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Typhoo Teabags

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14 Reviews

Brand: Typhoo / Type: Tea Bags

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    14 Reviews
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      07.12.2013 01:52
      Very helpful



      I love Typhoo Tea and am disappointed that half of the bags aren't up to scratch

      Typhoo Tea has been my preferred tea of late, however I'm getting disappointed with it.. I started buying it from Tesco a while ago when it was on offer. At full price it's quite expensive at £2.29 for 80 bags but relative to other proper brands. It comes in a red box with foil pouches to keep the round tea bags fresh.

      In places like Home Bargains and B and M they always sell them at 99p for 80 but I found the quality of a lot of the bags different somehow and weak, I thought maybe they were made cheaper specifically to sell them in cheap stores (if you see what I mean) so the last couple of times I got them from Tesco.

      Increasingly however even when purchased from Tesco they are hit and miss. Some of the bags make a very weak tea. None of the bags have torn though that I can remember, I haven't had leaves in the bottom of a mug in ages.

      When I get a good brew out of them it really is a nice cup of tea. The tea is a golden brown but not orange in any way like some tea's, especially cheap ones. I would describe it as being smooth and thirst quenching, it makes a 'thin' tea even when stewed which doesn't stick to the inside of my mouth. I take it strong with milk and no sugar, some teas are too sweet for me even without sugar but Typhoo has just the right amount of tart without being bitter or sour.

      Typhoo is a very moorish tea, I could quite happily drink two mugs in a row...

      However I can only give it 4 stars, more and more of the bags are taking a lot of stewing to even reach a weak drink.


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      31.05.2013 10:16
      Very helpful



      Nothing special, but a great buy.

      I drink 3-4 mugs of tea per day, but I'm no connoisseur, and this week I picked Typhoo up purely because they were on a brilliant half price offer in Morrisons (£1.14 for 80) when I happened to have run out of tea bags. For the purposes of the review I'm comparing with what I more "usually" drink, which is Co-op at home, and PG tips at work.

      The packaging is a cardboard box is a striking Red with "Typhoo" in white lettering, it's opened with a perforated strip which runs along the length of the top, very easy to tear back and it reveals the teabags in two separate sealed foil packs. This is a great feature, as the jar I use for my tea bags won't hold a full box of 80, so I've opened one of the foil packs, filled my jar, but the remaining pack will stay completely fresh until I need them. Not only that, but the foil pack is only about12x5x5 cm and takes up hardly any space in the cupboard, rather than needing to store the box in there to "top-up" from.

      The teabags are individually "embossed" with the "OO" logo, some of them are not fully separated from each other, but that's hardly a big deal, they easily pull apart. They are round and fit perfectly to the size of the mugs I was using, which was strangely very satisfying!! The first thing I noticed when I made my first mug of Typhoo was that as soon as the water hit the teabag it immediately turned very dark ...this was going to be a strong cuppa. I have my tea quite weak, so I left the teabag in the mug for no more than 10-15 seconds, a quick stir, and although it would still have been weak for most people, that was perfect for me, and a shorter time than I would leave my "usuals". My partner has much more "normal" tea - and I left his in there about a minute (again, less than I would with other brands) and it made a great looking tea.

      The box lists the typical nutrition values based on brewing for 3-4 minutes, which makes us look very very lightweight! 3-4 minutes with these I think you would easily be able to stand your spoon up in it! These tea bags are going to last a long time, because when we both had a mug this morning, one bag did us both our perfect brew!! (shamelessly tight!)

      The taste was lovely but again I must say I'm no expert, it just tasted like pleasant tea - I can't say I distinguished anything special in there, but certainly not unpleasant either, and there was no 'dust' left at the bottom of the mugs.

      The box gives lots of 'feelgood for your purchase' information if you're interested...
      - the history of Typhoo tea (created in 1903 in Birmingham),
      - Typhoo "Sports for All" project explaining how they support Disability sport
      - Typhoo Quality Programme - Working to continually improve the conditions of people who grow, harvest and produce the tea (the tea does not have the Fairtrade logo however)
      - Compostable and Recycling notes - the teabags are compostable and the cardboard packaging can be recycled.

      The box states that a cup of Typhoo is 1kcal (doesn't include my big glug of milk and heaped sugar though!!), so there's no guilt trip here, but the nutritional values (all negligible) compare exactly to PG, so there's no swing-factor here either.

      I did get an OO but mainly because of the bargain price, the tea itself was more of a pleasant, but more reserved MM!


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      18.05.2013 11:31
      Very helpful



      Not my favourite, but not bad.

      I adore tea- I drink several cups a day, and I drink all kinds of varieties . But when it comes to the bog standard teabag cuppa, I have to confess to not having any real brand loyalty - or rather, I adore Whittards tea, but my budget forces me to be flexible.

      However, occasionally I'll run out, and if I can't be bothered to go to the real shops, I have to make do with the small selection at my local shop, which consists of either Typhoo, or Euro Shopper . With Euro Shopper being a step too far down the path of economy, Typhoo it was.

      The Typhoo History
      The Typhoo brand began in 1903 when a Birmingham grocer John Sumner developed and sold a blend of tea in his shop. His sister Mary Augusta, was often quite ill with indigestion, but she claimed that a cup of tea made from tea 'fannings' , small particles of tea left over when higher graded leaves were sold was an excellent cure for her ailment .

      He seized the idea at once, and proceeded to buy 30 chests of tea and spend £200 of his own money on advertising . He also made the innovative decision to sell the tea pre packaged over the counter, rather than weighing it out for each customer - and the Typhoo brand was the first brand to do this .
      The business hit a snag during WWI, when the government announced that it was going to ration tea, by buying up all that was available and selling it on at a set price to retailers . The only problem was, the government was only doing this with leaf tea, and not with the smaller leaf edge of 'fanning' tea. John Sumner tried to get the government to supply him with the product he needed, but failed - so he included circulars in his packages asking customers to write to the Tea Controller stating that they wanted Typhoos leaf edge tea - and he recieved so many letters that he eventually gave in .

      Blimey, it must be a good tea then!

      The Product
      I purchased some ordinary Typhoo teabags from the shop at £4 for 160 bags . As far as I know, Typhoo also sell 'One Cup' teabags, as well as an instant tea with milk called QT, wut the ordinary bags were the only choice available at my shop .

      They come in an attractively coloured bright red box, with the word Typhoo written across it in big white letters, and some attractive pipctures of vibrant green tea tips .
      Inside, the teabags are split into some foil packets, so you don't need to expose all of them to the air at once - I like this, as it keeps them fresh . The teabags themselves are fairly nondescript, white papery perforated bags filled with fine tea powder, although they do have Typhoo subtly written across them .

      The Result
      There are so many different ways of making tea - and everyone has their own opinion . Some say it should always be brewed in a pot, with one bag for every person drinking . Then, when it comes to pouring,some people say you should have the milk in the cup first, and pour the tea onto the milk, where others say that milk should be added only after the tea is poured .

      There are even people who say that tea should be served with cream, and some that say tea should be served black, with merely a slice of lemon .

      I personally do not own a teapot. I really want one, and I keep saying I'm going to buy one, but I never remember. So, I make my tea by pouring boiling water over the bag in a mug . Sometimes I add the milk first, sometimes afterwards - I am truly a rebel!

      Now, this tea does not take long to brew - in fact, I find it's rather fast, with the result that if I get a little neglectful and make a sandwich while I'm waiting, the tea will become rather stronger than I'd like . Still, I'm an adaptable sort of soul, and very quickly learned not to forget these teabags - and in fact, I regard this as a plus point .

      You don't have to beat this bag around with a spoon to entice some colour out of it , simply let it mellow on it's own and it does the job .

      It has a lovely strong earthy flavour to it , and it really is very nice to drink . I find it refreshing yet soothing, and a cup never fails to satisfy .

      Being a big brand, its available in all major supermarkets, and in fact my only criticism of this tea is that it is vastly more expensive than supermarket own brand tea bags, which may not brew as quickly and easily, but do offer better bargain value .

      However, I do really like Typhoo tea, and I will, I think, buy it again despite it costing more - It brews quickly with minimal effort, it comes foil sealed for freshness, and it even has the brand name written on the bag - meaning when I forget to take the bag out of a cup for guests, at least they know I've splashed out a little .

      4 stars!

      Originally posted on Ciao, 13/10/09 - however, I have checked current prices and amended.


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        09.05.2013 02:05
        Very helpful



        A great british product - with the added "OO"

        =Typhoo Teabags=

        My purchasing of teabags, I vary between 3 brands and 1 of the brands is Typhoo, I remember as a kid having Typhoo teabags in the house.

        The packaging is a red colour, it reminds me of a red post box, British and iconic, the packaging is an oblong box, and has a statement "Great British Tea since 1903", as well as the familiar Typhoo branding on the packet.

        =Foil Wrapped=
        The tea bags are foil wrapped in quantities of 80 bags. I usually buy larger boxes of 360 teabags as for us there more economical for us as a family. This foil wrapping allows the teabags to remain fresh in the box, and if like me you have the bigger boxes, then you only just take out a strip as needed, the remaining teabags stay fresh.

        =Individual Teabags=
        The teabags are round in shape, and the outer appearance has Typhoo lightly imprinted into the wrapper as well as the air holes to allow the tea to brew in the cup or teapot. Each teabag is separate from the next. So you don't get any rips or wastage when getting a teabag out.

        =Use Mugs=
        I tend to use mugs for making a cup of tea, although I do have a teapot for when need to make 4 cups, (more economical). I add sugar to mug, teabag and just boiled hot water, I find that the strength of the tea is good, and I just give the teabag a squeeze against the side of the cup, to save too many drips.

        If I am making a teapot for 4 of us, I find that 3 teabags are plentiful for the strength.

        I am extremely impressed with the quality of the teabags and the strength that the teabags produce, they are rich, satisfying, good quality and don't have a harsh feel like the cheaper bags do have.

        The teabags are available in many sizes, and from supermarkets, discount retailers and even corner shops,

        Ty-phoo 'Eco' refill (40 bags) - £1.29
        Box of 80 bags - £2.29
        Box of 160 bags - £4.00
        Box of 240 bags - £5.79

        Typhoo is also available in de-caff varieties, as I have not tried this I cannot comment if there is any taste difference.

        =Would I buy again=
        I would buy again, it is always worth keeping an eye out as Typhoo regularly do pre-priced offers and 50% or 100% free, which make them a very economical purchase.


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        11.04.2013 15:30
        Very helpful



        Great quality teabags that I will buy again.

        I have recently been trying out some tea bags from the well-known "Ty-phoo" range. I normally don't buy this particular brand, having my favourites from elsewhere on the supermarket shelves, but my grandmother recently gave my sister and myself a small box each. Presumably, granny had acquired a rather large stockpile of Ty-phoo tea bags as part of some promotional offer or other. Never one to refuse a free gift, I have been using the teabags up, and this review outlines my experiences.

        The packaging is fairly eye-catching, it has to be said, as the square-ish box is coloured in a bright red shade, providing a noticeable appearance. The statement "Great British Tea Since 1903" is printed on the box underneath the familiar Ty-phoo branding, and I do think statements such as this one are quite reassuring somehow, probably because I find that many high-quality brands have been around for a long time.

        My box of Ty-phoo teabags contains 80 individual bags. These are packaged quite nicely inside the cardboard box, in two little 'pouches' that are made of a silver 'foil' type pack, which allows the teabags contained within to remain completely fresh and free from moisture. I thought it was a nice touch to have some quotes printed in red print, on the silver foil which are all about tea. Some of them are from people I don't know, with others sounding slightly more familiar. One of my favourites is:

        "If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you." - Gladstone 1865

        Having been a lover of tea for twenty years or more, I couldn't agree with this statement more!

        The Ty-phoo teabags are pretty 'standard' in their appearance, I think, although the Ty-phoo branding appears across the surface of each bag in a faint pattern, which is the only real difference I can notice between this brand and any other. They are the same size and round shape as most other brands of teabag that I have bought recently, excluding some that were presented in a sort of 'triangular' shape.

        There is nothing particularly exciting about the bags' appearance, I have to be honest, but I did note that they were without the annoying 'coating' of tea 'dust' that some other brands carry. I do find that some cheaper brands, in particular, will often have a dusting of tea evident on the outside of every bag, requiring me to shake it a little before dropping it into a teacup as I don't like the dusty 'residue' to be present in my hot cuppa. The Ty-phoo bags are without this annoyance, thankfully, and I don't recall ever having one of the bags burst or split, either in the box or in my teabag 'caddy', or in a teacup during use.

        Making a hot cuppa using the Ty-phoo teabags is as easy and simple as with any other branded bag, I have found. All I need to do is add hot water from the kettle to a cup (or huge mug in my case!) containing one of the teabags. Giving a little pressure to the soaking teabag with the help of a teaspoon will allow the tea contained in the bag to really strengthen as it oozes from the bag, although this is down to personal taste of course. I do find that my mum, for example, takes her tea much weaker than I would, so a little trial and error might be required to find the strength of tea that suits you best.

        I do not have any issues with the strength of the Ty-phoo teabags, finding they are neither so weak as to have me grumbling about them being a waste of time, nor are they overly strong which would require the use of a watchful eye during the 'brewing' process... These points are annoying traits that I have discovered during the use of some rival-branded teabags, but neither was an issue during the use of the Ty-phoo bags. I found too, that the teabags were perfectly suited to use in a teapot, although I generally use two bags to obtain a teapot-full of 'medium' strength tea, and still required to do so with the Ty-phoo bags.

        After brewing - which only really takes a minute or two - the tea looks to be quite delicious, with a sort of 'rich' hue to it that is somewhat lacking in those horrible 'budget' teabags that are available in most supermarkets these days. The Ty-phoo tea, instead, looks rich and dark, giving the impression that it is flavoursome, more indulgent, and quite full-bodied.

        This impression is entirely spot on, and I don't recall ever being disappointed in any of the cuppas I have brewed during use of the Ty-phoo bags. I do feel that the tea is rather flavoursome, with it having a delicate richness contained within it that could easily feel bitter, but doesn't. This is another annoyance that often presents itself with some teabags that are of a poor-quality, but it is nowhere to be found in a Ty-phoo cuppa. Instead, the tea tastes just 'right'... Satisfying, tasty and rich, without any sort of aftertaste or bitterness that would make its flavour feel harsh. The flavour and taste of the tea is smoother than this, which allows it to be completely delicious and enjoyable.

        I'm not sure why I haven't bought the Ty-phoo teabags to try out for myself in the past. Whatever the reason, I'll be sure to peruse the selection of Ty-phoo tea that is available during my next trip to the supermarket as I don't have any complaints at all, and feel the tea is of a very high quality.

        The teabags are available in many good grocery stores and supermarkets. I believe there are four 'pack' sizes of Typhoo teabags currently available in Tesco;

        Ty-phoo 'Eco' refill (40 bags) - £1.29
        Box of 80 bags - £2.29
        Box of 160 bags - £4.00
        Box of 240 bags - £5.79

        (There is also a de-caff version available in some sizes).

        Info correct as @ April 2013. You can purchase in store or online at www.tesco.com.


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          06.01.2013 18:39
          Very helpful



          A good quality yet cheap tea to keep your throat lubricated!

          Now, I should probably start by saying that I'm a chain tea drinker, I love the stuff! So, I should be a good person to write a review on the best brand around, or at least what I think is the best brand around.

          Typhoo have made a good name for themselves over the years with their standard tea bags and I for one fell in love with them after the first cup, so when I saw some Typhoo "One Cup" in my local The Original Factory Shop for 97p, I couldn't resist, naturally.

          I bought a pack and went on home, flicked the kettle on and looked at the pack.

          It was just a red box with the Typhoo logo on it and it said "One Cup". Simple as that really. One thing I did notice was that printed on the box was the retail price of £2.19! On the side it told me how to make a cup of tea, which if I ever need to READ ABOUT I shall be reaching for the razor blade, but I suppose it would be helpful for some real numpties! Sorry!

          OK, I was still a little perplexed about what the difference would be between the One Cup and the standard Typhoo tea bags, so the only way to find out, is to brew up!

          Which I did, by putting one tea bag in a Fine Bone China cup (I'm picky about only drinking tea out of Fine Bone China), poured the boiling water over it and let it sit for about 40-50 seconds. Then, give it a darn good squeeze! I add a splash of milk, but I know some who do not, nor do I add sugar by the way.

          As I always do I let it sit for a few minutes then began sipping away.

          The result ? Pure perfection.

          There was no taste difference between the two types what so ever, they both taste the same, to me anyway.

          Due to the fact I let mine infuse for a long time and squeeze the heck out of it, it was nice and strong - how I like it!

          Unlike some tea bags which leave a bunch of tea leaves at the bottom of the cup (even though not bursting) I saw no more than a few speckles with Typhoo.

          Needless to say when I'm in TOFS I always grab a box or two and enjoy them greatly. At the moment though, I'm drinking Tesco tea bags, not the horrid Value ones, but the ones in a red box.

          However, that is another review for another day, so, goodbye!

          I hope you have enjoyed reading this review.


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          26.08.2012 20:59
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          a horrible tasting tea

          I am a huge tea drinker, I must drink on average around 10 cups of tea a day - which is a lot I know! So, as I drink so much only the best will do, my favourite brands tend to be Yorkshire Gold or Twinings. Recently when shopping I noticed that Typhoo tea was on offer in Tesco at £4 for 480 teabags - which I thought was an absolute bargain and couldnt resist.

          The teabags come in quite an eye-catching package which is bright red with the white Typhoo logo on the front, the brand has been around since 1903 and is quite a trusted brand and blend of tea. You can buy Typhoo tea in packs of 80, 180 and 460 - the larger ones tend to be on offer in one supermarket or another.

          My Opinion:

          As soon as I tried my first cup of this tea I noticed something in it I didnt like. I like a nice strong tea and I often drink it without sugar so for me to enjoy it the tea has to taste good on its own - unfortunately this one doesnt. I find this tea to have such a strange taste, especially a strange after taste, that I just couldnt get used to. I dont know how to describe it other that it has just a strange 'twang' to it, after drinking I always found I had a horrible taste in my mouth, and it gave me such a horrible dry mouth too. I often found myself putting more and more sugar into my tea to cover up the horrible taste.

          I couldnt stand the taste of this tea so much that I ended up giving away well over half of them to a friend just to get rid of them without just throwing them away - as I hate wasting anything. Now iv got some good old Yorkshire Gold again and Im happy.

          Overall I wouldnt recommend this tea, maybe it was just me and my tastes but I hate the taste of it. I found it to be horrible and not soothing and refreshing at all!


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            03.03.2012 14:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Ty-phoo for me please!

            I never used to drink tea when I was young but now I have become a dedicated tea drinker! I often choose different brands of tea bag but I do have a preference for Ty-phoo and had already planned to write this review when I discovered, to my delight, that Ty-phoo teabags was on special offer at 160 for the price of 80, in my local Morrisons.

            Ty-phoo is easy to spot on the shelves due to the bright, pillar box red of the cardboard box which provided the packaging for the sealed foil bags which each contain 40 round tea bags. Ty-phoo is emblazoned in white across the red box along with a few bright green tea leaves and the number of tea bags the box contains.My box also has details of the Spots for All project which ty-phoo supports giving disabled people a chance to participate in sport. good for you Ty-phoo. On the box are also details of how Ty-phoo started (1903) and how they try to improve the conditions of the people who grow , harvest and produce the tea.

            Time for Tea!

            To get into your lovely new box of tea bags simple rip off the perforated strip on the top of the box. This one works for a change! Inside you will find silver, sealed foil bags containing 40 teabags. On the foil bag are a few quotes about tea. My favourite because I think it is true is by Bernard -Paul Heroux "There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea" What a wise man! Next, rip open the foil bag and find your tea bags neatly arranged ready to go into your airtight storage jar or whatever you keep them in. The tea bag is the traditional round variety, about 21/2 " in diametre and made of perforated paper which in Ty-phoo's case is bio degradable so it can go into your compost bin. Reserve one of these little beauties for yourself and pop the round tea bag in your mug or tea pot and just add freshly boiled water. Let it steep for however long you like, Ty-phoo recommend 3-4 minutes but I like feebly weebly tea so my tea bag gets whisked out and into the husbands mug where it sits for another minute and then is whisked away to the bin. We like our tea black (lots of years of living on boats without good fridges for milk) so do not have to subsrcibe to the milk first or second debate. Lemon is nice for a change or iced tea when it is really hot, however you drink it Ty-phoo provides a fresh tasting drink with a nice bright colour.

            Tea Tasting

            Well tea is so familiar that it is quite hard to describe the taste but it is comforting and refreshing all at the same time and a definite pick you up no matter when or where. It is also quite good for you, it contains anti oxidants and after a little research I discovered it also contains fluoride. I fact 3 or 4 cups of tea gives you45%of your daily fluoride, all that for just 1kcal too1

            My Opinion.

            Ty-phoo make a great tasting cup of tea for a reasonable price and I do prefer it to other brands and will continue buying it especially when it is on special offer! My box works out at just over a penny per tea bag and that is what I call good value! Any left over tea goes to feed my house plants who also seem to appreciate it. We have also used it as a stain after sanding grease spots off a teak floor, just wipe the pale area with a strong solution of cold tea and eventually, after a few applications , you will not be able to see the sanded patch.

            5 stars from me.

            Readily available in supermarkets. On offer 100% extra free at Morrisons at the moment.

            Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on Cioa under splishsplash.


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              08.01.2012 13:19
              Very helpful



              Ty-phoo - not sure about an an 'oo' but you get a decent cuppa

              ---The Brand & History---

              According to their website Ty-phoo's origins are located in Birmingham. The founder of Ty-phoo was John Sumner. In the early 1900s John Sumner senior, now in his seventies, left the running of the shop to his son.
              The full history can be found at www.typhootea.com

              ---The Product---

              Ty-phoo teabags come in various size packs and the one I am reviewing is the 240 box which I had from Tesco online. The pack contains round teabags in a strong red cardboard box - inside the teabags are packaged in sealed foil packs of 60 bags.
              My box was attractively decorated with a Union Jack emblem in aid of Ty-phoo Sports for All.


              I am reviewing the ordinary Ty-phoo teabags but the tea does come in other varieties:
              Q.T. Instant Tea
              The company also makes Lift Instant Tea.


              I find these really do taste of tea and give you an enjoyable refreshing cuppa - whereas some teabags make such watery tea they do not really taste of anything.
              I like quite a strong cuppa myself and these are perfect.


              These round teabags make a strong cup/mug of tea very quickly.
              I tend to make the tea in my mug and you just pour on the boiling water to infuse and it brews without needing to be stirred. Also it does not take very long for the tea to be ready - sometimes I only leave it a few seconds if I am in a rush and the tea is fine.
              Also if I want I can get two mugs out of the one teabag - which is very money saving.
              I tend not to use a teapot but cannot see it would make much difference.


              These 240 bag boxes (750g) are currently £5.29 but reduced to £4 at Tesco online. I usually just stock up when they are on offer as it always has a long shelf life - the ones i have at present will keep for 22 months.
              I am economising but prefer to buy these teabags and have an enjoyable cup of tea rather than the value ones which often taste of nothing.

              ---Ty Phoo Website---

              More information on Ty-phoo and its products and history can be found on its very interesting website at www.typhootea.co.uk

              ---My Opinions---

              I like a cup of tea to taste of tea, and these teabags do just that. They brew very quickly, are reasonably inexpensive and come in the packs of foil sealed 60 bags which keeps them nice and fresh if not being used immediately.
              You cannot go wrong with this trusted brand.
              I don't know about getting an oo with Ty-phoo but you certainly get a decent cuppa.
              This may be similar to by Tetley teabags review - mainly because I do not find any difference between them for taste and I therefore just buy whichever happens to be on offer.

              ---Star Rating---

              5 stars as I cannot fault the product.



              ---Summary: Inexpensive teabags (when bought on offer) that makes good flavoursome tea.


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                22.09.2011 16:40
                Very helpful



                A great cup of tea at a great price!

                In our house we love our tea and we both drink it at regular intervals during the day.

                There are a few decent brands that I am happy to buy and I usually buy the one that is the best value at the time. Having said that, if financially possible, I go for Typhoo as it is my favourite for a number of reasons.

                The Price

                Currently the price of Typhoo tea bags in Tesco's is as follows:
                80 teabags - 250g - £2.09 - 2.61p per bag
                160 teabags - 500g - £3.89 - 2.43p per bag
                240 teabags - 750g - £5.29 - 2.20p per bag
                240 teabags - 750g - £4.00 (until 26/9/11) - 1.67p per bag

                So you can see that there are economies of scale as there are with most things. The other thing to note about Typhoo tea is that there is often a special offer on in the supermarket so, if this one is your favourite, stock up when the price is right! That's what I do.

                The Box

                The box is easy to find on the shelf as it is bright red with the words 'Typhoo Great British Tea Since 1903'. The only other adornment to the back and front of the box is pictures of a few green leaves from a tea bush and a note of the number of teabags in the box.

                On the end of the box there is information about the nutritional value of the tea, the calorie content and a bit about the company making the tea. This is where I found out that Typhoo was originally made in Birmingham in 1903 by John Sumner for his sister Mary Augusta.

                To open the box you just have to pull off the tear strip across the top the box and inside you will find the tea bags wrapped and sealed in foil bags each containing 40 teabags. On the side of each of these bags there are quotes about tea from various famous people.

                The Teabags and the Tea

                The teabags themselves are round and fit nicely in the base of my mug. As I opened the foil bag a lovely fragrance wafts out.

                To make a delicious mug of tea I just boil my kettle, pour the boiling water into the mug over the teabag, stir it a bit, squeeze it with the spoon, remove it and then add milk. I can honestly say that this makes a perfect cup of tea every time.

                I can't really describe the smell or the taste - it just smells and tastes like what it is - a lovely cup of tea!

                In Conclusion

                Apart from the fact that the tea tastes great I love Typhoo because of the packaging. Obviously the box can be recycled either in the weekly recycling or in our case we can burn it in our log burner. The foil packs of 40 teabags are great for keeping the tea fresh. When hubby works away he can take a pack or two with him and they are easy to transport.

                So there you have it an excellent cup of tea at a great price and a brilliant way of keeping the bags fresh until they are needed.

                Of course there is one other thing to consider - 'You only get an OO from Typhoo!'


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                  05.08.2011 15:32



                  rubbish if i could 0 stars I would

                  Typhoo teabags - should go ib the BIN bag!
                  Got these as they were on offer and my usual PG tips had gone up in price. I got home from the shops and boiled the kettle eager to taste these (I have not always liked tea and so am oblivious to the taste of the various brands out there). The teabags smelt a bit iffy, though I cannot describe how. Usually tea bags have that delicious smell that makes you want to just eat the tea bag, these put me off a little if I'm honest.
                  Anyway, I Made my tea, leaving the tea bag in for a few mins to brew it nice and strong, just how I like it.
                  Sat down with my 'cuppa' and took a sip. I ACTUALLY SPAT IT OUT!
                  I was so disgusted with the taste! It tasted as though I has just quickly dipped the tea bag into hot water and then pulled it straight back out after wards. So even though I had tried to make the perfect strong tea, it just didn't work. I made a cup of tea for my sister when she visited that night and she likes her tea weak, yet even she said that the tea was TOO weak! How can this be??!!
                  The slogan of these teabags is "you only get an ooo with Typhoo" , I think it would more suit "You only get an EWW with Typhoo!"

                  I don't recommend anyone buying this and wasting their money. So overall it is not suitable for strong tea drinkers or weak tea drinkers!


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                  22.03.2010 18:57
                  Very helpful



                  may be a good tea to many but I won't be buying more I'm afraid

                  I'm the only tea drinker at home so I buy what I like & what I like is PG & have done for more years than I care to remember. The unheard of happened last week - I ran out of teabags so grabbed a box of Typhoo which I thought was a good buy at only 89p for 100. Never again - I've just bought another lot of PG!

                  They look nice enough but came in a box not in a pack as shown in the picture. Inside there are 2 foiled bags each with 50 inside so there's no danger of them getting dry or even moist.

                  The bags are a good size & don't fall apart or leak tea leaves as some do.
                  The smell of the tea is nice & aromatic but I was really disappointed with the flavour.

                  I like my tea very strong so, following the advice given on the box, I popped a bag in a mug, filled straightaway with boiling water & waited until I reached the required colour before removing said bag & adding a drop of milk. The freshly-made tea looked nice enough ( a deep brown) - plus it smelled nice & strong but I was really disappointed with the taste.

                  It tasted weaker & less dense than PG & it seemed to me either the blend of teas are different in Typhoo or they're an inferior type of leaf?

                  I also didn't experience the mmmmmmmmmm that I always get from my 1st cuppa of the day or the ahhhhhhhhh that I have late afternoon. In fact, come to think of it, I never got the oooooooo that Typhhoo used to promise in their adverts.

                  I haven't thrown the bags away & will offer to workmen, windowcleaners etc - it must be popular with many as it's been sold here since 1903 - maybe it's just my tastebuds which are different?!

                  For the packaging & price I'd give it 1 star, for the look & convenience too I'd give it another, but as for taste I'm afraid nil points.


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                    22.12.2009 20:40
                    Very helpful



                    A great cup of tea!

                    * What is Typhoo ? *
                    Typhoo is a brand which makes teabags. The business began in 1903 by John Sumner jr from Birmingham , England , United Kingdom. The brand is now owned by Apeejay Surrendra Group ; they bought the brand for a huge £80 million! The brand is manufactured in Moreton on the Wirral.

                    * Where can I buy Typhoo ? *
                    Typhoo is sold in supermarkets and most grocery stores. I bought my box of 100 from my local Sainsburys for a price of £1.99 which was clearly stated on the box. I thought this was a good price , as for me 100 tea bags will last a long time.
                    * Packaging *
                    The Typhoo teabags came in a box. The top half of the box had a red background with the Typhoo symbol which is a green circle with a red background to the circle and Typhoo written in white and there's also a green leaf with "one leaf" written on it , as their symbol. On the bottom half of the packaging is the bright colour of yellow with " 100's " written in big numbers. On the bottom of the "cover" of the box are the cleary written words " 100 round teabags" . I like the packaging because it's very bright and eyecatching. It's also very simple yet effective. I like the fact that only four colours were used ; red , yellow , green and white , otherwise if there were more colours it would look too over the top due to the fact that colour plays a major part on the packaging.
                    The Net weight of the contents is 250g.

                    * How to make the perfect cup of tea *
                    On the box it states how to make the tea. In the words of Typhoo :
                    " Use one bag per mug or cup and add freshly boiled water. Let the tea brew until you see the right depth of colour for your tea. Add milk or Lemon , and sugar to your preferred taste . "

                    Well , I now know how to make it so let's give it a go!
                    * Making the Tea *

                    First of all I boiled the kettle using "freshly boiled water" as it tells me to on the box. I left the tea for approximately one minute as I do not like my tea too strong. I add a bit of milk ; I like my tea quite milky. I do not add sugar.
                    * Appearance *
                    Light brown in colour. No tea leaves present which is good.

                    * Taste *
                    I take my first sip..mm quite good actually. Not too strong yet not too weak - perfect. um..I'm just thinking how else I can describe Typhoo Tea... The tea has a very thin texture.lol. I can taste a "more tea flavour" (if that makes sense! ) after swallowing it.
                    * Contact Typhoo *

                    Typhoo can be contacted at the following numbers / addresses :
                    Customer Services freephone : 0800 633 5650 between 9:30 am - 5pm monday to friday.

                    Customer Services
                    Typhoo Tea LTD ,
                    Pasture Road
                    CH46 8XF
                    * Typhoo Website *
                    Website : www.typhoo.com

                    * My overall opinion *
                    I think Typhoo is pretty good. I like the fact that the bags are strong and don't break like some other tea bag makes , because I hate drinking tea and coming across a few tea leaves! The price I paid for my tea bags (£1.99) , was really good and the tea bags are of good quality. I like how the tea bags come in foil so that they keep fresh. I give Typhoo teabags a 9/10. I'd definately recommend them.

                    * Info *
                    The tea bags come in foil. On the box it says that Typhoo do not put more than 50 tea bags in each foil bags. So because I had 100 teabags , they came in two foil bags.

                    * Extra info *
                    In order to try and persuade you even more to buy Typhoo Tea bags , I thought I would include some "benefits of drinking (any brand of ) tea facts !* Tea has less caffeine than coffe *
                    Tea may reduce the risk of heart attacks *
                    Tea contains Antioxidants *

                    Thanks for reading. :)
                    xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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                    13.10.2009 15:05
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Try this brand its good :-P

                    As I have got older I have really started enjoying the taste of tea, it is really different and more refreshing than a lot of fizzy drinks.

                    Coffee however, no, it's awful, lol!

                    One of the teas I have chosen when we have gone shopping is 'Typhoo' and in a lovely red box with white writing it looks eye-catching!

                    This was on offer recently in Iceland for one pound saying they were a trial price so it made it a bargain buy to try :)

                    There are 250g contents with 80 bleached teabags with really big perforations in them that lets the tea flood out into freshly boiled water, plus are full of natural antioxidants...

                    In 1903 John Summer blended some teas together to unlock Typhoo's 'OO' flavour and over 100 years later the flavour is still going strong!

                    My box has a best before date of Nov 2010 as with all dried food/drinks these tea leaves has been dehydrated so will keep for ages in their dried form without losing the taste, plus the box was sealed so will save longer.

                    Having only two calories per cup based on a 200 ml size - its funny how people are now calorie counting tea ;)

                    I would say this is a really light flavoured tea and quite a light amber colour when brewed too. The tea smells lovely when you first open the pack; the aroma is mouth-watering as it smells so fresh!

                    Thirst quenching and full of flavour it seems light on tannin that I don't like to taste too much of as I think it makes my mouth really dry and leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

                    This Typhoo tea doesn't do that. The teabags are round with the makers name on every one of them, and you can clearly see the tiny pieces if dried tealeaves and you can see them rattling around before you dunk the tea into the cup :)

                    I really like this flavour and hope we get it again, it is not too strong and tastes really refreshing even with sugar and milk. I let mine stew for a couple of minutes and it turns out just right!

                    Five stars for Typhoo tea; it's really a nice brew in my opinion but not for those who like a strong cuppa! :)


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