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Twinings Four Red Fruits

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2 Reviews

Brand: Twinings / Type: Fruit Tea

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2009 16:19
      Very helpful



      A bitter tasting tea which didn't do it for me!

      As I am trying to cut down on coffee, I have been buying fruit tea. I have really enjoyed the different fruit teas I have tried but I haven't settled on a favourite flavour or brand yet, I seem to be buying a different kind every time I go to the supermarket! The most recent fruit tea I have bought has been 'Twinings - Four Red Fruits', a fruit flavoured black tea.

      The tea comes in a thin cardboard box which opens up at the top. The box has a picture of red fruit on it and a large Twinings logo with 'Four Red Fruits' written underneath.

      There are 25 tea bags in total in the box and each one is individually packaged it its own paper wrapper. I think this is quite a waste of packaging, I wouldn't have minded 25 loose tea bags to come in the box as they are. Having them individually wrapped is handy if you want to take one to work every day but I think it is unnecessary and I would still prefer less packaging over the handiness of individual wrapping.

      When you take the tea bags out of their paper wrapper, they have a string attached from the tea bag to a paper tab which is built into the wrapper, you can rip this tab out of the wrapper so that once you have finished letting your tea bag brew in the water, you can just pull it out by the string without having to use a spoon, or fingers!

      The four red fruits used in the tea are cherries, redcurrants, strawberries and raspberries. Although the tea does taste slightly fruity, I can't pick out any individual fruit flavours and I don't think the flavours are strong enough. If I did a blind taste test I don't think I would be able to guess what kind of tea it is!

      The advice on the box is that you let the tea bag brew in the water for 3 - 4 minutes. I tend to leave it in for a little less as I find the tea goes bitter very quickly if the tea bag is left in, it also leaves you with a really bad, bitter aftertaste after each sip which seems to linger. It is not very nice at all. I think it helps if you put in a spoonful of sugar, but I don't see why I should have to do that to make the tea taste acceptable! I prefer drinking fruit tea as it is without adding and sweeteners, and I don't have a problem with other fruit teas I have bought.

      The tea is available from most supermarkets. Twinings is a popular brand so the tea is not hard to get a hold of (if you really want to try it!)

      All in all I was disappointed with this tea and I won't be buying it again. The tea goes very bitter if you leave the tea bag in for the amount of time stated on the box, but if you don't leave it for very long you don't get much flavour. I can't find a happy medium with this and I'm quite disappointed with it. Not recommended!


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        24.02.2006 00:52
        Very helpful



        A tea worth trying at least once - see if you like it - smells great!

        I stopped over a service station on the motorway and was in the mood for something hot.

        He wanted tea, and I wanted tea.

        I actually like Twinning's Earl Grey, which tastes magnificent. So he picked that, and I, trying to be adventurous, picked the four red fruits tea.

        It was served piping hot, with all the lovely fruity scents drifitng up my nostrils and just making me die to drink it when it was a little cooler.

        Little did I know that I wasn't to my taste.

        It's like... drinking a hot flavoured drink. I could see the tea bag, there were still seeds from the fruits/other obscure herbal things, it wasn't artificial, there was no powder, reason for syntheticness, but I didn't enjoy the taste.

        It needed sugar. My mistake, so I put two spoons of sugar.

        It tasted a bit better, but the whole prospect of drinking a sweet, _hot_ drink that reminded of dilute drinks like that of Robinsons turned me off.

        It was hard. I felt like I was swallowing hot water - that feeling when you drink hot water. I disliked it.

        There was a tangy taste in the end when you swallow, sort of sour, hangs at the nape of your throat, and it wasn't pleasant.

        My experience of it wasn't good, but maybe, it is something quite nice for other people who are accustomed to drinking peppermint teas, herbal teas and hot water. Definitely hot water.

        I took sips of my husband's Earl Grey to recover, and couldn't finish the rest.

        I do recommend you to try it, because I am in no position to condemn something just because I don't like it. It's worth a try, of course, you might think differently, your tastes may be different, so do try it once at least.

        It does smell nice, and it's bearable when combined with sugar - what I haven't tried - is adding milk, because for some reason it didn't make sense to me - maybe I will try it again next time, with milk.

        Then I will write an update and let you know.

        Taste: 4/10 - not to my liking

        Aroma: 9/10 - excellent

        Price: 4/10 - it was pricey where I went, but you can judge for yourselves if you happen to see cheaper ones in the supermarkets/wholesale/etc.

        Health: It IS made of organic ingredients I am assuming, as it's dried and doesn't need many perservatives - I liked seeing the dried residue in the tea bag - it made it feel so much less synthetic despite the taste.

        Overall: I mean... I could use it for an airfreshner or aromatheraphy, but definitely not for drinking. *is being cheeky now*

        6/10 overall.


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      • Product Details

        Character: The ingredients in this special blend have a variety of historical origins - cherries from Asia Minor, strawberries from Ancient Rome, raspberries from the shores of the Mediterranean and redcurrants from central Europe. Together, they give Twinings Four Red Fruits Tea a harmonious and very special flavour. How and when to serve: Brew as you would one of Twinings Classic teas and enjoy at any time of the day, either hot or iced to suit the occasion.

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