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Telecom Plus Network

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2003 06:32
      Very helpful



      • "broken promises"

      Well where to begin.... My huband and I have had a variety of mobiles on prepay and pay as you go,with warying amounts of sucsess.Contracts have never left us feeling very happy,with high bills and high commitments of one sort or another and usually not alot of customer service if phones go wrong. Then one day we came across telecom plus..and thought we would give it a try...having been a little fed up with running out of credits at the wrong moments on our pay as you go,not to mention expensive call rates. There are just so many aspects to telecom plus it is hard to say where to start,but being as our main interest in having it was our mobile situation we will stick with that to start. Firstly their coverage is excellent...using "roaming" technology i.e they use whatever network coverage is about ,not being restricted to any one network area...we seem never to have a problem :) Secondly their call charges are excellent too...texts 8p or under,mobile to mobile depending on networks is good value especialy to other mobile plus users and other local calls coming in from 2p to 8p a minute...around half our houshold calls are cheaper to make from our mobile now than our home phone (ntl). Then there is the added advantage of NO CONTRACT...when you no longer want the phone just send it back...no commitment ....cool or what!! The packages start from 5.99 per month for a sim card and 9.99 for a descent brand new nokia..upto around 15.00 for top of the range one.And with addaed phone insurance available for 3.00 per month(way less than any other source)it protects you against loss /damage etc.. Our total monthly bill is never more than 25.00 and that has the added effect of reducing our household bill by 10.00...so for around 15.00 per month we are using it all the time..easily equal to 35.00+ of pay as you go...and we never run out of credit!!! Another great advantage is that so long as you ha
      ve a basic bank account and debit card or basic cheque book there are no credit checks....sometimes a big problem for some people!! There is also the choice of having a plug in pig!! which plugs into your home line and reduces the cost of you home calls...BUT!!!!.. be warned you do not have to have this and there is a 2.00 per month charge for this !! even if it sometimes appears as it going to be free!!But it can save you money so don't discount it too soon!! You also can have your gas and electric supplied by them too and at a competitive rate!! And yet one more bonus is that all four of these amenities arrive seperately itemised but all on one bill!! This can be a major bonus!!!And they NEVER put pressure on you to have these other services!! Customer service is good too...no long waits..maximum I have experienced is 3 minutes and that was on a very bad day!!!They are also helpful,polite and will send you any information you request. So all in all great service,great value and give it a try!!Especially if you use your mobile for more than the very occasional calls,in which case I am sure your pay as you go is serving you fine!! **UPDATE** 20/07/03 Telecom plus's tarriffs and offers change from time to time so to keep updated of the latest rates and services go to http://www.telecomplus.co.uk/ I have also now encountered a problem with Telecom plus.When you sign your initial contract with them for a telephone or other services thet retain your credit/debit card details for the purpose of being able to take payment of outstanding bills directly from them.If in the mean time you ring up and pay by another card,despite having any legal right to,they then keep those details too.If you are like me and dispute a bill therefore are unwilling to pay it until the amount due is refunded or amended (due to an overcharge on the plug in pigs I sent back to them) you will find they quite happily take the
      money from any cards of yours they have details of.In fact they took payment of all mine!! No apologies,just we can you signed an agreement...eventually followed by an ...errrm,well you shoulddn't have paid with a differnt car and if you do again we'll do the same again and no you can't have your money back,we'll keep it in liue of future bills!!! I also was promised a small fee for refering some new customers,which I never recive,so the job opportunities seem hardly appealing!! Needless to say I did eventually get my money back.Hardly the point I think You'll agree.So sorry money grabbers plus,you've just lost 3 stars as well as a customer!!


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