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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2014 21:29
      Very helpful


      • "Free online"


      • "Right wing"

      Princess Di, Super storms and the McCann's......oh, and Ebola...

      So, Ebola is out of control, as predicted by yours truly back in April, the yellow suit and goggles coming to a town near you next spring. The panic that will cause will be like the days after 911, every black guy on the tube with a sniffle treated like an unattended rucksack. It’s going to get racially charged very quickly in the tabloids. A white middle-class woman in Peckham has taken her kid out of primary school until ‘further notice’, due to the fact that 87% of Britain’s Sierra Leon community lives in Southwick. But, The Express being the Express, deadly Earth Extinction Events is not that important compared to a woman who has been dead for 17 years, Princes Diana the headline, the newspaper still deluded that this vain airhead sells their newspaper. Only 48 people booked up for the annual August grave gawp at Althorp on the opening day this year. Let it go. Mrs Clooney is now the new Princess Diana. If it’s not Di on the front of the Express website or newspaper it’s Maddie McCann or killer storms, although the publicity shy McCann’s quiet at the moment. There is another pedophile story there about the McCann’s but, like Diana, nobody cares anymore. There is, however, another killer storm on the way. The sooner they accept the McCann’s should have looked after their young children properly and it will just be wet and windy then the sooner we can all move on.

      Ebola does makes the Express sizeable front webpage as its expected to hit places like London, Birmingham and Manchester with a handful of cases by Christmas but the epidemic quickly contained as the authorities track people down who come in contact with those guys and girls. Well, in theory. If you do get flu and you are an illegal immigrant living in Southwick would you risk deportation by surrendering yourself to the NHS if you though you maybe didn’t have Ebola? I bet you didn’t know that Britain is STILL deporting people to those countries in West Africa.

      Thankfully its Autumn/Winter and so people will be covered up and not sharing sweat, puke and urine on the transport hubs like they normally do and so we should be ok until spring. Presumably the carriers will be people fleeing West Africa expecting the white man cure (that doesn’t exist), the major incentive to flee, we presume, why we have Ebola checks at Heathrow. Those checks are actually voluntary to avoid racial profiling law suits but it’s a start. Most countries in West Africa have refused the indignity of Ebola checks at their end. If you know you have it you will want to be tested at the airport. But the West bought this outbreak on themselves by not acting the moment it came out of the jungle and hit the capital of Guinea, Conakry, and cases have doubled every three weeks since. Only did we act when a case made it to America, selfish as ever.
      America have apparently ordered 500,000 hermetically sealed coffins and re-opened FEMA internment camps from Hurricane Katrina to treat possible cases. The fact the US Center for Disease Control actually patent Ebola strains suggests they want to cash in on the eventual vaccination process. NASA added to irrational fears in the Daily Express by saying an alien virus could fall to Earth on space debris at anytime and kill us all! Fear sells newspapers and governments love to hype that fear so to sell you the cure you wont actually need, classic marketing.

      The Liberian chap died in Texas and infected two of his nurses that were supposedly wearing the correct protective clothing. The reality is that the Dallas hospital turned him away first time as he couldn’t pay and so lazily diagnosed flu. He knew he was infected but couldn’t say. The ratio of infection is 2:1 and that proved the case. When a man with Ebola symptoms rocked up at a London hospital most of the staff on duly panicked and ran away, as you would, those orderlies, ironically, from West Africa. I agree few people in the West will die from Ebola as it’s mainly spread through rank third world healthcare and ignorance of the disease but you can’t account for variables. It will be endemic around the world from now on. The NHS will fall apart as the cases explode in West Africa and so burst out into the West every other week. Would you go into work if you were a minimum wage orderly? Imagine those packed boats full of illegal’s coming across the Mediterranean carrying infections? As I said, the British government also know its low risk to their key voters and cant resist pumping the hype to dominate the media with Ebola stuff that fits their anti immigration ethos.

      The other big story in the Express is the rise of UKIP, the right wing vote now legal and wearing new colors, that of red and mauve. Labor voters feel confident enough to vote on the ‘bloody foreigner’s’ issue and the UKIP party basing their entire vote grabbing policies on it. If you’re out of work or old and bored it feels good to vote that way, I suppose. We have never been comfortable with that fact we are a bigoted nation at heart. The irony is that most of the immigrants are simply here to work and do the jobs the British unemployed that vote UKIP simply won’t do. I believe immigration is the only driver in our economy right now, an endless source of cheap labor keeping inflation down and so middle-class mortgages low. Farage is fun but Carswell will see him off as leader pretty soon if the party is to be taken seriously, like having actual polices to run the country, for example. The Liberals were only ever the student/teacher vote and they betrayed their core voter and so soon to be extinct. The vacuum needs to be filled with a new pungent gas.

      Judy Finnegan shocked the nation wit the showbiz story this week by seemingly siding with footballer Chad Evans over the rape sentence. Most people on the radio phone-in shows around the country – men and women – seemed to agree with her. Even the feminists are relatively quiet on it. Only young women really know why they get so drunk on Friday and Saturday night so to put themselves in tricky situations with boozed up men. It’s confusing why alcohol isn’t mitigation for men as well as women in rape cases. Surely it makes both parties incapable of making the right decision? But alcohol is always used to prosecute men and mitigate women, maybe why nothing has changed. Do some women get blasted simply to take away the decision process and decide how they feel about things in the morning? That appears the case in most of our universities. It’s liberating for some. Judy made it clear women should be more responsible about drinking. It’s mostly women that get drunk on a Saturday night these days and clearly a driver of promiscuity. Guys are nowhere near as bad as that 6% conviction rate suggests. Rape is rape as drunken sex is drunken sex. Feminist always think bad of men and good of women. We are equally as devious when smashed.

      The Express have a similar website layout to The Mail and have smaller stories scrolling down the side. One is for Victoria Beckham, who is going down the Angelina Jolie line of International Earth Mother, hugging rainbow babies at the UN at every opportunity. She will soon have them dressed in her VB fashion line. Now that David isn’t earning as much PR as the 40th birthday wrinkles approach its time for VB to step up. The silly story in the paper is from the silly man in the paper, Boris Johnson, his plan to consider banning smoking in public parks not going down well, even from non smokers. When you guys actually start banging up burglars and scumbags for the crimes they commit over and over again then we will stop smoking in parks.

      Two pretty white teens who fled Austria to marry Jihadi fighters in Syria want to return home, apparently ‘disillusioned’ with the lifestyle. I’m not quite sure what they were expecting other than shrapnel and the black veil but they face five years jail on their return, both pregnant at 15 and 16. See silly girls and getting drunken paragraph.

      The Express are not impressed with South African white men justice as it looks like Oscar Pistorious will walk, if you excuse the pun, a suspended sentence for cold blooded murder very likely. The other big case there is that of Mr Derwani, who appears to have done his wife in as he was gay and the marriage of convenience, not convenient, of which neither could back out of for honor reasons, no doubt community service beckoning for him.

      Energy bills are set to rise again as the absurd wind power folly continues, each windmill subsidized by the tax payers, and then again on our utility bills. The Muslim ‘Trojan Horse Schools’ case in Birmingham is set to reveal that ‘most’ Muslim parents prefer the conservative Muslim teaching methods that the government don’t, why it’s continuing. Time to send in Katie Hopkins to run Birmingham schools!!!

      Showbiz stories really work for online newspapers as we all love the glamour and bikini photos, Mylene Klass stepping out with her new lover in a see-through blue number at some soirée. Speaking to the paper she said ‘every girl should do what she can to control her own destiny’, which presumably means wearing tiny bikinis. She quotes that ‘girls shouldn’t expect someone to hand them a handbag if they marry them’. Tulisa was also there, also wearing a borrowed handbag for the night from her sponsors, presumably with a little something for the toilet seat. No wonder most young working-class women aspired to be celebrities and not doctors, dealing with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa nowhere near as important and rewarding as sharing drinks with Christopher Biggins and Tinchy Stryder. Sexy fun chic Jennifer Lawrence backed up her media intrusion claims over hacked, next to nothing naughty photos by wearing next to nothing at her film premier.

      Sports coverage is as big as all the over tabloids in the Express with Roy Hodsgon trying not to concede that he dropped the rather effeminate Raheem Sterling to stop him getting inured for Liverpool’s weekend match the way Sturiddge did. ‘Woy’ insisted the boy told him he was tired and that Brendan Rogers hadn’t phoned up Woy to tell him to drop the lad. Brendan (the next England manager) had indeed phoned up Woy to drop the lad.

      Kevin Pietersen stories still rage after his book launch with the country split on whose fault the split was. For me England tolerated the KP ego as long as they were winning but soon turned on him when his average dropped and they were losing, suggesting he was doing the winning bit. Kevin simply didn’t judge the dressing room mood when it was time to back down. These types of sports stars tend not to. We all get old Kev.

      The rest of the front page is sizable with sections like Health, Lifestyle, and Business near the bottom with plenty of links to other departments like Classifieds and Kids sections. I like the front page style as you can see everything at once. It’s not a pay wall paper so everything is free.


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      13.07.2000 04:45



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