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BT Diverse 6210

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    3 Reviews
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      16.03.2009 15:38
      Very helpful
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      Good priced phones

      We brought a set of these phones with 3 phones in total and have to say I am very impressed.

      We wanted 3 phones to use around the house all from one phone socket, but we didn't need an answerphone as we use 1571. I spent ages on amazon researching the phones (most had answerphones attached) and eventually chose this one. Once it arrived it was very easy to set up. The only disadvantage was the phones needed to charge for 16 hours first. Once charged though we plugged in the main phone and we were away. There was no buzzing when you are on the phone and the clarity is clear and crisp.

      When we set up the phones, it automatically set the time and there is also a facility to put often used phone numbers into the memory.

      The phone itself looks good - silver colour - and is not too bulky. The main set is obviously bigger than the others, but not overly.

      There is also a facility to put your mobile phone numbers from your sim card on the phone.

      You can also transfer calls from one phone to the other and make internal calls if required.

      You have to remember that there is a button for starting the call and a different one for finishing the call (our other phone had one button for both). If you press the call button twice it has a hands free facility on loudspeaker. It also came with a set of headphones which can be plugged in for more private hands free which is great for us.

      The phones are suppose to be kept at least one metre from computers etc. This is not always easy to do as a phone is often required by a desk, especially if you work from home.

      Summary: If you need a phone without an answerphone this phone is great.
      The phones have the facility to store numbers, on one or you can copy to all the phones. There is a place to put your mobile phone sim card, so you can copy all your contacts on your mobile to your phone. This is a very useful facility.


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        17.07.2006 01:24
        Very helpful


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        The Bt Diverse is a digital cordless phone which can be bought as a single phone, or in a a twin or trio pack, where you get a phone with a base unit plus 1 or 2 more phones to use around the house. Only the base unit needs to be plugged into a phone socket, which means you can put the extra phones in any room, and move them from room to room if you want to. The extra phones just need an electrical socket for them to work.

        The phone itself looks very stylish, in silver, and looks like a mobile phone. It has a blue light that comes on in the display panel when the phone rings or is in use, and if you have caller display on your line the number of the person who is calling you comes up when they ring.

        The phone can receive and send sms text messages, and if you have a BT Line and are on option 2 or 3 for your line rental you get free texts. I am on option 2 and get 100 free texts per month - so this is like £10.00 of free texts. If you are on option 3, you get 200 free texts per month(£20.00).

        This phone is great value for money, given that it offers up-to-date technology for a good price. There are cheaper phones about, if you look, but all in all I say it's good value.

        On the BT website it should be £64.99, but is on offer at the moment for £49.99.

        The twin pack is £89.99
        The Trio pack is £129.99


        Other sites will more than likely offer it cheaper, so it's worth having a look around.

        The other thing I like about this phone, besides the text messaging facility are all the other features it has.
        In my opinion the Diverse 6210 has a number of excellent features. It is of course, as I have said a digital cordless phone, with a 300m operating distance and a 780 minute talktime. This is good because having a good range on your phone means you can wander about the house with it and not be tied to one space. You can use it in the garden, if you have one, or on different floors if you live in a house with different levels, like an attic room or a basement.

        It has a call-timer, built in clock and an alarm. The call timer is great if you have a calling package that limits you to 1 hour per call!
        As well as a keypad lock (so you don't call 999 by accident...) it has a music on hold feature, with funny little tunes to play people when you're being posh and making them wait for you (use it on cold calling salespeople - it drives them MAD!!!!) 15 ring tones, and will log the last 20 calls for you.

        The Diverse 6210 has a 4 line, backlit LCD, so it will display up to four lines of text at any one time - this is great for text messages as you don't have to scroll down quite so often. As I have said it is compatible for Caller ID products (so that the number shows up - you also have to have caller id for the text to be displayed). It is also compatibel for Call Waiting, though I think most phones are these days anyway.

        For me the most important feature of this phone is that it can be used for SMS TEXT MESSAGING, and has a SIM CARD READER so that you can copy numbers from your mobile to you home phone. As you can now send texts landlines this is a brilliant feature, which makes this a great product to buy. This would be a major selling point and it is the reason I like this phone so much. I would always in the future buy an SMS landline phone - can't imagine managing without it!


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        11.03.2006 10:23



        excellent house phone with all advantages of a mobile

        I have these house phones at my house and they are very good quality phones.They work like a mobile phone with a large range of polyphonic and non polyphonic ringtones and a telephone directory to keep all the names and numbers of your friends stored on the phone for easy use. This phone can do external and internal calls and it can also recieve and send text and sms messages which I think is the most useful thing. If you are looking for an excellent house phone then the BT Diverse 6210 is the one to get.


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    • Product Details

      BT is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services. Its principal activities include local, national and international telecommunications services, higher-value broadband and Internet products and services, and IT solutions.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: BT Diverse 6210 - cordless phone with caller ID
      Product Type: Cordless phone with caller ID
      Cordless Phone Standard: DECTGAP
      Multiline Operation Capability: Single-line operation
      Intercom: Yes
      Caller ID: Yes
      Call Services: Caller ID, Call Transfer
      Display: LCD display - monochrome - Yes
      Body Colour: Titanium
      Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty