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BT 1000 Twin Digital Cordless Telephone

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2013 11:45
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      Great cheap little set of cordless phones

      I had a cordless house phone last year, unfortunately I was on the phone at the same time as I was trying to fix up an antique petrol lighter. With the phone nestled in my neck I light the flint on the petrol lighter, and all of a sudden some petrol that was on my hand caught a light, resulting in me jumping ten feet in the air and dropping the phone into the sink, which was full of water. I vowed that I would get a phone with a cord next time, and so I did. Anyway the corded phone was useless, I didn't like to be restricted to where I had to use the phone, (I am a wanderer when I use the phone, I like to walk all over the place, sometimes when I am out I have seen myself start a conversation and end up walking miles in the wrong direction to where I intended to go), through my frustrations, the wire kept getting yanked and pulled in all directions until I eventually had to hold the phone a certain way, because of the loose connection I had caused. This got too much and I knew I had to get myself a house phone, and this time I was reverting back to a cordless one. I had a look around for a phone and I kept spotting these twin phones, I though they would be ideal, as I could put one in my loft , I spend quite a lot of time in my gym/office/workshop and sometimes I don't hear the house phone when I'm in there, especially if I have my music on up there.

      == The Phone ==

      The BT1000 Twin is two phones with two charging pods, they are made of black plastic and feel really sturdy. The main phone pod plugs into the phone line and a plug socket and the phone sits in the pod (see photo). The other pod and phone can be plugged into a plug socket anywhere in the house (see photo). When the phones are in the pods they are charging, it is recommended before you first use the phone to charge it up for 24 hours (unplug the phone from the phone socket while doing this, so that no one calls you while you are giving it a first good charge).

      The instruction booklet (see photo) is really informative and it wasn't before long that I was setting the date and time and storing contacts, I even changed the name of the livingroom phone to the original "Livingroom". The phone has storage for up to 50 contacts, which is quite handy, although I only have two stored on mine, I don't even know 10 landline numbers, let alone 50. The phones have caller display on them, which is quite handy if you are out, you can see who has called you, or you can use it to screen calls, eg. The nagging girlfriend is ringing you and you don't really want to take that call. The phones have a voicemail facility on them too so when the phone is in standby mode, you press and hold the "1" key and it either dials your telephone providers voicemail service or it dials BT1571. You can also change the ringtone for each phone, and adjust the volume in call and external.

      == Price ==

      They have these phones on offer at the moment in Argos & argos.co.uk, for £31.45, you're only saving 10%, but 10% is 10% in my book. If you miss out on this offer they normally retail at £34.99. This isn't a bad price for a couple of stylish looking phones.

      == Verdict ==

      These are perfect for my house, they were easy to set up and store my most used telephone numbers in. The battery holds its charge really well, the first night after I got the phones, I was on the phone to my brother for over two hours, well you've got to properly road test it haven't you? (OK I've been found out, we were gas bagging like a couple of old women) and the phone still had plenty of battery life in it. The phone in the living room takes up a smaller surface area than my previous corded phone and so my table doesn't look as cluttered now. I like the fact that you can use this phone as an intercom system, i.e. you can phone one phone from the other, so as my daughter gets a little older and she is in the loft using the computer for instance, I won't have to walk up two flights of stairs to tell her that her dinner is ready. I would definitely recommend these phones, £35.00 is not a great deal of money for two phones, especially if you have a medium size to large house to get the use out of two phones.


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    • Product Details

      Cordless phone with two handsets50 name & number directory50 number calls list, 20 number redial list12 hours talktime, 120 hours standbyEarpiece volume controlHandset ringer on/offHandset and base ringer volume controlTransfer calls between handsetsColour: BlackBatteries 4xAAA included

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