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Telecommunication service which offers cheaper rates on calls

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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2012 12:03



      Waste of time

      Tempted by the promise of calls to my brother in NZ I foolishly signed up with 18185. Their website is quite impressive - but beware. I was unable to use the service at all and was unable to unsubscribe. When I tried to make just one call I was greeted by a long message saying that my account was blocked and that this was probably because I had outstanding bills with another service provider. Or a technical issue. I have no such outstanding bills, that's for sure - in fact I have never used a service like this before. The long verbal msg / spiel went on to say that I could contact customer services on the email address on their website to resolve this. However, having searched the website there is no email address. Fed up I tried to unsubscribe but was unable to do so. The message thst popped up said thst I couldn't unsubscribe without paying my bill. What bill? As a precaution I have been forced to cancel the payment card I had to give them details of in order to sign up. I challenge anyone from 18185 reading this to come back to me via dooyoo initially to discuss - I am more than happy to do so, but their service wouldn't allow me to contact anyone! If I were you I wouldn't waste your time with this company - where is the customer service if things go wrong? All I have ended up doing is cancelling my card - just an inconvenience.


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      17.05.2011 22:24
      Very helpful
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      I have saved £££ using 18185 for long distance 01 numbers but make sure you compare first.

      My daughter and family live in the Channel Islands and I have spent a fortune over the last three years phoning her on my BT landline. Although the Channel Islands has an 01 prefix BT do not allow free evening and weekend calls to this destination.

      Then I read about 18185 on moneysupermarket.com and in Which magazine. Apparently I could subscribe to 18185 and phone any number starting with 01 for 'zero p per minute'. I would pay 5p for each call but no matter how long my call lasted I would only pay 5p for the connection. I couldn't quite believe this so I gave it a go and sure enough what I had been told was true. I am now saving a fortune and my daughter and I have lovely long conversation for just 5p.

      18185 is a telephone discounter company which offers incredibly cheap prices to many areas of the globe. You have to go to their website http://www.18185.co.uk/index2.php
      and sign up with them first. This is a quite simple procedure if you have a BT telephone line. You can still use 18185 if you have a mobile or another landline company but it appears to be a more complicated with a different charging structure and prefix.

      When subscribing they ask you to enter the telephone number you wish to make calls from and to enter the details of the account you wish to make the payment from. I was a bit worried about this but as it was reviewed in Which magazine, I thought it must be reputable. I did, however choose my debit card, rather than credit card, to pay the balance as I keep a minimal amount in my current account. Some people say they have set up a separate account to pay the charges. You can also enter a mobile number but I have never tested the charges for this.

      For the last 5 months I have made calls to the Channel Islands and to 01 numbers in Scotland and other long distance numbers in the UK. You have to dial 18185 first then the number beginning with 01. The dialling tone stops and a voice informs you that the call is 'zero p.per minute' The dialling tone then continues until the call is answered or otherwise.

      You can phone other numbers in the UK too but I am not sure whether they work out cheaper and I have not as yet used any - eg:
      Calls within the UK:
      UK fixed 0.0 (these are the 01 numbers where you pay 5p for whole call)
      UK mobiles (sat/sun) 7.0
      UK mobiles (weekdays) 6
      0845 (sat/sun) 3
      0845 (weekdays 6pm/6am) 3
      0845 (weekdays 6am/6pm) 3
      0870 (sat/sun) 2
      0870 (weekdays 6pm/6am) 3
      0870 (weekdays 6am/6pm) 3

      On the 18185 website you can click on the 'rates' tab at the top and you are given a long list of charges per minute for countries all over the world. I have read that Canada and Italy are particularly cheap but you would have to look at the long list to decide whether it would be worth it for you.

      Another good thing is that you can log into the site with your password and get an up to the minute list of calls you have made and what has been charged. They seem to take a monthly balance and withdraw it from the account you have given. Up to now the balance I have viewed on the website is the only amount withdrawn from my account and this has never been more than £1.75. You can also unsubscribe, without obligation, at any time.

      The only area that worries me, and other people too, is the fact that you don't appear to be able to contact any customer services. If you click on 'contact' you are only given a list of Qs&As. I suppose they may not be able to run this service so cheaply if they employed customer service staff.

      All I can say is 'Give it a Go' you can always unsubscribe if it doesn't suite but DO make a comparison between 18185 charges and your own provider first.


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