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BT Lyric 1100 Twin

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2011 21:34
      Very helpful



      Rubbish Phone

      Since my grandma has been living with us for the past few weeks while her new house is been sorted out she seems to have decided that our house is hers. One of the things she has done is taken it into her interest is to put more telephones in our house, apparently 5 phones is not enough for one house, so she has decided to add these two perils to the families.

      looks. in terms of looks the BT Lyric handsets are quite ugly and fat looking devices, they don't really look good anywhere and quite frankly I prefer them when they're hidden and out of the way of anyone coming round that may inadvertently see the because really, they are embarrassing aren't they. They look so outdated I'd go as far as saying they look as though they just got pulled out of the 90's. The cradle for them is actually quite good and the phones slip into the quite easily, they also don't take too long to charge which i thought would be one of the negatives of this phone so there's a positive.

      functionality. The functionality of these phones in my opinion are quite low, they just annoy me quite honestly, for some odd reason whenever you answer the phone it is automatically on loudspeaker so you go to answer stick your ear to the hand set and it sounds like someone is screaming down the phone at you. The buttons also don't press very well and sometimes even though you have pressed quite hard it doesn't register the fact that you did it and you have to cancel it and start again.

      In my opinion if you're looking for a new phone and are looking at these i would consider anything else but, they will just spend there entire time annoying you and making you wish you'd made a different choice.


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