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Twinings Fruit Bliss Infusions: Lemon Burst

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2007 14:37
      Very helpful



      I can't get no satisfaction... but I can get plenty of sleep!

      Walking down the road outside work tonight, I felt that spring really had arrived early. It was warm enough to wander along without a coat and I spotted a butterfly juxtaposed by an abandoned factory and the petrol station. Everything seemed more alive and less grey, not quite what you expect from a February evening. There was a bit of a breeze and I looked up at the sky and enjoyed the fresh air.

      Most of the time I think I got a pretty good deal, I’m an optimist and I really do count my blessings. Other times, like tonight, I want just that little tiny bit more from life. Excitement, adventure and freedom. Occasionally I suffer from a feeling of being trapped and stuck in a rut which in turn makes me feel guilty for wanting more than I am already lucky enough to have. I can’t be the only person who lies awake at night daydreaming, with my head full of everything and nothing at once.

      The feeling of irritation when I see that time has got away, when the red dots of the alarm clock spell out a time that means sleeping now will just make me feel worse in the morning – that really gets to me. I’ve often puzzled the fact that you can’t sleep on command to ensure you get a good nights sleep, it’s so vital and it affects how you feel for an entire day. And that’s a very long day when you’re tired.

      This brings me to my secret sleeping potion. Lemon Burst teabags. Having read the above, you won’t be left wondering why I’m happy to plug the soporific and energy sapping power of my favourite night time beverage. I love the taste of Lemsip and even though that definitely knocks me out for the count every time, drinking it on a nightly basis probably would count as substance abuse.

      The Boyfriend has no understanding of ‘winding down’ before bed. He continues to guzzle coffee until his hyperactivity drives me to the brink of sanity. In fact, nine times out of ten I am left trying to calm down after an evening in front of the telly with him

      I first stumbled upon this on a special offer in Tesco whilst trying to cut back on caffeine. The lovely shiny yellow and gold box caught my eye (I’m such a magpie sometimes) and glimmered at me more brightly than the contents of Tiffanys.

      At the normal price of 20 for £0.84, these are a bargain anyway – less than 5p a cup and you can’t put a price on a good nights sleep. I thought the Malteasers hot chocolate drink was just the thing until I got fed up with the sticky film it left on my teeth. Herbal tea has the added advantage of no calorie count and supposedly removes toxins.

      I have to say, this doesn’t taste a lot like Lemon. It has a citrus aftertaste and a warm comforting smell that I can’t quite put my finger on. There are red bits in the teabag itself and the colour of the tea is a murky red rather than the pale yellow you might expect. The ingredients have come to my attention since beginning this review and go a long way to explaining this phenomenon – apple pieces, cinnamon bark, orange peel and cherry stems. I don’t know if it should be considered a blending success or a failing that not one of these ingredients really stands out.

      I find it disconcerting that this contains Lemon flavouring, that seems a little detrimental to the healthy impression I had of it. Why not just add some E111 and sugar in that case?! The box suggests that you allow 2-3 minutes to infuse this, but it’s so mild I just leave the teabag in until I’m finished. Or, more likely I’m too impatient to stand in the kitchen, spoon in hand, waiting.

      You can drink this hot or cold and serving lemon tea in the garden next summer would share an air of classiness with this season’s pearl necklaces. (They look great, I’m not ready to chuck them to the back of the cupboard.) You can also add honey to sweeten this if you prefer, but why spoil a good thing?

      Have I noticed any benefits? There’s a chance this could be a placebo effect, but I think swapping my evening cup of Yorkshire Tea for this has left me feeling more refreshed in the mornings. It wins hands down against the pre-bed glass of wine I used to enjoy in the days before the cup of tea and the bottle of wine prior to that. I usually drop off to sleep within an hour of making this.

      I guess there’s not much more to say on the subject of teabags and that’s just as well. I’ve nearly finished my cup and I’m off to bed.


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