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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2010 13:17



      Poor service

      Very poor service. They have many different telephone numbers for contacting them and none of them will allow you to change to the lite PAYG tariff. After going through loads of telephone menus and being played countless adverts I found that you can only change to a high-user tariff via the automated services. I do not have enough credit to speak to a human so I called via the landline. In order to pass their "security" checks I was asked to dismantle the phone to read information off the SIM card! Eventually, since I had already called the automated service, and been put onto a different tariff I found that I am not "allowed" to change to the tariff I want for at least another 48 hours and I will have to call again and go through all the same shenanigans again. Over an hour of my life wasted. Thanks Tesco --- NOT :-(


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      22.06.2009 13:57
      Very helpful



      An easy to use and efficient mobile phone service

      My son has just become a teenager. I can't say I was looking forward to this, mainly because hubby and I can't believe we're old enough to have a teenage son. But there you go, it's happened and it's not so bad so far.
      He doesn't ask for much in comparison with his friends demands. However, the one request we've had from him for the past year has been for a mobile phone.

      "All my friends have one" was the inevitable plea. But, having used the same lines ourselves in our youth, we didn't believe him. But for the past year I've noticed the majority of his friends do have mobile phones, so his birthday seemed a good time to buy one.

      My husband was against this, saying it would be stolen, he'd be mugged etc, but now he's going out more with his friends without adults, I was more than happy for him to have one. After browsing mobile phones together, he picked one he liked. It was up to me to do the purchasing and search for a good deal.

      ~~~Why I Chose PAYG (Pay As You Go)~~~

      I decided to go with a PAYG (pay as you go) for a couple of reasons:

      1. The cost of the calls would be met by my son. This would hopefully help him learn to control his call and text use and not become carried away texting 300 times an hour and;

      2. With a contract he may find it all too easy to run over the contract amount and start racking up enormous bills. Also, I thought that most contracts were going to cost more per month than he was likely to pay.

      PAYG is a whole new area for me as I've only ever had a contract mobile. Fortunately for me, Which? magazine recently reviewed PAYG mobiles and the most popular service was provided by Tesco Mobile.

      Previous to this I had no idea Tesco even provided a Mobile service and probably would have been rather sceptical, imagining Tesco jumping on the bandwagon by adding another bow to its ever increasing range of services. But, it seems Tesco Mobile customers are a very happy bunch and their rates looked pretty good in comparison with the other networks.

      ~~~Purchasing from Tesco Mobile~~~

      After visiting their website: www.tescomobile.com, I was extremely pleased to see included in their selection of mobile phones the make my son wanted. This made it easier for me as it meant I could buy the phone from Tesco Mobile and would receive their SIM card as well.

      After choosing the phone, adding it to the shopping basket and entering my Tesco Clubcard details, I paid by credit card and was informed the mobile would be delivered within two days. Exactly two days later it arrived by delivery van and I was required to sign for it.

      At the time of my purchase, Tesco Mobile were running a promotion offering a £10 top up with every phone. After setting up the phone I used the website to register it with my Tesco Clubcard. This way, every time my son purchases more top ups, I receive the points!


      The best value when using the Tesco Mobile PAYG is to set up your 5 favourite numbers. Calls to these numbers cost 10p per minute and texts 5p each. Calls to other numbers are 20p and texts 10p anytime to any number.
      While the rates to favourite numbers is a very good deal in comparison with many other networks, the benefits of topping up your phone are outstandingly good value. For instance, topping up with £10 will earn you a free £10 top up. With a £15 top up you receive a free £30 equalling £45 in total credit. And if you're a heavy user, topping up with £20 will earn you £40 free credit taking the total to £60. Not forgetting each time you spend you're receiving clubcard points. If you top up more than once in the same month, your free top up will be credited to your mobile during the next month. These top up incentives make it very cost effective for heavy users.

      ~~~My Experiences~~~

      My experiences with Tesco Mobile have been nothing short of fantastic. After initially receiving the phone, I texted a free number to receive the free £10 top up. Although it said it could take up to 48 hours, the credit appeared within 10 minutes.

      My son, while delighted with his new phone, wasn't so keen on learning he was with Tesco Mobile. His friends are with Orange or T-Mobile and had been telling him to go with these. But what do they know and besides, I told him, no-one even has to know which service provider he's with if it's that much of a problem.

      Setting up favourite numbers can be done online but it requires having the handset with you as you must type in your mobile number to log in. Tesco Mobile immediately text you a pin number which you use to log into the website. While initially setting up the online account I was able to put a block in place so my son can't go phoning international numbers or browsing adult sites! Not that he's planning on doing any web browsing as that is far too costly.

      Topping up is a whole new area for me. But it's so easy. I can top up online, in a Tesco store, by phone, in many retail outlets or at an ATM. Along with the phone also came an e-top up card which you can take along to any outlet showing the top up sign (over 100,000 outlets). You just hand over the card and some money and your card is credited. So far I've topped up online and at the ATM. I decided to surprise my son with a top up as he'd done particularly well at school. Also, he was getting through his credit at an astonishing rate to begin with. But, he's quickly learned to become an avid texter and this is cheaper for kids.

      Topping up at the ATM involves putting your debit card in as usual but instead of choosing cash, balance etc, you choose 'mobile top-up'. It then displays the service providers, of which Tesco Mobile is one and you enter the amount you wish to top up with and then the mobile number. Luckily you have to type the mobile number in twice to double check otherwise some stranger could be the lucky recipient of your top up.

      Finding your balance simply involves texting a free number and the balance is texted back to you. These services are fantastic. Balances are texted back almost straightaway, likewise with top ups.

      Not only am I extremely happy with Tesco Mobile's PAYG service, I'm even more delighted with them after inadvertently having to use another service from them after my son lost his phone after a whole 12 days.

      Yes, 12 days is all his first phone lasted. To cut a short story shorter, within 10 minutes of playing in a playground, it fell out of his pocket and was promptly stolen. I know this because I continuously rang the number and received a message telling me the phone was unavailable. Then a couple of times someone answered and hung up when I said hello.

      Having never lost a mobile myself, I panicked. I rang Tesco Mobile and didn't have to wait in some long queue but was passed to a very helpful assistant. He told me he would put a stop on the SIM which would take effect within 5 minutes! He also asked when the last top up was made and approximately how much credit was left. Once I'd relayed the details, he said he would send a new SIM card with the same credit and the same mobile number.

      True to his word, the new SIM arrived 2 days later, all credit there and new number. What a fabulous service. I really cannot praise Tesco Mobile enough. Although they stopped the SIM within 5 minutes of my phone call, it was about 2 hours after it was stolen before I called them. It made me very grateful that it wasn't a contract mobile as the thieves could have racked up huge costs for me to pay.


      Tesco Mobile provide fabulous incentives for PAYG customers but they do have some good contract rates also. They seem to have new offers and deals popping up all the time so it's best to check the site regularly the site to make sure you're not missing out on anything.

      Their customer service in my experience has been first class as has the actual mobile service itself, with top ups activating quickly and any online amendments such as changing the favourites friends taking place far quicker than the 48 hours stated.


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