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    1 Review
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      21.10.2000 05:35
      Very helpful



      i signed up for the freechariot independant unmetered access last week (20th october)and seemed to have a good experience. Until the Sunday evening when there were a few technical problems. Those were resolved by Monday morning and i thought great lets get back to surfing. Now what I paid for was 24/7 unmetered 0800 access. To my dismay I received a phone call from a very rude employee named Keith Ajagun who informed me that after only 1 week (half term week at that) he considered me to be using the service too much. One day the children and myself had been connected on and off for 11 hours. It had been raining the kids wanted to look at some pop sites and general kids sites so to keep them quiet I let them surf to their hearts content. I had later gone online to check my email and enter a few competitions. Now the service as described on the website site is unlimited access to the internet. So why can't I use it? The answer I got was and I quote "well madam it is a free country and we do not want your custom because if everyone used the service as described on our website we would go out of business" mr Ajagun also informed me that like my husband his company had certain rights over me (I flew through the roof at that point!) I was unable to ask any questions as whenever I did I was very rudely interrupted and whenever i did try and say something mr ajagun decided to talk over me and not listen to a word I was saying. He also accused me of not being human as I seemed to use the internet a lot!!! I could go on and on about all the statements mr ajagun made but it would become very boring and increasingly irritating after a while. Suffice to say i have now lost my account with freechariot after only one week, I have no idea if i will ever see my money back, and to top it all I was insulted every time mr ajagun opened his mouth. He also refused to let me talk to management, mr ajagun is a call centre supervisor, nothing to do with
      management at all, all the staff sound like they are from Africa (very distinct accents) and the few members of staff I have spoken to can barely speak English and are extremely rude. If this is the way freechariot run their company I would suggest that they will not be in business for very much longer. Please I implore you do not use this company, I have since found out that they are NOT registered or licensed by OFTEL even though they do offer a Telecoms facility much like Worldonline. So if things do go horribly wrong you will have NO protection whatsoever. You have been warned.


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