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    1 Review
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      01.11.2000 21:27
      Very helpful



      My wife is American and for most of last year, while we were engaged she was living in the US while I was living in the UK. As you can imagine this was not the most pleasant of circumstances, however we got through it partly by being able to afford to talk to each other for a couple of hours a day. The reason that we were able to do this was through cheap international phone calls and the best provider in the UK was Planet Talk. The calls cost 3p a minute to the USA which is about a ninth as cheap as BT. You might expect to get a poor connection at this price and it is true that sometimes we had fuzzy lines. However, ringing again usually solved that problem, and to be honest international calls on BT or mobile aren't that much higher quality. So, we had cheap and decent quality calls - there must have been a downside surely?, maybe we got poor customer service... Not at all in fact. When I put more money on my account it was processed within half an hour and on the few occasions that I had to phone up, my call was answered straight away even on the dreaded "press x to talk to customer services" which with most companies diverts you to a one person call centre in Uzbekistan. Did we have to wait for them to install a new line or something when we set up the service then? It took them a couple of days at first to authorise my credit card and get a number set up on my phone line (you dial a four digit code on a BT line before making an international call), but that was it. Plus, when I moved house they moved the line again within a day or two. So if you need to make a lot of calls internationally my advice would be to use Planet Talk.


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