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Argos Value Desk Phone Spirit 110

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2013 11:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent for the price

      When we first took an internet connection a landline telephone connection was something that came with the package, and I was looking for a telephone just to plug into the landline connection as there seemed to be no point in not doing it. I did not expect to be using it very much and that is why I went for the very cheapest one in Argos at about £5.

      Surprisingly, it has lasted me about two years now. I have used it much more than anticipated, as I speak to my mother living abroad an a regular basis and these tend to be lengthy conversations.

      The phone itself is a very light weight plastic thing made in China, as one would expect with these things. The handset is connected to the phone by a cord that is removable. The wire connecting the phone to the main line is of a decent length. There is a red light at the top right corner that flashes when you have an incoming call, I really dont see the point of the light. The ringing volume can be adjusted to either high or low.

      The phone stands in a slightly upslanting position on a flat surface. It has got four little legs on the bottom, and also a hook for mounting on the wall but that is not possible as the handset keeps falling out of is rest in the upright position.
      One useful feature I have noticed is that it makes a loud annoying continuous tone when the handset is out of place, so you can go and put it back in.

      The phone has a redial button, a mute button and option for storing upto 13 numbers and space on the top for writing numbers. There are two other buttons ( P- pause and R-recall) that I cannot figure out any use for.

      Best of all, the phone has not broken inspite of falling numerous times so I reckon this is one good little thing for £5.


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      06.09.2012 16:11
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Very sturdy basic corded telephone - cannot go wrong with it.

      ===Why I Bought This===

      Well I am a bit old fashioned and prefer a corded phone for home rather than cordless ones that so many are buying these days. I like having long chats as I am often stuck at home and I do not like the idea of holding cordless phones to my head for a long time - there I said I was old fashioned - the same reason I do not like having long calls on my mobile.
      Not being well and spending lots of time in the bedroom I have a very long cable for the phone which stretches from the kitchen as far as the bedroom - then when I am up I can carry it back to the living room - I know it means trailing wires but it suits me anyway.

      ===The Brand===

      Argos Essentials - their value range.

      ===The Product===

      Basic corded telephone.
      8 x 7 inches.
      Argos Value Spirit 110.
      Made in China.
      Has four small feet plus a hook for wall mounting.
      Slightly higher at back so the keyboard is angled towads you.
      Red flashing light for calls.
      Two ring settings - high and low.
      Can store 13 numbers and has last number redial.


      I think I paid around £5 - this phone does not seem to be the current Argos catalogue but can still be purchased on Ebay for around £6.
      Argos have a similar phone for £6.99.

      ===My Opinion===

      I have had this phone for a few years now and I have found it very durable and reliable.
      Using this telephone mostly in bed - so often it is resting on the bed rather than on a bedside table which is full of othe stuff. This phone has crashed to the floor numerous times - when I thought 'this is it' - but on picking up the receiver the ring tone has still been there.
      This is of course a basic telephone and therefore has very little in the way of features - you can store up to 13 numbers - but I only ever bothered to save my sisters number as I find it easier just to dial what I need. It has last number redial which can sometimes be handy and two volume settings for the ringer. I find if I put it on 'high' I can hear it anywhere in the house - the only problem being it only will ring for 8 rings before clicking to answer machine mode. I sometimes put it on 'low' if I have been pestered by junk phone calls - as I do not care if I miss them.
      There is section on the front to write numbers if you wish - but I have not bothered.
      The buttons are spaced far enough apart to make it easy to use and I have no problem with sound quality when making and receiving calls.
      All in all a very sturdy cheap phone.
      Personally I always tend to buy the bottom of the range phones - they last perfectly well and are inexpensive to replace if necessary
      Things I like a phone to have but this one doesn't - caller id and one phone told you how long the call had been - but when you buy the cheapest phone you cannot expect these features as well.
      This phone also does not have a 'secrecy' button but I do not mind about that.
      I am surprised this phone is working at all afte being dragged around the house and dropped so many times - so it shows what a good little product it is.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars - very durable.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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