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08000 MUMDAD is a phonetic telephone number 08000-686-323 and is used to make Reverse Charge Calls to mobile and fixed line telephone numbers in the United Kingdom. Almost anyone can pick up a mobile or pay phone and make a Reverse Charge Call to most numbers in the UK. The customer (Receiving Party) must accept the call and charges for each and every time a call is received by them. Customers are also given the opportunity to listen to the charges prior to accepting.

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    2 Reviews
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      13.02.2014 11:50



      This company are pure nasty and don't use it! People have been complaining about them for over 5yrs

      This company I know nothing about took my top up credit without my knowledge and sent me a txt 08000mumanddad. I had no clue what this was all about, so my mobile provider helped me block them and explained also they have never heard of them before but took my full £10 credit.
      My provider helped me track this company down on the internet.
      I have emailed them and they are refusing to refund me!
      I have never, ever agreed to pay or except reverse charge calls, for 4 short call lasting a few seconds! They want another £12 from me, and I am refusing to pay!!! I should not!
      I can not longer use my mobile number causing me stress because of them, for they willl take my money, the very second I top up with that number!!!!????
      They emailed me a bill now with my mobile number on, after my complaint to them! This shows half a mobile phone number that apparently phoned me 4 times. This company has hidden the rest of the 6 digits for what ever weird reason of protecting????? A number that does not belong to anyone I know anyway!
      I am bloody angry with this company who will not listen to me!
      I have constantly emailed this company and I might as well bang my head against the wall while they continue to make money from people who are vulnerable? who are broke? And refuse all the time to give my money back!
      With the use of Wifi free in towns and pubs...and contract phone deals, surely this company should not be flourishing in England????
      the name mumandad seem to be targeting young children and young teens which should not ever be allowed.
      this company needs to review the way people can use this too easy service! Or at least be closed down.
      I have seen a lot of complaints all over the internet in forums about this service and I am going to make sure people are warned to never use this company at the cost of family and friends!
      It is not worth the cost! It is not worth putting a stranger in debt with their top up phones e.t.c!
      I can see that people could use this service to spite other people and play games with this!
      There is a face book group now 0800mumdad warning do not use. Please join and we can battle this company!
      There is an APP on face book they are encouraging people to use so this battle with this company is never going to end until A Member of Parliament, or Police, or the press are contact regular by those who have become a victim of this company, and this company does not care about you! They just want your money! So everyone should keep complaining and sharing their news about this awful company's practice! We will get this company to be reviewed. It is a giant company now, and making money fast with victims!


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      13.10.2009 17:45
      Very helpful



      Stay well away.

      I've been on contract for a while now therefore don't have to deal with the infuriating task of topping up my phone with credit on a regular basis, however upon getting a new phone recently, my contract was cut off due to a misunderstanding with 02, I was therefore left with a decision to make; do I quit while I'm ahead and cut off my contact altogether, starting afresh with a new one or do I wait for my sim to be reconnected by 02 and simply use a pay as you go sim for the time being? I chose the latter option as it was only going to take a couple of days and I was and still am 100% happy with my current contract.

      Therefore this left me with a dreaded pay as you go sim card which needed topping up, I topped it up with £10 thinking that it would be enough to last me a couple of days if I cut down my text and phone call usage however within a day it was all gone. Yes I know what you're thinking, it was my fault for sending too many texts and it was completely my fault however when it came to making an important phone call I wasn't able to. Since the person I was trying to call wasn't at home, reversing their landline wasn't an option, therefore I thought about a service I had recently seen on a TV advert; 08000mumdad.

      The service runs parallel with 0800reverse (08007383773) whereas you dial the number prior to dialling the person's number whom you want to get through to, the service will then contact that required person and instead of charging the call maker they will charge the recipient either by taking money from their credit or adding it to their phone bill. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Well it is extremely simple, so simple infact that I wish I had thought of it myself!

      To use 08000mumdad, simply dial (from a landline or a mobile) 08000 686 323, if it is the first time using the service with the number you've dialled from you will have to go through some simple terms and conditions regarding using the service, subsequent to this you will asked to enter the mobile number of the person you want to contact before pressing the star key. You will then be required to record a short message where you say your name this will enable the other person to decide whether or not they want to accept the charges, if the other recipient chooses to accept the charges your call will then be immediately connected.

      All sounds pretty straight forward doesn't it? Well the terms and conditions outlined are extremely misleading, the USP (unique selling point) of their business is based around the fact that you do not pay to make the call, the other person does. This is not strictly true, when getting my contract connected once again I used the service again merely out of curiosity, I was connected straight away and went through the usual process however a couple of days later when my bill came through the letterbox I was surprised to see that £3.17 had been added to MY phone bill. I searched to see what the number was and it quickly became apparent that it was 08000mumdad that had charged me. Obviously I was confused at why I had been charged when I was the person who made the call, I therefore visited the 08000mumdad website (www.08000mumdad.co.uk) and emailed them with a complaint. They stated that because I was on contract I was charged for the call. That's all well and good however as the recipient of my call was charged too, we collectively paid double for a phone call that only one person should have been charged for. I asked them to reimburse the money that they had taken from me (£3.17 isn't a lot but it's the principle!). I received another email shortly explaining to me that they can not reimburse my money, I made the call therefore deserve to be charged for it. If I was made aware of this when I dialled I would fully accept the consequences. Usually when I dial a number that I'm going to be charged for I will get a warning message before being connected, this did not happen when dialling 08000mumdad therefore I was lulled into a false sense of security and made to believe that I was getting a free phone call when infact I was going to be charged ludicrous prices for what couldn't have been more than a 30 second conversation.

      As the service refused to reimburse my money I thought that there's nothing I can do so I should just give up. My contract had since been reconnected therefore I had no need to use their substandard service again. That is until I received a call from an unknown number on my mobile which I proceeded to answer, it was 08000mumdad informing that there was someone on the line who needed to speak to me. They played me a short message of the person saying their name so I accepted the charges. The words 'I'm at the train station come and pick me up' don't exactly make for a complicated and drawn out conversation do they? I didn't think so either, therefore what I expected would be a £0.50 charge turned out to be a £4.50 charge. I couldn't believe that 08000mumdad had managed to fleece me out of more money, they'd now taken around £8 of my money and surprise surprise, there was nothing that I, or anyone else could do about it.

      The next day I received a phone call from a number beginning with 020; I don't usually answer calls that are blatantly from companies trying to sell me something (double glazing more often than not) but for some unknown reason I answered. I was once again informed that 08000mumdad had someone on the line patiently waiting to talk to me, when I listened to the message I proceeded to hang up the phone and ring the person directly on their mobile in the hope that I would avoid another atrocious fee.

      Suffice to say 08000mumdad aren't stupid, they know that people are likely to use the service for this purpose and have become wise to it. I was then charged another £4 for this call, I didn't accept the charges therefore they were charging me for something that I didn't agree to. I yet again emailed them about this and I received a message back informing me that they recognised that it was a prank call and as it was such, I will still be charged. What constitutes as a prank call? Unless they checked my phone records they have no evidence to prove that I called the person back, I could have simply put the phone down and made no further effort to contact the person who made the call. I was then told that after 10 prank calls you begin to be charged... 10? I had received one genuine call in which I accepted the charges and one call where I hung up, 10 didn't even come into it, however 08000mumdad dismissed this fact and told me that there's nothing they can do and I will still be charged.

      Again, as there was nothing I could do I just had to leave things be and pay my phone bill the next time it was due. About a week later an unknown number rang me, not wanting to be charged incase it was 08000mumdad again I ignored it, only to be called back 2 seconds later. In a total of 2 minutes I had racked up an impressive 11 missed calls all from the same number. Thinking that it's probably not 08000mumdad and it may be an urgent phone call I answered the it only to be greeted with the familiar message of 08000mumdad telling me I had someone waiting to talk to me. I immediately hung up the phone without listening to the message but needless to say I was charged again. Another £3.50 to my bill for a much unwanted phone call. This had gone beyond a joke and I emailed 08000mumdad yet again telling them that I don't want anymore phone calls from them. They replied telling me that I can bar 08000mumdad calls to my phone, all I had to do was reply to the email stating my mobile number. Of course I did this as soon as possible.

      Fortunately I haven't received anymore 08000mumdad phone calls so thankfully they did something right and barred my number however after paying numerous charges I can't help but think that it's a bit too late to praise them now for finally doing their job.

      Although I will praise them for one thing, their customer service team are clearly on the ball, they replied to all my emails within a few hours even when I was filing a complaint. In this aspect they are quick and efficient and if they iron out their terms and conditions and straighten out their service they could be onto a real winner however with things as they stand now it's not a service that I will ever use again and I've made a mental note that when I inevitably get a new number I will be emailing them again to tell them to block calls to my new number as I'm not willing to go through the hassle of an ever increasing phone bill yet again.

      I wouldn't recommend using 08000mumdad at all, basically they need to get their act together. For what seems a very straight forward business is infact very shady, sly and non committal. The way they ring you off a withheld number I find to be very sneaky and the fact that they can charge you even if you hang up without accepting the charges is outrageous. The charges are not set in stone and I almost feel like the service charged me whatever they thought I could get away with. If this is how they deal with all their customers I can't imagine that they've got a very successful business on their hands; granted it may be extremely lucrative now with people like me paying in excess of £3.50 for 30 second phone calls but when everyone latches onto their scam I can't see this business lasting the test of time.

      If you want to make use of reverse calls use 0800 7383773 to phone landlines instead. Either that or top up your phone!

      The charges are *apparently* as follows:
      £1.50 per minute
      £1.50 connection charge
      Minimum of 2 minute charge
      You are charged through premium SMS texts, whether you read the texts or not you'll still be charged and it will either drain your credit or be added to your monthly phone bill if you're on contract.

      *Oh and before I forget, just incase you thought that 08000mumdad couldn't possibly be anymore of a scam, on top of the text messages you'll be sent informing you of what charges you'll have to pay, it also costs YOU £0.50 JUST to receive the text message.*


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