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Internet Service Provider

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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2013 21:34




      Was with Tesco for a few yrs. Went from dialup to THEIR (interpretation) of broadband. Imagine 1 yes ONE meg download speed ooooohhh!! After many phone calls at not even getting 0.5mg at times I had an apology and they put me onto 2mg 00000000hh!! for the same money. Big deal!! After many complaints, letter writing I told them I was finishing as they were in breach of contract. As (unknown to me & never informed) a new contract had been started when they 'escalated' me to the 2mg that NEVER was, I told them I wouldn't be liable for termination fees. If they thought I was I told them they could sue me and I would have my day in court. I cancelled direct debit. It all ended there. Been with BT for over a year now, ok have had issues with them mainly download speeds (at times) but get almost 6Mg (which is ok for me) 99.9% of the time.
      Was on option 1 until a few days ago for all phone calls (except if I call a mobile number from landline) for £92 for 3 months. Ive upgraded to option 2 for an extra £18 for the 3 months that gives me 10Gb download more than enuf for me! I used to be around £100 for BT for 3 months (phone only) plus £18 PER MONTH for a crap broadband from Tesco!!!


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      31.12.2012 12:27
      Very helpful



      A lot more hassle than they are worth!

      Moving into my first house with my friend we wanted to try and get the best deal we could for broadband and a home phone service. I went to comparison websites and found that Tesco Broadband came up with the cheapest line rental costing: £13.75 and broadband for £2.50 for the first 12 months and £6.50 after that. The offer also came with a free £30 voucher which seemed like a brilliant deal at the time as it meant we could stock up our cupboards as well as save on our broadband and home phone package.

      The router was posted to the house with a welcome pack and setting it up was really simple and done in less than five minutes. We managed to connect our phones, tablet and desktop pc effortlessly. We thought we were up and running. We were wrong.

      We had very slow downloading speeds when the internet was working properly however most of the time that we were with Tesco Broadband we couldn't connect at all. I rang Tesco numerous times and went through procedures to try and get the service we were paying for but not receiving. However again we were left with no connection.

      In September I telephoned Tesco yet again and explained that I wasn't happy with the service as we had been with them for 2 months and we hadn't had any satisfaction with themselves. I was told that another router could be sent out to me to try and rectify the problem. After leaving instructions to send the router to my neighbours house if I was not in I expected to have received the router after atleast a week. No router ever came.

      I called Tesco back yet again and was told by a member of staff that they didn't see what my problem was as they had been 'monitoring' the service to the house over the last week (my friend and I had been on holiday) and the service had been running much better. I then informed the operator that we had been away and it was brilliant to know that the router was running so well when it had been unplugged at the wall!

      I then tried to cancel the service after deciding to go to a different provider. This is where my biggest problem has been. At signing up I was told that you have a 4 month cancellation period. I tried to cancel on a date convenient for me however the member of staff put it through and told me when I was going to be cut off when I was told that I was able to make the cut off date one convenient for myself. Now on the very last day of December 2012 I'm still waiting to stop being sent bills from the company telling me that I owe them (currently) £60+.

      Over the months I have spoken to many members of staff who have mostly been rude, unkind and patronising! I have also made many complaints to the company regarding the service 'provided' and the attitude of members of staff. One night I was also told by someone to "call back the next day when it was more convenient as there would be more members of staff'. Tesco however seem to take the attitude that whatever they have done is not wrong and do not place error on themselves. I was told that it was best to email a complaint however a couple of days later I have received phone calls telling me the same excuses time after time.

      The company has been alot more hassle than it was worth and I have not written the full story as it'd take a day to read! I would say for a little extra money to another provider is worth it so you don't end up stressed and with no internet!!

      Tesco Broadband contact information
      Website: http://www.tescobroadband.com/
      Twitter: @tescobroadband (although they don't reply all the time)
      Telephone number: 0345 30 400 30
      Email address: support@tescobroadband.com (Expect a two day or longer response time)


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