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Binatone iDECT C5i Cordless Phone

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  • ringtones are pleasent enough
  • Not great quality
  • slow internet
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    4 Reviews
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      10.06.2015 18:19
      Very helpful




      This phone worked brilliantly, for a while. Then it went near silent.

      I replaced the connecting lead to the phone socket, tried some cheap box wired phone in the main socket and the one on the extension lead, they all worked fine. This box however, was near silent. And there seems to be no way of turning it back to audible volume.

      The base unit rings very well, but I've no idea if it's that or the handset that for some reason makes the incoming voice as close to silent as possible. Either way, I'm buying a new one.

      Yes it's shiny, do not let theat be a reason for buying one. I fell for it, and now looking to buy a new phone. THIS COULD BE YOU. ESCAAAAAAPE!!!!

      EDIT- The handset doesn't sit in the cradle very well (there's a lot of jiggling till you get the charging "beeeep"), but it has lasted a good while, and I think I've somehow sorted the volume problem. No idea how, but it seems to work now... Did I press something? No idea, but now it seems to work. So, yay!

      Rate plz and comment
      ..I have only just recently purchased this phone and have still to master all commands. So far I like it a lot, I have had so many handsets basic, and not great but this one is simple to use, quite smart and great price. It has all the functions I require, and it does look nice. To my knowledge it is also the first phone with an helpline number at the base of the handset for any assistance or queries, this is very cool! I will definitely recommend it for good value, good product and efficient service. Voila!


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      24.05.2015 00:31
      Very helpful


      • "Answer-phone "


      • "Not great quality"

      Not great

      The iDECT C5i Twin DECT Phone with answering machine is phone set consisting of two cordless handsets with an answer phone.

      I purchased this from Argos some time ago but I am no longer using this phone set.
      I purchased these phones after we had changed our telephone provider and line rental from British Telecom to Virgin Media.

      These phones looked good to me and they seemed to be selling for a reasonable price.
      I thought that they would be as good as any phone sets for around the same price. But I was wrong!
      Granted they did look good when they were brought out of the box and set up. I liked the fact that they looked current.

      Setting up of the handsets was fairly straightforward. My son entered most of our mainly used telephone numbers and then he set up the answer phone.

      Everything seemed okay at first but unfortunately it wasn't that long until I realised that these phones just weren't as good as I had hoped that they would be.
      The main problem for me was the sound. I thought it was crackly and of a somewhat tinny and unclear quality. Really, I had trouble hearing what the person on the other end of the line was saying, at times.

      I wanted phones equipped with the speaker-phone facility but found the sound quality wasn't really good enough to want to use this feature unless I really had to.
      The answer phone too was a little on the crackly side.

      I also didn’t feel that the handsets felt at all nice to use.

      The iDECT C5i Twin DECT telephone with answering machine is available from Amazon.co.uk.

      The recommended retail price is £64.99 but it should be available for around the forty pounds mark.


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      27.02.2015 21:47
      Very helpful


      • "It should break well before the warranty's up"
      • "ringtones are pleasent enough"
      • "It looks nice"


      • "Battery life is terrible after a while"
      • "hit and miss call quality"
      • "slow internet"

      Mobile phones and house phones should never mix ... and here's why

      This is no doubt one of, if not the best looking house phone that I have come across, although, as they say, looks are not everything, and in this case, they are right, who ever they are.
      It is a DECT answer phone, (Digital-Enhanced-Cordless-telecommunications).
      But it's not any old DECT phone, this one is a mix of your standard house phone and an old style mobile phone.
      Let me explain. This phone connects to your land line, plugging it into the phone socket and the mains socket. But this one runs on Android 2.3 OS, (is said it was an old mobile phone type). But that's not all this one in common with a mobile phone, this one has a 3.2inch touchscreen with a front facing camera which is supposed to be used from such things as Skpye. It can connected to the interweb, having an inbuilt browser and in built wireless card for connecting to your wireless router, (802.11 b/g/n).
      it has a few widgets for you to choose from, offering quick access to certain sites. You can send and receive e-mails...
      basically, this house phone does what any Android 2.3 mobile phone does.
      It also has a built MP3 player and offers stereo sound from the two speakers.
      You get 14 minutes of message recording time. Last 30 number re-dial, call waiting, last 50 calls made and received, 300 entry phonebook and much much more.
      The screen is small but is clear enough to see what's what on it.
      The call quality is a little hit and miss, with most calls being good quality, but one or two calls did stutter along the way.
      A full battery should, according to the box , last up to 30 hours standby and 4 hours talk time. But, after a few days with this I was getting about 5 hours standby – which was not an issue as I usually keep the phone in the cradle – and less than an hour talk time, with some calls ending mid sentence as the batteries failed on me.

      As I said, it looks nice, sitting in the circular cradle, like a tired sun bather in Benidorm, with the phone, with the phone itself having a fine looking screen to show you all its worth. But that's where it ends as this is definitely not a phone that I can say was worth the money, which is why I took it back after a few weeks and told them where they could stick it... and as this cost over £100 for a single phone/answer-machine, I expected more from it.

      If you see this phone on offer in a shop window, take my advice, keep walking and don't look back..


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      19.02.2015 14:43
      Not Helpful
      1 Comment


      • Price


      • "The protective coating on the buttons"

      Excellent work phone

      Давайте немного погрузимся в историю. Компания Binatone была основана в 1958 году. В Великобритании она начала свою деятельность с продаж транзисторных радиоприемников.
      В 1960-х Binatone выпускает первые свои кассетные плееры и магнитофоны: сначала – простые моно модели, затем – стерео и Hi-Fi.
      В 1970-х Binatone стал первопроходцем по производству и продаже видео игр. Компания стала первой, которая представила телевизионную игру в Великобритании. И хотя это была простая электронная версия настольного тенниса, она мгновенно охватила рынок.

      В это же время компания производила плеера «HipFi» от Binatone, продажи которого намного превысили продажи крупнейшего японского конкурента, благодаря доступной цене и качеству изделия. К концу 1980-х годов в каждом четвертом доме в Великобритании был продукт компании Binatone.С конца 80-х компания сконцентрировались на производстве и продаже мелкой бытовой техники и стала лидером в инновационных разработках.

      Акцент на человеческие потребности, внедрение инновационных технологий, внимание к окружающей среде позволили вырасти в крупную международную корпорацию, продукция которой представлена на рынках Европы, России, Ближнего Востока, Африки и Китая. Следуя этим принципам уже много лет, Binatone постоянно обновляется, чтобы быть конкурентоспособными. Сегодня компания обращает внимание на инновационные технологии, помогающие людям улучшить свою жизнь в быту, стать свободнее, счастливее и здоровее.

      Теперь я расскажу конкретно о беспроводном телефоне Binatone iDECT C5i: мы можем увидеть, что он в продажу поставляется в стильном дизайне. Сделанный из качественного пластика. Цена его довольно низкая, каждый может себе приобрести. С большим дисплеем и белой подсветкой, которая может меняться. Громкость и качество звука хорошее. Телефон имеют встроенный автоответчик, до 15 минут времени записи и счетчика сообщений на базе. Благодаря 10-часовому режиму разговора без подзарядки, можно разговаривать довольно долго и 100 часов в режиме ожидания. Телефонная книга рассчитана на 50 номеров памяти, с возможностью определить номер вызывающего абонента. Binatone iDECT C5i также может работать в экономичном режиме для снижения потребления энергии.


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