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Whittard Damson Plum Tea

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Brand: Whittard / Type: Fruit Tea

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 15:46
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      plum tea by Whittard

      I got a beautiful set of teas for Christmas and it makes a change that they were fruit teas as I always just drink regular english breakfast tea. The set included some flavours that I wouldn't normally pick or hadn't tried before and amongst those was this flavour Damson Plum. Plum is one of those flavours where I thought it might be a bit sour in a tea and so was a bit apprehensive, but it actually turned out to be a lot nicer than I thought which is no shock really as everything that comes out of the Whittard shop is usually amazing.


      This tea comes in a cylinder like tub with a gold lid and around the waist it has a beautiful floral like illustration which makes it really pretty and adds a different look to it. In bold type it says 'Damson Plum' and it has the Whittard logo on the front. In a typical tub you get 475g of tea which is a great size really for the price and the overall look of the tea is classic British but bold and vibrant. On the side of the tub it tells you how to make this tea, so you know what to put in and it has a history of Whittard so it's a really nice touch.


      Damson Plum tea smells really sweet to begin with when you sniff inside the tub, it is definitely faintly of plum but sweetness overpowers this. Sometimes the teas smell sickeningly sweet but when you look into the tub, the tea is odd to look at as it is small granules almost like how coffee looks but they are a dusty pink colour which looks nice as they look like little crystals, not the typical appearance for fruit tea but maybe this is why it works as they dissolve very well when water is added.

      So, to make a mug of this tea, you are recommended to spoon three heaped teaspoons (20g) to 200ml of hot water or serve over ice as with most of their fruit teas, you get the option whether to have it hot or cold. Sometimes, I don't mind being a bit versatile and having it cold but I definitely want this tea hot as the plum would be too sour if it was cold whereas having it warm just gives the right amount of flavour so that it tastes sweet enough without it being too much.

      The flavour is just right here and the tea has that deep, dark and rich purple depth to it which is enchanting. It has just the right balance but be careful as I don't do heaped teaspoons but just lightly heaped as the flavour is too much if I do it heaped. However, the more you make this tea, the more you will learn how you like this flavour and will know what you want to put in. I'd like to say I'll try this iced in summer but I know that I won't do it as I just love this warm fruity flavour.

      I think that this tea would appeal mainly to those who love a good cup of tea or anyone who likes herbal or green tea or even iced tea. It just offers something a bit different from your usual cup of tea and it gives a more satisfying taste which is why I like it. The tea would be perfect for men and women of all ages really and you get so much in the tub that it should last you months as Damson Plum is not a flavour you will drink daily as it'd be too much, I have it as a soothing treat.


      If you want to buy yourself a tub of Damson Plum then go into your local Whittard or go online and get a 475g tub for £5.50 which is good value or sometimes it'll be in the 3 for £10 or £12 offer.

      For more information go to http://www.whittard.co.uk


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