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Twinings Green Tea Pineapple & Grapefruit

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6 Reviews
  • Tastes refreshing
  • Smells pleasant
  • Specific fruit flavour is weak
  • Disappointing overall flavour
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    6 Reviews
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      06.08.2015 22:16
      Very helpful


      • "Smells pleasant"
      • "Low fat "
      • "Tastes refreshing "


      • "Disappointing overall flavour"
      • "Specific fruit flavour is weak"

      A disappointing and weak flavoured fruit green tea

      I shocked myself by discovering that I actually like green tea, at least when it is flavoured by lemon, I wondered if I would also like it mixed with other ingredients. I was tempted by a Twinings Pineapple and Grapefruit version, which cost me £1.69 for 20 bags in Waitrose.

      Twinings say the tea blend is refreshing and delicate and that only natural flavourings are used to flavour the tea. I think it is great the ingredients consist just of green tea and natural flavourings but it makes it more surprising that the tea doesn't taste all that much of the specific fruit to me. I noticed that of the ingredients list 3 natural flavourings, but only 1 is specified as grapefruit and none as pineapple so maybe that explains it.

      Scent wise, a cup of this smells delicious and more of a grapefruit than pineapple, but still quite sweet, and definitely fruity. Unfortunately, the taste is much more disappointing. I know this tea is labelled as being a delicate brew so I wasn't expecting a very strong fruit flavour, and I was hoping that the delicacy would apply just as much to the distinct taste of the green tea itself, which on it's own I don't relish. Well the green tea taste is subtle, but the fruit flavour is less so. The actual problem to me is the fruit has quite a generic fruit squash kind of taste, and no distinct pineapple or grapefruit taste. I would have guessed this was a fruit blend if I had not had the advantage of viewing the box, but there is no way I could tell which fruit were supposed to be present. It isn't an awful flavour but not the one I bought the tea for. I followed the box instructions to brew the tea for no more than two minutes, at first before experimenting with a slightly longer brew time to see if that helped things flavour wise, but no, it didn't.

      If you don't mind a more generic fruit taste than the name suggests, I would say this is worth a try if you like your green tea taste to be mild as well. But the only reason I buy a grapefruit and pineapple tea is to actually taste those two fruits, so I am only giving this 2 hearts, pleasant though the existing flavour is to me.


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      28.01.2015 23:04
      Very helpful



      Some things just aren't meant to be...

      I like drinking Green Tea, but any chance to jazz things up with flavour and I'll jump at the chance due to the grassy or earthy taste of plain green tea can be a little unbearable and too astringent when you're drinking this on a regular basis.

      Thinking that these two flavours seemed a good idea I purchased straight away and kind of wished I hadn't.
      I am fond of some of their blends, just not this particular one.

      Pineapple and grapefruit sounded quite tropical at the time and refreshing and possibly a tea to brew cold for the summer.
      This is currently only available in teabags and not leaf tea although they do provide leaf teas in various other flavours.

      When I first brewed this, I brewed this light because of the flavours I thought may be intense but it was too lightly brewed so I left the teabag longer than 3-5 as they recommend but it just didn't taste right no matter how light or strong I brewed this the two flavours should not be mixed.
      Also the attempt of brewing this cold should never be tried again. Yikes what was I thinking, I've made a few good discoveries brewing the tea hot and leaving it to cool down and put into a fridge for a while and add ice, but this is not one of 'those' moments.

      Although I believed the benefits of green tea is still evident as in all their green tea product I just simply thought this was a bad clash of flavours and would recommend you try a sample first before buying the whole box.


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      10.03.2012 09:52
      Very helpful



      A strong and bitter blend - not one that works in my opinion

      In recent months, with the cold weather, I've been trying out the Twinings range of green teas. Ordinarily I'm not much of a tea or coffee drinker and usually opt for a hot chocolate when I want something warm. This however is not the healthiest of options and for this reason I decided to try out the range of herbal fruit and green teas that Twinings offer. One of my most recent trials was 'Green tea with pineapple and grapefruit'.

      The health benefits of drinking green tea have been widely publicised in recent years. It is rich in antioxidants and is supposed to be helpful for lowering cholesterol, has the potential to protect from heart disease and cancer, aid weight loss and slows down the aging process. Quite impressive for a simple cuppa! I quite like green tea on its own, but can find it a bit bitter, so recently I have been trying out flavoured green teas.

      The tea comes packaged in a green box with a picture of half a grapefruit and half a pineapple on the front. I've noticed that Twinings have recently redesigned the packaging on a lot of their teas and the box in the shops now looks slightly different. On opening the box I was pleased to note that the tea bags were individually wrapped as I do like to take some tea bags to work with me, and it is not always practical to do so when they come unwrapped. A box containing 20 tea bags currently retails at £1.26 in Tesco's but can often be found on offer, as it currently is, with three boxes within the Twinings range for £3.

      Making a cuppa is really easy. Just pop in a mug, pour on boiling water and leave to brew. It is recommended that you don't let this brew longer than two minutes - I have done this in the past when I got distracted and the tea does tend to get quite bitter which is not so pleasant. Once brewed the resulting tea is a golden brown colour. As it brewed I was immediately hit by how fruity it smelled. It smelled really zesty, and summery but also quite sour and I for this reason I was a bit apprehensive about trying it!

      Taking my first sip my fears were confirmed. The flavour of the tea is dominated by grapefruit and although it tastes quite zesty and fruity it also is quite sour. It's not a taste that I particularly liked as I found it a little too sharp and bitter. Rather than finding this tea refreshing I found that it left my mouth feeling quite dry and by the end of the cup I was left feeling quite thirsty.

      Despite containing pineapple as well, this is something that I could not detect as the grapefruit was quite overpowering. It's a shame really as I really do like pineapples and this is what attracted me to the tea in the first place. Still, I'm not surprised at this as grapefruit does have such a strong flavour and I would expect it to win when pitted against a pineapple. Given this fact it's strange that Twinings chose to blend these two fruits together. I don't tend to add sugar or sweetener to green or herbal teas but in this case felt that I needed to in order to tone down the sourness.

      Overall I didn't particularly like this offering from Twinings and doubt that I shall be purchasing this particular variety again.


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        12.06.2011 16:35
        Very helpful



        A very respectable entry level Green Tea with citrus flavours.

        I'll say straight off the bat that I'm a hard-core coffee fan! So hard-core that I'd somehow managed to get myself up to about 20 cups a day in the not so distant past. I'd started to find myself a bit jittery and also a little rounder in the stomach; hardly surprising given that I drink it with milk and sugar. Time for a rethink!

        My previous experience with Green Tea was not the best, having been offered a cup in my local café by resident healthy person Irish Joe. That particular cup was full of 'floaty' things and tasted like dishwater. An experience I didn't particularly want to repeat!

        I was looking in Tesco for a nice coffee when I came across Twinings Green Tea and decided to give it another try, swayed mainly by the 'With Pineapple and Grapefruit' proclamation on the front. In the trolley it went (with a rather large jar of Douwe Egberts to keep it company).

        At home I took a closer look at the packaging and was pleasantly surprised with what I read. I won't bore you with every little detail but things I think are worth mentioning are 1 calorie per 100ml (yes ONE calorie), only a trace of fat and lots of good sounding things like antioxidants. I've since read elsewhere that Green Tea can help with weight loss. Bring it on!

        The instructions on the packet are to allow one bag per person (I've never been one to share a teabag anyway - cost cutting a step too far in my opinion!), add freshly brewed water and leave to infuse for no more than two minutes. I pretty much follow these instructions to the letter and have got to admit to being pleasantly surprised with this tea. When made, this tea still doesn't look particularly appetising with its green sewer like appearance but it smells pretty good. And now it comes to the taste test! For me, it tasted a little strange at first but I could definitely taste the citrus element and it was a whole lot nicer than my café experience.

        I've taken the slowly slowly catchy monkey approach to my transition from coffee to green tea but make sure I have at least 3 cups a day thus saving myself in the region of 200 calories from what I add to my coffee. It's been a bit of an acquired taste for me overall and I've had to nag myself a fair bit not to add sugar to make it just a little bit nicer but all in all, a surprisingly good experience for me and I hope one day to ditch the coffee all together. Don't hold your breath though!

        Twinings Green Teas are available from Tesco (and probably most other supermarkets). A pack of 20 teabags usually cost £1.26 working out at just over 6 pence a cup. I've just checked on the Tesco website and until 21st June 2011, these teas are on offer at 3 packs for £2.50 working out at just over 4 pence per cup. Bargain!

        I'm giving this tea 4/5 because although it's taken me a while to get used to it, it's actually pretty nice and you feel healthier just for having drunk it at all! Additionally anything with anti-oxidants, obvious health benefits and a price tag like this can't be bad!


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          20.10.2010 21:44
          Very helpful



          Not disgusting, just not the right mix!

          This box of tea intrigued me. i just couldn't even begin to imagine what that taste combination might smell like! It was impossible to predict how green tea would interact with the fruity and individually distinctive tastes of pineapple and grapefruit. I was having some guests to stay for the weekend and thought it would be a nice thing to have in the cupboard so that everyone could try something new.

          The tea comes in a cardboard box (which is great as it measn 100% of the packaging is recyclable). Inside the box are twenty tea bags. They are all white mesh with blended tea leaves and herbs etc inside. The idea is that you put them in a cup and add boiling water over the top. Most people do not add milk to fruit tea.

          You can leave the tea bag in for as long as you want, depending on how strong you like it. With red berry flavour teas I tend to leave the bag in for quite some time, to really bring out the flavour, but with green tea I feel if the tea bag is in too long it tastes over brewed. With this tea, I decided to leave it in only a couple of minutes as I was worried about over doing it. You can always put the tea bag back in if it is not strong enough for you.

          The tea let off a really fruity aroma. The green part of it doesn't really smell, but the fruit does. It is really zingy and exotic. The grapefruit is so distinctive. The smell is almost stronger than the taste, as I found the taste was relatively weak and it didn't live up to the hype that the smell suggested.

          The taste was a little like watered down squash, and none of the different tones really mixed. The Grapefruit was the main first scent, and then after the gulp you would taset the pineapple. The green was like a heavy undertone.

          Green tea is made from the same tea leaves as normal 'real' tea and in this tea you can really taste it and I just don't think it goes. I am pretty sure Green tea by itself is fine, pineapple tea by itself is fine, as is grapefurit, but just don't mix it. It's too random!


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          21.04.2009 20:03
          Very helpful



          Refreshing and reputedly beneficial

          "Twinings Green Tea with Pineapple & Grapefruit" is a refreshing and reputedly beneficial brew from 'Twining & Co. Ltd.', the long-established English tea and coffee merchants. Boxes of these speciality teabags can be found in the beverage section of larger supermarkets, or you can purchase them by mail order direct from Twinings (see www.Twinings.co.uk).

          ~ Packaging ~

          The teabags are supplied in a neat cardboard box decorated in fresh shades of green, showing mouth-watering slices of pineapple and grapefruit, and a circular motif that boasts "Green Tea - a natural source of antioxidants".

          The box front also bears the company name in its familiar style - uppercase black lettering on a gleaming gold background - boldly displayed beneath a 'by royal appointment' declaration. The 'green tea' part of the product name is cleverly given an oriental twist by rendering it in a script that might be achieved using a calligraphy brush.

          Twinings have used the side of the box to inform us that, according to legend, "tea was discovered in 2737BC by Emperor Shen Nung when leaves accidentally fell into the water he was boiling to drink". On the reverse are the very easy to follow instructions for preparation.

          To open the box you pull a tab and so tear a long broad strip of card from along three sides. The box then acts as a little chest, and the bags are revealed by lifting the lid. I like this design.

          The best before date is print on one end of the box. There are no storage instructions.

          The cardboard box is recyclable, and used teabags can be composted.

          ~ Preparation ~

          I suggest using a really pretty cup, perhaps a large traditional bowl shape with a saucer, as it adds to the experience. The method is quick and easy. Pop a teabag in the cup. Add very hot, but not boiling water. Leave to brew for no more than 2 minutes - this is important as any longer and the tea tastes harsh and bitter. Twinings recommend you drink without milk or sugar.

          ~ Look, Smell and Taste ~

          The teabags are off-white, rectangular and flat, and are supplied in pairs that are very easily separated along a line of perforations. Before use they smell just like ordinary everyday teabags; I was not able to detect any strong fruity odour.

          When hot water is poured on the teabag the liquor created is cloudy and golden, something like dark apple juice, and does look appetizing. The steamy vapours floating around the rim of the cup are thick with sweet pineapple and tangy citrus. Smells delicious.

          Just holding the cup in both hands, waiting for it to be cool enough to drink, and enjoying the warmth and the fruity aroma is very relaxing and comforting.

          The taste ... In my opinion, this does not quite live up to its golden appearance and rich fruity fragrance. It is okay. It is refreshing, and I can detect the pineapple and grapefruit. On the downside, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste and left my mouth feeling dry.

          ~ The experiment ~

          Twinings say you should drink this tea without adding milk or sugar, but curiosity got the better of me. First, I added just a drop of honey (seemed more in keeping with the spirit of the drink than pure white sugar) and that was quite nice and seemed to mask any bitterness. I then tried adding a dash of skimmed milk - just made it look like ordinary tea, and did not really affect the flavour.

          ~ Twinings Green Tea range and price guide ~

          Some other varieties in this speciality Green Tea range include: -
          ... Pure Green Tea
          ... Pear and Apple
          ... Pineapple and Grapefruit
          ... Orange and Lotus Flower
          ... Jasmine

          My local supermarket sells the 20-teabag size boxes (50g) of "Twinings Green Tea with Pineapple & Grapefruit" for £1.15.

          ~ Verdict ~

          Different, refreshing, fruity, healthy, contains antioxidants, and, if you don't add milk or sugar, low in calories. These qualities make it a great choice for anyone who is health conscious. The taste is not so wonderful as to make me eagerly look forward to my next cup, and I did not like its mildly bitter aftertaste. I won't be rushing out to buy another box.

          ~ Additional notes ~

          Green Tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis ('sinensis' means Chinese), and this is the same plant that gives us everyday black tea. The difference arises from the processing method - for black tea the leaves are fermented, and for green tea the fresh leaves are heated to de-nature the enzymes inside, which prevents oxidation, and so they stay green.

          Green Tea is a rich source of flavonoids, plant chemicals with powerful antioxidant properties. These are thought to be beneficial to health, as it is believed that they 'neutralise' free radicals - the potentially harmful by-products of normal bodily chemical processes.

          See www.twinings.co.uk for more information.

          Note: Green Tea contains caffeine, and other caffeine-like substances.

          © lml888v 2009


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