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    1 Review
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      05.09.2000 12:29



      WorldxChange (formally ACC Telecom) has got to be one of the very worst phone companies I have ever had the misfortune to use. They are very popular with universities who tend to only allow WorldxChange to install phones in the rooms, so you have little or no choice about which phone company to use. You can go out and try to find a payphone, or you can use WorldxChange. I had to call America recently, and WorldxChange wanted to charge me 25 pence a minute for the call - which is a stupid amount for the call (it was on a Saturday afternoon, when the rates were at their cheapest). I ended up signing up with OneTel and made the same call for the grand total of 3 pence per minute. I fail to see how any company can possibly justify charging 8 times as much as another company for essentially the saem service, and am looking forward to the day that the universities kick WorldxChange into touch. One other point to bear in mind if you are movign into university halls. No matter what the WorldxChange salesperson may say about the lines being high enough quality to use a modem, they are stretching the truth so far it should be illegal. You can get a modem to connect over the phone lines they provide - as long as you don`t mind getting less than 1k a second and having the line dropped every 5 minutes or so. Nothing seemed to fix the problem on my line or any of my friends lines, so I can`t see how they can say a modem is useable when you can`t even check your email before it hangs up on you. Think long and hard before signing up with WorldxChange.


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