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Twinings Exotic Selection Fruit Infusion

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Type: Fruit Tea

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2004 02:39
      Very helpful



      like drinking fruit and herbal teas as a refreshing and caffeine free alternative to normal tea and coffee. However different brands seem to differ in quality and taste. I tend to buy London Fruit and Herb Company ones as they often seem to have the best flavour and actually taste of the fruit or herb they are actually supposed to contain. As a change I decided to try Twinings exotic selection of fruit infusions. Each box of Twinings Exotic Fruit infusions contains twenty individually wrapped tea bags which come in four flavours. These are pink grapefruit, mandarin and lime, pear and guava, orange mango and cinnamon and mandarin and lychee. They are available in most good supermarkets, health food shops and even chemists such as Boots and Superdrug and cost around about £1.29 I am not going to bore you with minute details of packaging. I would like to mention the sachets are colour coded with a picture of a fruit for ease of identification. I like selection boxes with little individual sachets as they are great for shoving in your handbag to take to work rather than taking the whole box. Serving instructions Again I am not going to patronise you. One thing to remember is to let them brew longer than a normal tea bag say about five minutes to get the full flavour of the teabag. You can add sugar, sweeteners or honey if you have a sweet tooth but never put milk in then. They might taste rather minging otherwise. These flavours being tropical would be ideal for making an iced tea by cooling it after brewing it. When brewed up all of the flavours turn a pretty pinky red colour which is far prettier than normal teas. Ingredients Before tasting them I took a look at the ingredients. You would expect the contents of the bags to contain a high proportion of the fruit that their flavour is. Wrong. In each of the flavours the main ingredient is hibiscus and can contain as little as two
      per cent of the actual fruit. They are padded out with flavourings, hibiscus, apple pieces and liquorice root, The bags The bags are quite robust as long as you do not squeeze them too much. Woe betide you if you do as you will have a load of fruity gunk at the bottom of your tea which is not appealing at all. My verdict on the flavours Pear and guava . On adding the boiling water the liquid smells more of pear than guava but perhaps that is because I am not sure what guava smells like. The taste again is more of pear. It reminds me of hot juice from a tin of pears but only weaker. It is drinkable but not that flavoursome Pink grapefruit, Mandarin and Lime. I like citrus flavours so I felt this one would be up my street. The smell is very fruity but I am not sure I can smell individual flavours. When drinking it I feel the same. It is very very sharp but there seems to be no body to it at all. This is a disappointment Orange, Mango and Cinnamon This sounds like a real treat to me. This is the tea with the highest percentage of the named fruit and spices. On first smell I can smell the sweetness of the mango. I take a sip. I can certainly taste the mango as it is makes it a very smooth drink. The orange is the main flavour but is not as nice as the orange tea bags from the London and Herb Company. There is only a hint of cinnamon which I am very disappointed with as I wanted more of a spicy drink. It tastes nice if not a bit mediocre. However this is the nicest one from the selection Mandarin and lychee Again I am not sure why the lychee contributes this tea. The mandarin is nice and sharp but again lacks the full flavour I want from these teas All in all I could not recommend these at all. They are drinkable and good for those on a detox diet as they contain no caffeine. However they lack sparkle or oomph doe to their flavouring
      s bei ng a bit mediocre. I will be sticking to my much fuller flavoured London Fruit and herb Company fruit tea bags from now on


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    • Product Details

      Mixture of tea bags including Pear & Guava. Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin & Lime. Mandarin & Lychee. Orange, Mango & Cinnamon. Naturally Caffeine Free.

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