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Twinings Pure Peppermint

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Type: Herbal Tea

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    2 Reviews
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      09.03.2006 17:24
      Very helpful



      Strange taste

      For those of you that have read my other reviews, you will have seen that I suffer quite badly from heartburn and indigestion. Somebody told me that if you keep taking indigestion remedies, your body starts to become immune to them (I don't know how true this is). I had heard that Peppermint tea is for indigestion so decided to give it a try.

      **What is it* *

      Tea made with pure Peppermint leaves. Peppermint is known to aid digestion and helps ease upset stomachs and indigestion.


      I normally buy a box of 40 teabags. This is a small rectangular green cardboard box. On the front is a picture of Peppermint leaves with 'Twinings Infusions Pure Peppermint Teabags' written above in large print. There is a strip of cardboard around the middle of the box, which must be removed so that the box can be opened; this then leaves the box with a flip up lid.

      The teabags are your basic square kind (none of this new fangled pyramid shaped rubbish). The bags are in twos, with perforations down the middle so that they can be divided easily. I have found that you need to be quite careful doing this as I have ripped a couple of teabags in the past.


      The tea (inside the teabag) looks exactly like normal tea, except it is green in colour and not brown. When left to infuse in water, a dirty looking greenish brown liquid is left, it doesn't look particularly appetising, but don't let this put you off


      As you would expect from the name, the tea tastes of mint, but I'm not sure whether I could say it was definitely Peppermint or not.

      It is quite a refreshing minty flavour but not overwhelming, and leaves a nice minty after taste. It's a bit strange to start with, but you will soon get used to it.

      **Quantity available**

      A box of 40 teabags normally costs me about £1.60, but they also come in boxes of 20 for about £1.00.

      **Brewing Instructions**

      Use one teabag per person. Add freshly boiled water to the bag and leave to infuse for 3 - 5 minutes according to taste. Peppermint tea can be drunk hot or cold. I have left this in the fridge during the summer, and have found it to be a refreshing alternative to lemon tea.
      If you have a sweet tooth, honey can be added, although personally I do add a spoonful of sugar. Milk is to be added to Peppermint tea


      Peppermint tea is caffeine free, so you can drink as much as you want without getting a caffeine buzz. Its great for digestion and helps to reduce that bloated feeling after eating a large meal. I have found that it does help to get rid of heartburn and indigestion but only if it is mild.


      I tend to use Peppermint tea as and when I need it, but I could never replace my PG Tips with it


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        04.12.2001 15:47
        Very helpful



        I enjoy drinking herbal teas and often buy different flavours and brands to find which teas I prefer, a couple of weeks ago I bought Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea and have not been disappointed with it. The active ingredient in peppermint is menthol, which soothes the stomach lining and helps ease upset stomachs and indigestion, menthol is also beneficial in the relief of headaches, respiratory problems and colds as well as being a source of Vitamin B and it is thought that this vitamin improves concentration and performance in the brain and nervous system. Twinings Peppermint Tea comes in boxes of twenty individually wrapped bags of pure peppermint, which is naturally caffeine free, the tea is blended and packed in England using imported peppermint, each box contains forty grams of tea and therefore each bag contains two grams. The average price is £1.10p. per box of twenty from most of the big supermarket chains. To prepare a cup of peppermint tea you need to allow one bag per person, add freshly boiled water and leave to infuse for three to four minutes, although I like my peppermint tea strong so I leave it for five minutes. I always drink peppermint tea hot but if you wish you can leave it to go cold and then refrigerate the tea and drink it ice cold, if you like sweet tea add a little honey but do not add milk, I usually have sugar in ordinary tea but I find peppermint tea sweet enough. There are several ways of using peppermint tea to help in natural healing, to help relieve indigestion drink a cup of peppermint tea after meals, if you have a sore throat try peppermint tea as a gargle a few times a day, add a teabag to your bath for a pick-me-up or for a mild skin complaint try making a teapot full of peppermint tea, add the tea to your bath water and soak in the bath for a while, however as we all know you should seek proper medical advice if symptoms persist or get worse. Peppermint tea has been used fo
        r centuries to aid in natural healing and Twinings have been expert tea blenders since 1706. Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea has a very light delicate mint flavour but a strong aroma, the teabag has a string attached so it is possible to make individual teas in the cup but I would prefer it if the string was a draw string to allow you to squeeze all the infused tea from the sachet. On the whole I found Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea very refreshing, I enjoyed the taste, the aroma is lovely and it compares favourably with other brands of peppermint tea in price. I will certainly buy this brand again.


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      • Product Details

        Character: Pure Peppermint leaves create a lively and refreshing drink which can be enjoyed after a meal to ease digestion. Alternatively, a peppermint teabag in your bath will act as a real pick-me-up after a busy day. How and when to serve: Allow one teabag per person, add freshly boiled water to the bag and leave to infuse for three to five minutes. Naturally caffeine-free, the resulting Infusions are ideal at any time of day, either hot or iced.