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Yogi Tea Classic Cinammon Spice Tea

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4 Reviews

Brand: Yogi Tea / Type: Herbal Tea

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    4 Reviews
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      09.04.2010 14:00
      Very helpful



      A heathy spice blend that works well as a tea

      This is without doubt the most classic and warming of all the Yogi teas I've tried. It makes a great cuppa all year round, though of course the warming blend of cinnamon, ginger, pepper etc is most enjoyable on a cold winter's day. This is the only one of the yogi teas to my knowledge which is also available as a loose tea. Both are delicious and essentially the same, but the loose tea has an even fresher taste and provides better value for money, and can usually be found in large health food stores. Of course, you don't get the same words of wisdom that are on the ends of the teabag strings :) I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes spicy, warming things, but particularly to those who think herbal teas are boring! Because this is a spice blend only with no black, green or otherwise tea (and therefore caffeine free), it makes for a pleasant tea with many flavours that will have even the most hard-to-please tea cynic reaching for a second cup.


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      09.01.2010 12:24
      Very helpful



      Possibly the best herbal tea I have ever drunk.

      I've tried various herbal and teas over the years along with various black tea and green tea fusions. I found the quality in flavour of the herbal in particular to vary greatly. This is the first Yogi tea I have tried having received it as a Christmas gift from a kind sibling. On the box it says that this 'Ayurvedic spice infusuion' has "a wonderful mythology thousands of years old and is deeply entwined in the ancient traditions and spiritual practices of the East." I'm not sure how much of this is true but I would say that this is a wonderful spicy, sweet and invigorating tea that possesses mood enhancing, toe tingling properties. It is also one of the most delicious herbal teas I have ever drunk.

      I find that I can drink this tea at any time of the day and it has certainly warmed me during this cold bitter icy winter. The rich aroma of spices is delightfully overpowering and is detectable before you take the cellophane of the packet. The tea is prepared by pouring freshly boiled water over a the tea bag in a cup or pot and allowing it to infuse for a recommended time of seven minutes or longer if you desire a stronger flavour. I find seven minutes to be sufficient and never take the teabag out of the cup before this length of time. The rich flavour is dominated by cinnamon which makes up 61% of the ingredients. This is enhanced by the hot spicy flavour of ginger and a touch of black pepper. The other ingredients that make up the blend are cardamom, cloves, cinnamon extract and ginger oil. Apart from the extract all the ingredients are certified as organically grown. The flavour is similar to Twinings Chai tea which is also flavoured with cinnamon but is a black tea infusion. However, I truly find this Yogi herbal tea a far more satisfying brew and unlike the Chai tea I find that the addition of milk enhances the taste beautifully. On occasion I drop in half a teaspoon of sugar but I find it just as delicious without any sweetener, especially when eating chocolate at the same time (recommended). You can add cream if you wish but I've yet to try this.

      Yogi cinnamon spice tea is said to be beneficial to the digestive system and the cinnamon ingredient is well known as an aid for lowering cholesterol levels.

      As this was a gift I'm not sure were you can by Yogi classic tea on the high street. According to another review it might be available at Sainsbury but I could not find it on any of the main supermarket websites. However, I did see it available to buy from teawarehouse.co.uk for the price of £1.89 - not cheap if you consider that there are only 15 teabags in a box. Nevertheless, Yogi Classic cinnamon spice organic tea is certainly one of the best presents I received this Christmas and I'm looking forward to trying other yogi teas such as Liquorice, Lime Mint, Ginseng and Rose.


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        19.10.2009 17:04
        Very helpful
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        Try it you will not be disappointed.

        It has only been in the last few years after moving to Ireland, that I seriously got into drinking tea. before that a cup of coffee was the standard drink of choice, and I didn't give tea a passing glance.
        But now it is a different story and I love to try out different flavors and brands, but of all the teas that I have enjoyed yogi is by FAR the best I have tried.

        What makes yogi tea so special to me?

        Well lets start off with the ingredients of Yogi tea, there are plenty of different flavors to choose from but the best part is knowing that you are drinking premium materials, Yogi prides itself on providing good natural organic tea and it sure shows in the taste.

        The packaging is very appealing and the color schemes are warm and inviting just screaming hot comfort in a cup. The individual tea bags are also in separate bags, so you get to keep the freshness of the tea, long after you have opened the original box.

        On each tea bag tab is a wisdom quote for the day and it is always great fun to compare the days quote with my partner in the morning. There is also a new yoga position on each tea box, and while I myself am not into yoga it is a nice add on for those who are.

        This particular flavor Cinnamon Spice, can be drunken with or without milk, and it is a great substitute for black tea as you can fool yourself that you are drinking a regular cuppa, without taking in more caffeine.

        The flavor is a nice rich, cinnamon with a hint of cardamon and cloves, the ingredients state that there is ginger and black pepper in as well, but It is not overpowering enough to make it spicy, it just seems to balance out the sweetness of the cinnamon.

        You are helping the environment by not encouraging unsustainable farming and chemicals that damage the earth, so you can drink with a clean conscience.

        The benefits of cinnamon tea are also worth taking a look at, if you suffer from high blood pressure cinnamon is great due to the presence of a blood thinning compound in it, and studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol.

        The price of Yogi tea doesn't fall under the Tesco value section, but nothing that good really does, it can cost anything between 2-2.50 pounds and since in each pack there are 15 bags it comes out to around 13-16 cents a bag.
        This isn't the cheapest tea, but is well worth the extra bob.

        All in all this is the best brand of tea that I have come across, and this is one of my favorites although I am also found of the other flavors particularly the chai...

        The ingredients as stated on the box:
        Cinnamon (61%), cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon extract, ginger extract


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          15.09.2009 02:46
          Very helpful



          A spicy, invigorating, brew with possible health benefits.

          As much as I Love my coffee, I do Love my tea too and over the years I've tried sooo many different flavours and brands, what a choice we have these days ~
          Black Tea.
          Green Tea,
          White Tea.
          Red Tea ~ Redbush.
          Herb Tea
          Flower Tea.
          Spicy Tea.

          I do find quality really matters when it comes down to tea, I've tried some horrible flavours, especially amongst the herbal ones, now I have my favourites and tend to stick to them. Yogi teas are my number one and seem to offer the best selection by far.

          I also experiment by brewing two different bags in the same mug my favourite is Yogi Cinnamon Classic with a Birt&Tang (my second favourite brand) Ginger, the two together brew an extra powerful cuppa that zaps my sluggish digestion into immediate action. So if you want to start drinking say ~ Green Tea and you Love Lemon, brew a bag of each together, I find it gives you so much more flavour.

          Yogi Teas were first brewed in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan as a part of Ayurveda (which uses nutrition and herbs to help keep the body, mind and spirit healthy) as practised in India, they are said to keep you Vibrant and Alive. He first brewed the tea for his students after yoga and meditation classes and it was Loved so much they decided to share it with the general public.

          The company started in 1984 and by 1986 were selling 3 flavours nationwide.

          They were first produced with a blend of 5 spices in one tea, they now offer almost 60 varieties all based around the original 5 spices. As it happens my favourite is the classic blend ~
          Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves and Black Pepper.

          All 63 herbs and spices used are grown in controlled organic environments when possible and the company work with the farmers. Most of the packaging is 100% recycled paper and cardboard and all inks used are vegetable based.


          The teabags come in a reddish brown box with an inviting cup of freshly brewed steaming hot tea pictured on the front in a delicate china cup, for me giving the impression it's a special brew within. It also features the five spices. It states ~ Classic Cinnamon Spice~ Organic ~ Ayurvedic Spice Infusion. It's a 36g box holding 15 teabags.

          On the side we have the history of the company a little more in depth than the outline I have given you. We also have a simple yoga position pictured to increase vitality, don't attempt this whilst drinking your tea as you may spill it or possibly choke, sorry couldn't resist....

          Ingredients ~

          Cinnamon 61%
          Black Pepper
          Natural Cinnamon Extract
          Ginger Oil

          Cinnamon ~ warms and energises, increase circulation to the joints and kills bacteria and viruses.

          Cardamom ~ helps digestion and relieves stomach ache.

          Ginger ~ aids digestion and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

          Cloves ~ aids circulation in the stomach, helps digestion and is a pain reliever ( not just for toothache).

          Black Pepper ~ detoxifies and helps relieve sinus congestion and is also an antioxidant.

          Upon taking off the cellophane wrapper, I can immediately smell the sweet pungent aroma of cinnamon, once the box is opened I recieve the full spicy, warm invigorating blast of these delicious spices, Heaven to a cinnamon Lover like me!
          Inside we have 15 little paper envelopes each holds a teabag on a string each string has a tag with a saying on it this one is ~

          "True wealth is the ability to let go of your possessions", very true, you can't take them with you, can you? Lovely thought for the day.

          People take issue with the envelopes, but I actually find them helpful, they keep the teabag extra fresh once the box is open as they are sealed and if you take teabags out with you this enables you to transport them individually safe with the knowledge they won't end up shredded at the bottom of your bag or covered in fluff which doesn't enhance your teas flavour in any way. If they are made of recycled paper and are then recycled again which I do, Im personally quite happy with that.

          Instructions ~

          Pour freshly boiled water over the teabag ( in your cup / mug). Allow to infuse for 7 minutes or longer for a stronger flavour ( I leave mine in). Try before you add any sweetner, as I find most of them don't need anything adding, most of this range don't require milk.

          Available in Sainsburys, Holland and Barrett and independant health food stores, also on line. Price approx £1.89 a box.
          Lots more info at www.yogitea.nl and www.yogitea.com

          If Im having cinnamon tea, I want a good strong flavour, I can't stand wishy washy insipid flavours and this tea delivers on all accounts, it's an industrial strength brew and isn't for tha faint hearted. It's has a rich dark caramel hue. You taste the luscious, sweet warmth of cinnamon mixed with the spicy kick of ginger and the cloves seem to add a certain zing to the overall taste. It whizzes through your body warming and stimulating everything in it's path, remember the old Ready Brek advert, with the red glow to your body? Thats the effect this brew gives you.

          I find it really does aid digestion as my body struggles in this department with my old adversary ME, two mugs a day even in warm weather stimulates and invigorates my system wonderfully, but doesn't make me too hot. In cold weather I have the added bonus of it warming me up, nothing nicer than a steaming mug of cinnamon tea with it's enticing aroma on a cold frosty morning, warms me right through from my head to my toes.

          They have a wide range of teas available from Green, Chai, Liquorice (lovely) Womens ( helps those dodgy hormones), Lime Mint ( very refreshing), Ginseng, Rose ( a little like turkish delight) and more.....

          If you fancy a warming, stimulating, spicy 5 star brew, give it a try, it may help your digestion and ease aching joints.


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          Contains ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

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