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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2006 11:30
      Very helpful



      Neve ever go for BT studio 100, you'll regret it

      Do not fall for this phone because it is inexpensive. you may end up buying another instument. coz this is an absolute piece of junk.

      I started using this phone about 6 months back. Two things prompted to go for this Phone, I got a good price from currys, and it was the cheapest digital phone at store.

      Although it talks about lots of features, but none of them worked quite well for me.

      The phone came bundled with a BT calling feature pack, but soon I realised the downside of the phone's display.

      You can't clearly read the incoming call display at night coz there's no illumination or backlit for the display.

      The worst of all, you can only read the display from certain angles, otherwise the crap lcd panel shows all of its built in nos so you'll get confused.

      not that all, at the end of the free calling feature pack BT charged me for all the features they offerd.

      Another annoying part is its ringtones, none of them are any good, and it offers only 3 choice of ring tones. I've to settle in for the less annoying one.

      The dial buttons aren't any good et all, they are tiny slippery and you'll hate it if you ever try to dial in a hurry.

      The worst of all, the equipments gets into engaged mode, and crackling noise. I've to call in BT engineers twice, but later found out that its from the telephone itself. So right now, I'm searching for a replacement phone.

      There are better alternatives from reputed brands which are £5 to £10 more than this one, I should have gone for those...anyways..I learnt a lesson never go for BT branded phones, I feel all of em are outsourced from some cheap chineese phone manufacturer.


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        05.10.2005 00:03
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        • Reliability


        Ideal workhorse, although cosmetically blemishes it outperforms more expensive rivals

        I bought my BT Studio 100 from ebay, brand new for £12 buy it now, about 3 months ago. There are several different models, mainly being:

        Single Handset
        Twin Handset
        Single and Twin Answerphone

        I had been looking for a cordless phone for a while, as we only had corded in the house, nad when I was in the garage, which I frequently am, I found myself having to trail the phone wire and get an extension cable to go out the door across the drive and into the garage. This became very cumbersome, so I decided enough was enough. I had used a Studio 100 breifly at work, and found it to be very good, and the cheap price that they currently retail at clinched the deal. So, my bid won, I awaited my parcel.

        Finally, it arrived and I eagerly unpacked my parcel. What I got was...

        Charger/Base Station
        Mains Lead
        Phone lead
        2xAAA rechargable batteries
        Destruction Manuals.

        As I had to go to work, I put the batteries in the phone, plugged the power lead in the charger and left it to it.

        When I came back, it was nicely charged, so I plugged the phone line into it. Take note, these plugs will only fit one way round, so dont force them in and snap the connectors!. When the charger was connected to the phone line, I turned the phone on. This was done by pressing the hash (#) key. It beeped to turn on, then after 3 seconds beeped 3 times in a jingly sort of way to say it was connected to the base station. That was it, ready to use!

        You can set 3 different ringtones on the phone. The base station and the phone both ring, so you can hear it, and you can set different tones for both, so if your looking for the handset, you dont find the base station, the handset has a definitive ring to it. You can set a PIN code for the handset as well, not too sure why, and you can also set a PIN for the base station. I did this, as it stops someone with a compatible handset using the station to make calls whilst standing in the road or something. Very Important!

        The phone has a 30 Name and Number directory, which is ok for what I use, as I find myself using my mobile more often than not for numbers anyway. It also has a lock function, so you can carry it in your pocket without phoning someone up! To do this, just hold down the star (*) key for a few seconds, same to unlick it. You can still receive calls with it though.

        The base station features a page facility, so if you loose the handset, rather than call the house to find it you press the button on the station and the phone rings a different tone to the normal call one.

        The caller ID function is very handy, as I get alot of cold callers. If the person thats ringing you is stored in the phone book it flashes the name and then the number in 3 second cycles.

        The buttons beep when pressed. You can turn this on or off, but I have it on as it helps to make sure the buttom is pressed, as they are rubbery and as such the wrong sort of pressure results in the number being missed.

        The phone uses DECT technology. This means that the call quality is improved. I have used cordless phones in the past that had really bad sounding speakers, and were far inferior to corded phones. This one rivals the corded one.

        There are 2 LEDS on the base station. One lights up green when there is power to the station from the mains, and the other one flashes red when the phone is in use. Handy to monitor conversations made by the bill running other half!

        It is a good size, and feels nice and weighty in your hand, yet is sleek and sexy. Imagine a Nokia 6210/6310i and the way that feels and you'll get the idea.

        There is the option to add handsets to the base station, to build up a woreless network, although I havent done this so cannot comment.

        Now for the not so good bits!

        I carry this phone everywhere, and use it more than the corded. It is in my pocket, and if its not then its in my hand or on the desk. As a result, the base of it, where I hold it to talk and the bits of casing where it rubs against my pocket are wearing off. First the paint goes black then reveals a whiteish plastic underneath the paint. Not life threatening but cosmetically a bit poor. Also, when its in the garage if i put it down it does generally get put down in the middle of what im working on. I take vaccum cleaner motors apart and fix them, as well as woodwork, so i put the phone next to that. As a result there is a big circular patch of wear on the back where the contour of the phone is. If dropped, the plastic pits easily as well. The screen does seem to resist the wear though, as it is slightly recessed.

        This phone will not work during a powercut. So its not ideal as a replacement for a corded phone unless you always have an in-credit mobile. The only reason I keep my corded phone is because of this, and it is by my bed so the cordless can be on charge and I can still make/receive calls.

        Despite alot of the boxes saying the phone comes in black I have yet to see one that does. My silver phone came in a box advertising the black model but hey ho.

        But, despite all this, and me wearing the batteries down to the last every time, it still works perfectly, and lasts for about 2 days with me on average a month runing up a £200 bill on it (not paid by me thank goodness!)

        All in all, a great phone for people who want robustness and a telephone conversation. None of the fancy gimmicks such as colour screens and poly ringtones that only lost a star because of the paint wearing off!


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