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Reduced rate international phone calls.

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2002 18:51
      Very helpful



      www.0870-Dial.co.uk is among several server providers that allow a user to dial aboard by dialling a 0870 number, i.e. 0870 11 69 475 and then at the prompt, one can dial 00 + selected countries. The countriy list is updated from time to time and is shown on their webiste. (They also have a sister site called www.0871-dial.co.uk which cost more but gives access to more destinations). The service works via UK telecom interconnection agreement which, when a special number such as 0870 is dialled, your telco will need to pass a portion of the call charges to the owner of the 0870 number. In this case, the call charges received is used to fund international callings. Call to 0870 number cost 7.9p during the day and 4p in the evening from landlines and more expensive from Vodafone and T-Mobile but are treated as standard call from Orange phones. This is service is particularly attractive to occasional caller as there is no comittment or registration needed. They can just dial the 0870 number and off they go. For heavy users, it also provides the cheapest way to certain international destinations which can be free if you are using qualifying mobile free minutes ! Also, it gives one great flexibility if one 0870 operator provides bad services, one can switch to another in split of a second ! Also, one don't need to provide credit card or bank details which sometimes can caused undesirable things to happen. The disadvantage is that certain destination and time restriction applies and you can't dial as you please. Also, once get charged immediately when the system answers because to their telephone company, the call to the 0870 number has been connected. So, if your friend and family abroad is not avaialble, then you still have to pay for the call charges to the 0870 number. 0870-dial however provides a reliable and good quality service particularly to South East asian countries and not much problem is encoutered. In conclusion
      , the service (and other similar ones) provides a innovative, convenient and sometimes very cheap way of calling abroad.


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