fruit infusions already in the bag?? The blatant irk I have with this suggestion is? why then add the fruity infusions into the bag when Twining suggest you add real slices of lemon and orange? This ?We Suggestion'' policy seems to have caused weighty problems across the spectrum e.g. ?We Suggest, you Buy One and Get One FREE!'' Basically, suggesting adding something to what you already have; ?We Suggest'' by reputable brands like Twinings is incredibly seductive, a huge proportion of us have tried the suggestions.

      You can tell via taste and smell Lady Grey is part of the Earl Grey blended family, her fruitiness sets her aside from the bold flavour of Earl. Her fragrance endorses a cathartic sense of familiarity, perhaps even homely. To taste, it is better served hot and can only be sipped not gulped, that alone will be a valid advocate for any peace mission. Kettle boiled - duty calls.


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        31.08.2011 18:51
        Very helpful



        Slightly perfumed black tea, similar to Earl Grey but a little more lemony

        As anyone who has met me a few times will know, I'm a bit of a tea addict. I have Firm Opinions on what makes a good cup of tea. However, unlike many people with Firm Opinions, I do actually like a wide variety of different teas, whether they be fruit teas or theft (get it? Proper tea is theft?)

        One of my favourites is Lady Grey, which I find ideal for a soothing cuppa in the mid afternoon. It's far too weak and feeble to be a morning caffeine fix (that's when I drink the strong black coffee that I could stand a teaspoon up in), so I only start to drink it when I want to start mellowing out so that I'm not up all night with insomnia.

        It comes in tea bags, which many true aficionados would throw their hands up in horror at. Me? I'm a little bit lazy - loose leaf tea is a luxury for when I am at home. At work, I have bagged tea for ease.

        It is described by Twinnings as being "A pale golden tea infused with refreshing citrus flavours".

        This tea is named for Mary Elizabeth Grey, the wife of the eponymous Earl Grey that tea drinkers will be familiar with. Not Lady Jane Grey the executed pretender to the throne.

        The box says that it contains tea(!), Orange peel, lemon peel and flavouring.

        ==How to make it==
        If you know how to make tea bag tea, then this is much as you would expect - 1 bag per person if made in a pot, otherwise one bag per mug. This needs to brew for a little bit longer than a regular tea bag (about 3-4 minutes). You serve it black or with orange/lemon.

        Purist's answer: No! Do not pollute the tea with milk!

        Actually, if you absolutely must have milk with your tea, then you'll be fine putting milk in this, it doesn't curdle or anything awful. It's just that there's very little point in bothering to have Lady Grey if you are going to cut it with the white stuff, because it will overpower the bergamot and citrus flavour. It will end up tasting like slightly perfumed weak tea.

        In terms of aroma, it is very similar to Earl Grey, with a slightly musty but uplifting smell to it. I find it quite hard to tell the two apart by smell alone. The smell comes from the rind or oil of Bergamot, which is a type of citrus fruit.

        If you are familiar with Earl Grey, then this will seem a little bit like having a watered down Earl Grey with lemon in it - it has the same musty bergamot taste, but with an added lighter citrusy fresh-tasting zing. Although bergamot is citrus, I don't find regular Earl Grey to be particularly citrusy, whereas this definitely is. I do, however, find that the lighter tones make it to be a little bit on the bland side if you like a strongly flavoured tea.

        A key difference of this tea over other black teas is that it is not very bitter, so you can drink it without sugar even if you find regular black tea too harsh.

        Even though it is a black tea, it falls foul of some of the problems that fruit teas have, in that it smells stronger and more appealing than it tastes. Don't get me wrong, it is pleasant enough, it's just that the smell promises more than the tea delivers.

        ==Teeth staining==
        I find that this is pretty staining to my teeth (and mug), making it one of my dentist's favourite things. I try not to let it brew too long so that it slightly minimises the amount of tannin that gets deposited in my mouth.

        ==Caffeine content==
        This is fairly similar in caffeine content to a cup of Earl Grey. It isn't anywhere near as strong as a cup of coffee or a cup of proper tea, so it's not too good as a morning wake up cuppa. Equally though, it's too strong to have as a post-evening meal beverage, as it will keep you awake.

        This costs about £4.40 for a box of 100 and £2.37 for a box of 50, though you can also get it in smaller quantities to try - I've seen it in selection boxes. So it's a little posher than many black teas, but accessible to the purses of us mere mortals.

        Lady Grey is a very popular and accessible tea that is commonly available in larger supermarkets. Don't expect to find it in most small corner shops though.

        One of the important things to know about tea is whether or not this is the kind of brutal in your face tea tea that you can stand a spoon up in and use to clean drains, or whether it is a delicate blend of purest perfumes but of no real substance. In other words, would I serve this to the plumber or to an elderly relative with a delicate stomach who had come to afternoon tea?

        This really is more of the latter. It is marketed as being "zesty and bright" and whilst I've never been one for coming up with elaborate descriptions of delicate bouquet, I think they've hit the nail on the head here.

        ==How well does it keep?==
        Boxes of tea rarely last so long in my house that aging becomes a significant factor. However, I have tried some that was a couple of years old and I can report that it still tastes drinkable when it is out of date. But it isn't really at its peak by that point, so whilst I wouldn't advise binning it, I'd make an effort to keep it fresh.

        A perfectly pleasant tea that is good for having when I'm in the mood for it. This is more of a tea suited to a sedate gentile afternoon tea than to have all the time. It is pretty accessible to even non-tea drinkers, if perhaps a little bit on the bland side.


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          07.08.2011 20:44
          Very helpful



          A favourite pick me up

          I guess this makes me a little bit biased, but I adore this tea. And it wouldn't have won me around unless it was good quality.

          I drink a cup of tea to get me going in the morning, and during the day for a pick up and to relax, and I feel Twinning's Lady Grey fits the bill for the latter brilliantly.

          This tea goes the extra mile because of the way the tea is subtly infused with orange and lemon to give it a zesty punch and a subtle hint of citrus, enhancing the flavour a great deal. I like this tea without sugar and milk, I feel it is slightly sweet served black, but not overly much so. (I am not a fan of sweet tea.)

          Twinnings recommend brewing this tea for 3-5 minutes, but I find a couple of minutes normally does the trick (but again, this is down to personal preferences).

          This tea comes in a cardboard box with the teabags inside. A box of 100 teabags retails for £4.38 in Asda. The tea is definitely pricey, but I feel it's worth the quality. I wouldn't drink this everyday, but do drink it for a pick me up during the week.


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          08.02.2010 19:48
          Very helpful



          Lady Grey is a tea which stands the test of time.


          Twinings was first started in 1706 when Thomas Twining set up his first shop in London, which is still open and selling tea today.

          However the company has changed enormously since then, as what started off as a humble family ran company has turned into a multi-million-pound business now producing over 100 varieties.

          Lady Grey is a tea invented by Twinnings specially for their customers and is loosely based upon a traditional cup of Earl Grey.

          Earl Grey is a tea blended with the distinct flavour of the bergamot orange rind.

          Lady Grey is wholly similar to this but is a more uplifting richer tea, and like Earl Grey is blended and scented with bergamot peel, but it also contains additional seville orange and lemon oils and rind to give it a more distinct citrus flavour.

          The Earl Grey blend was named after the Second Earl Grey, Charles Grey who was the British Prime Minister in the 1830's.

          Lady Grey however was named after Charles' Greys wife, Mary Elizabeth Grey.

          Twinnings Earl and Lady Grey tea's bear the official endorsement and signature of Richard Grey, the sixth Earl Grey.

          Twinnings Lady Grey Tea is widely available to buy from many supermarkets, such as Asda and Morrisons, or direct from Twinning's from one of there stores or from the website.

          Lady Grey is sold in packs containing 100 teabags for £5.39 or 50 bags for £2.89, or a smaller pack containing 20 bags for £1.69. The tea can also be bought in loose leafs starting with 125g boxes for £2.03.

          You may have to try the website for larger packs as in Asda and Morrisons it is usually the 20 bags which they stock, however I have upon rare occasions seen the pack of 50 available.

          If you are not sure if you are going to like this tea you can do what I did and sign up at www.twinings.co.uk and additionally for an e-mail publication called Tea-mails.

          On the website after joining you are allowed to select any two teas to try for free out of a rather large selection.

          Lady Grey was one of the teas I chose and was delivered straight to my front door just in time for breakfast!

          It came with a letter telling me any current happenings at Twinings and also a leaflet detailing about twenty of their most popular teas and how and when to enjoy them. Both my teas were included in this publication.

          The teabag comes in a paper packet which opens to reveal the teabag which is attached to a handy string with a small paper tag. As this individual packet gave me directions on how to make and enjoy this tea, the pack instructions were not needed.

          It is advised that this tea is drunk black and served alone or with a slice of lemon or orange. You can also add a touch of milk according to Twinings but that is not their recommended way of drinking this tea in order to maximise the taste.

          Twinings decribe Lady Grey as a "Zesty, Bright and Reassuring tea" best drunk in the afternoons with cakes or biscuits to "brighten up your day" and "Bring a touch of Sunshine indoors!"

          Making the tea is extremely easy. You simply place the tea bag in your chosen cup or mug then submerge it in boiling water leaving it until it has brewed in the way you like.

          They advise leaving it for three to four minutes however I find this delivers quite a weak cup of tea and I choose to leave mine for five to seven minutes until it has a deep rich brown colour with an orange undertone.

          If you like your tea extremely strong I would advise you to leave for as long as ten minutes.

          When I drink coffee and flavoured teas I always add plenty of sugar, however with traditional teas such as this I find sugar masks the already perfect taste and if you are going to add sugar your probably as well drinking a normal tea as in my opinion you won't taste the difference anyway.

          As soon as this tea begins to brew you are hit with a zesty aromatic smell. The tea is coloured similar to a normal cup of tea but when held in the light you can see a shiny orange tone throughout the cup.

          Lady Grey has a strong full bodied taste yet is delicately refined with the tingly zesty flavours which accompany each sip. This tea is wonderful when drunk pipping hot however as I tend to loose track of time I will often end up with a nearly full cup of cold tea.

          This is no problem with Lady Grey as when it cools squeeze a small amount of fresh orange, lime or lemon juice into your cup, add ice and enjoy as a cool and refreshing tea.

          It seems I am not the first one to have this idea as Snapple produce an iced tea which is based on the very similar Earl Grey however I have not tried it. - Why pay £1.50 a bottle when you can do the same with a cold cup of tea!!

          In the summer I fill a two litre jug of the Lady Grey Tea and allow it to cool. I then squeeze in the juice of a quarter lemon and a whole orange, cool in the fridge for a few hours then serve with ice. This really is worth trying.

          Whether drinking the Lady Grey hot or cold I alwys find it most refreshing. Sometimes when I drink something like coke, I will drink and drink it yet not have my thirst quenched. This is the perfect time to bring out the Lady Grey as the bitterness offered by the lemon and orange offer such a crisp taste which quenches your thirst everytime.

          As this is a review I have tried to find a negative with this tea and the only negative factor which I feel is worth mentioning is that this tea contains caffeine and although the Earl Grey comes in an Organic alternative, as of yet the Lady Grey does not.

          I would recommend drinking Lady Grey at most times of the day however it probably is best to avoid at bed time as it peps you up and invigorates you rather than helping you to wind down.

          Saying that, it is great for first thing in the morning to give you that get up and go attitude, or if you begin to tire in the afternoon then sip some Lady Grey and you should soon perk up.

          I recommend this tea for all ages. A lot of people to consider this to be a "grannies" tea but this is simply not true. It is light, zesty and refreshing providing you with that welcome boost.

          I would most definately recommend trying this tea. They can be bought at very reasonable prices and if you do really like this tea buying in a 100 bag pack would be the cheapest option.


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            12.08.2009 23:24
            Very helpful



            An excellent cup of tea with refreshing citrus and bergamot flavours. A good reviver

            I drink this tea all the time. I am not normally a tea drinker prefering coffee or coke, but whilst trying to lose weight I decided to try tea as I can drink it with only 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar. I picked this as it had the citrus flavours which I like. I drink it with milk although I think that maybe you are supposed to have it with a slice of lemon.

            This teas is really refreshing with the hints of cirtus coming through quite strongly which I like even with milk. My husband makes the best cup. It always tastes much better when he makes it for me.

            I like a cup before I go to bed or when we sit in the garden in the evening. It goes especally nicely with a piece of fruit cake. I also found that if you soak sultanas in this tea for a few hours and then drain and make a light fruit cake with the sultanas it gives the cake a much more rich and citursy flavour and makes the cake more moist.

            If I have just spent a few hours in the garden watering and cleaning out our ducks this refreshes me and cools me down very quickly. I never used to believe that a hot cup of tea was more refreshing than an ice cold drink, but it is.

            I have also tried the other twinings flavours - cranberry and rasberry and also the cha (indian flavourings) and these are also nice, but Lady Grey is still my absolute favourite. It is not cheap, but it is worth the cost. I think it was about £2.20 for 50 teabags. It is very rarely on offer, probably because it is popular.


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            08.07.2009 18:53
            Very helpful



            A lovely aromatic blend perfect for "you" time

            Tea - the very essence of psychiatric nursing. You've heard the saying "behind every great man is a great woman" well behind every great psychiatric nurse is a great cup of tea! It's true, for general nurses the thermometer and stethoscope are tools of the trade, for mental health nurses it's a cuppa. We just couldn't perform without a mug of tea in our hand.

            So imagine my delight when one shift a colleague appeared with a different blend of tea for us all to try... Lady Grey! "It's wonderful, so delicate and refreshing" she cooed as we all scrambled over each other to try a new tea sensation...

            What is Lady Grey?

            Lady Grey is a blend unique to Twinings Aromatics range. It's a lighter alternative to the more widely available Earl Grey and promises a gentle, citrus flavour. It's infused with the flavour of orange, lemon and bergamot (a fragrant citrus fruit which is a variety of sour orange native to Asia) and promises a light and refreshing brew. The ingredients are: Tea (obviously!), orange peel (3%), lemon peel (3%), and flavouring.

            How's it packaged?

            It's packed in a small box containing 50 tea bags. It retails at £1.99 however the Twinings Aromatic range is currently on offer for £1 at Asda - bargain! The box is black with a small picture of oranges and a lemon in the centre. It looks very refined and is well suited to the Twinings brand.

            So what about the taste?

            On opening the box and having a sniff you're met with a delicious scent of delicate citrus aromas which certainly tantalised my tea taste buds. I couldn't wait to taste it and I wasn't disappointed. The flavour is very gentle and very subtle but has definite citrus undertones. It's not a strong taste and doesn't over stimulate the palette; instead it's subtle, fresh and revitalizing. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste and I find it very thirst-quenching. In fact on my fist sip I fell in love and Lady Grey has become my favourite blend of tea.

            However it's a blend of tea to be drunk when relaxing and having some chill-out time, when its delicate citrus aromas can be fully enjoyed and savoured. Therefore it's not best suited to the psychiatric nurse running around spilling it everywhere. For this reason I stick to plain old Tetley at work and I indulge myself in the wonderful blend of Lady Grey when I'm at home, feet up, and enjoying some "me" time.

            How do I make the perfect cup?

            The box instructs to brew for 3-5 minutes. I personally brew for 2 minutes; I find any longer leaves a slightly bitter taste and detracts from the lightness of the blend. I also add a little drop of milk - I can't drink boiled water without milk, it makes me cringe! Others argue milk spoils the taste. The box also suggests adding a slice of citrus fruit. It's all personal taste and experimenting to find the perfect cup of Lady Grey to suit individual preference.

            So what's the verdict from the experts?

            My nurse colleagues all agreed that Lady Grey is a lovely blend of tea. Someone even described it as "divine and heavenly". It's relaxing and soothing and wonderful for winding down after a hard day at work, hence it's not the mainstay of psychiatric nursing and will never replace plain black tea as the tool of the trade. But none the less, it's a damn good cuppa and gets our seal of approval!

            Now whose turn is it to put the kettle on...?


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              16.02.2009 14:18
              Very helpful



              A great delicately flavoured tea

              As some of you are probably fed up with hearing Dave and I are both following the Slimming World diet at the moment and, in the first month, he has lost a stone and I have lost half a stone so we are really pleased with our progress so far.

              I choose to have 250ml of semi skimmed milk each day a lot of which goes on my morning cereal. As I love a cup of tea at regular intervals during the day I have been drinking a lot of camomile tea which I like but I am always open to suggestions for others to try. I have tried a lot of flavoured teas and quite like one or two of them particularly the red ones - raspberry, cranberry etc.

              A few days ago I read a very positive review here on Dooyoo for Lady Grey tea made by Twinings and since it was said to have a citrus taste I thought I would try it as I love the smell and taste of both oranges and lemons.

              When I was in Asda I looked at the boxes of the various different teas and wondered about buying a box full of a tea that I had never tried before. Then I saw a Twinings selection box containing 5 each of Lady Grey, Earl Grey, Ceylon, English Breakfast and Assam teas costing £1.29.

              As soon as I got home I boiled the kettle as I was dying to try the Lady Grey tea. I get excited about such minor things - I must get out more! LOL!

              I opened the box of teas and found the Lady Grey tea bags. All the tea bags in the box were in their own individual paper wrappers. The Lady Grey one had a picture of an orange and a slice of lemon on the front and looked very smart and inviting to me.

              I tore open the paper and pulled out the bag complete with string and tag. I sniffed the bag and whilst it smelled very nice I could only just about make out the citrus at this stage.

              I popped the bag into my mug and filled the mug with boiling water - then the citrus aroma came out! It was a lovely fragrance and the tea was a lovely shade of pale gold.

              The taste did not disappoint either. I could taste the citrus fruit as well as the bergamot but neither was so strong as to overpower the other. This was a refreshing drink and I loved it! Obviously being February and a bit nippy I drank it hot but I would imagine that it would make nice iced tea in the summer as well so I shall be trying that too!

              The instructions for making the tea advise that it should be brewed for three to five minutes and then either drunk black as it is, with a little drop of milk or with a slice of citrus fruit. I have just drunk mine black so far but I do like the idea of taking a slice of citrus fruit with it.

              Having decided that I liked the tea I purchased a box of 50 bags from Tesco's for £1.94.

              The box is very smart and is the same design as the paper packet of the tea bag already described. The background is black and there is the same picture of the orange and slice of lemon together with a couple of what I assume are bergamot leaves. This time the tea bags inside are not in individual bags but are joined together in pairs to be split apart along perforations before use.

              The writing on the front of the box tells us that the tea is 'delicately infused with the flavour of orange, lemon and bergamot.' The ingredients list is tea, orange peel (3%), lemon peel (3%) and flavouring.

              Having read the information on the box I have discovered that apparently Lady Grey is a blend unique to Twinings who wanted to develop a tea which was a lighter alternative to Earl Grey. Having also tried the Earl Grey from the original selection box I would agree that this is true. The Earl Grey was also very nice but had a stronger bergamot flavour than Lady Grey. It also says that lady Grey is light enough to be enjoyed at any time of the day and I would certainly agree with that.

              In conclusion I would say that this tea is a great help to my diet as it is pretty much calorie free (providing you don't add milk) and it helps me to remember to drink plenty during the day so that I don't get dehydrated.

              If you like a nice light, refreshing tea try this one - I bet you'll like it!


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                09.02.2009 17:31
                Very helpful



                Buy it if you like tea.

                "Do you prefer coffee or tea?" Probably the most often asked question in the nation just after "is that it?" If you err on the side of tea, then you need to try Lady Grey. I should of course address an issue that will now be causing male readers of this review to furrow their brows. Lady Grey is not a girly drink, no one at the supermarket will laugh at you, your other half will not laugh at you, your children will not disown you. Please do not stand there for minutes at the tea section in your supermarket agonising, and then finally opting for Earl Grey.

                The Box: It's black and gold, those colours are always classy, unless perhaps if you painted a Citroen Saxo black and gold. Luckily the Twining's box is nothing like a saxo, it is simple it is elegant, it is not pretentious. But what really makes the difference for me is the little royal seal printed at the top. The words "By appointment of her Majesty..etc" always make me think a product is a cut above. If it's good enough for Liz W, it's good enough for me.
                The box contains other features such as a HELPLINE number printed on it! I am not sure what this helpline is for, "hello is this the Twining's helpline, oh good, my teabag has just run away with my wife what can I do?" I would imagine in a tea emergency this helpline would be invaluable. I would like to find out what they can offer but I do not want to try ringing it for this trivial matter and perhaps stopping some other more important call getting through.
                The other point of interest is the patent number quoted on the box. I have no idea what you could patent, probably something like the shape of the holes in the teabag. Anyway whatever it is it's good to know that there is something about this product that common brands like Tetley's and PG Tips haven't got.

                The taste: I have to admit my mouth is something of a taste free zone. When I first tried this drink at the mother in laws I liked it instantly and I knew it wasn't normal tea, but I could not put my finger on what the difference was. When I looked at the box it came as a surprise to me that it is "delicately infused with the flavour of orange, lemon and bergamot", because quite frankly I can taste none of that. It just tastes like a cup of tea that is slightly more fruity, sweet and light.
                Twining's recommend that you drink this either black, with a dash of milk, or with a slice of citrus fruit, I have only ever drank it with milk, but I would be interested to know what it would taste like with a little extra citrus zing.

                The teabag : The bag is large and square, that suits me just fine. I cannot stand pyramid bags, or circular bags. I will have none of this pretentious nonsense infiltrating my tea cup. Thankfully the bag also does away with the pointless string that you typically find in the flashy brands of tea. Dipping a spoon in the cup to fish the bag out is an exhausting and laborious task I agree, but I am willing to make the herculean effort. Sometimes I have even used my fingers just to make the string-brigade in my office cower with fear.

                The cost? Well, expensive. I believe they come in box sizes of 50 or 100 bags. Ever rising food prices and variation between supermarkets make it seem pointless to quote a price. You do get what you pay for so buy them as an occasional treat.


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                A tea delicately infused with the flavour of orange, lemon & bergamot.

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