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BT 2000 Single Cordless DECT

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4 Reviews
  • easy to use
  • Good wireless distance
  • screen and writing a bit small
  • Warranty: 12 months
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    4 Reviews
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      11.02.2015 12:12
      Very helpful



      • "screen and writing a bit small"

      good cheap phone

      this phone is a good price, currently around £25 from various retailers, and is ideal as a second phone (for the bedroom etc) however I wouldn't use it as my main phone.

      The sound is good, however when on loudspeaker it is loud enough but not as clear as I would like, causes voices to crackle a bit. It has a number of useful features including last number redial, caller id, call log, call divert, hands free, speaker and volume control - so it has pretty much everything you need from a phone and would be fine for those who don't want anything too fancy. It also has a phonebook which can store up to 50 names and numbers.

      When the battery is low it has indicator to let you know this which is useful, although I think most phones would include this nowadays. The buttons are large so would make it easier for older people to use, however the screen does let it down.

      The screen on the phone and the writing is a little on the small side, which would be more awkward for those with bad eyes.

      It is easy to use and simple to set it up out of the box. The volume I guess could be a little louder, but it is more than adequate for what we wanted (a simple cheap phone for upstairs).

      It also links with other bt phones so if you are using it as a secondary phone then it can link up to your main bt house phones which I think is great.

      Overall you get what you pay for, if you just want a basic house phone that is simple to use and has some simple but useful features, then I would recommend it.


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      26.12.2014 08:23
      Very helpful


      • " easy to use"
      • "nice features"


      • "Warranty: 12 months"

      A quality Telephone Cordless from British Telecom

      "The BT2500 Digital Cordless Telephone is a smart yet unchaste to use phone crowded with usable features specified as a 'Do not alter mode' and built in fulfill tool at an affordable damage. Newly intentional ear container ensures you center every language it comes with built frequence performance.

      BT 2500 Digital Cordless Phone has also remaining expedient features equivalent a handsfree utterer 50 analyze and come directory that can be copied between handsets caller representation and meet waiting (so you can see who is occupation when you are already intermeshed in a option) 50 drawing call angle and a 20 enumerate of up to 300m and an inside potentiality of up to 50m. This allows you to pass in and external the sanctuary with freedom and without the fright of your call existence broken or cut off due to low communication calibre.

      With the BT2500 you can mouth for up to 12 hours on a good ascribe or screw it on histrion for up to 120 hours when the sound is not in use. Perfect for those abundant conversations or when you poorness the sound terminate to colored program and unchaste to translate 1.6?" blueish backlit covering the BT2500 instrument see the split in any gathering."


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      04.08.2014 15:11
      Very helpful


      • "Decent buttons"
      • "Average phonebook"
      • "Good wireless distance"
      • "Clear display"


      • "Short talk time length"
      • "Bad colours"
      • "Poor design"

      A 50/50 home phone.

      The BT 2000 Single Cordless DECT is your everyday wireless phone that offers some nice features I think you will really like. The BT 2000 Single Cordless DECT comes with a plain design but also a nice layout that leads up to the large display. This phone offers an average design that has something most will like but don't expect anything cool with the design. The phones also been designed with good sized buttons which have nice clear writing on them which makes it easy to use and keeps it looking good, although the buttons are close together which means you may hit one by accident which could be quite annoying. The large dominating display that it comes with offers a high resolution screen displaying things like caller ID and the date and time. These plus others add up nicely and will be very useful to all people. The wireless ability means you have great range which is a major advantage over corded phones. This is more than enough as I don't expect you to be going to your local shops whilst having a chat on your home phone. Combining this range with the decent 12 hour long talk time, you'll certainly be able to talk for as long as is needed. Although this talk time comes up far short of the talk time of other phones. The 50 name and number phonebook also gives you the capability to have all your family, friends and other important contacts stored on it but you may need to get a phone book as it could fill up fast. Besides if you miss a call from someone you have a decent sized digital answering machine. All in all this phone is good offering you a solid build and some nice features although it doe's lack some additional features.


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      08.11.2013 13:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent affordable digital cordless phone with consumer friendly features

      ~*~The Product "Call Me Maybe"~*~

      The fundamental features of this phone are, 'Hands free speaker with volume control, 50 name and number phonebook with copy between handsets, 1.6 Two-line dot matrix display with blue back light, Do not disturb mode and Easy access to call divert, 3 way calling and call waiting'. I have documented these features within the review and my opinion of their attributes. The phone is delivered in BT's latest professional looking contemporary packaging. The box is tastefully covered with details of the products qualities and features. This particular phone was released this year but surprisingly inexpensive. The 'box contains' the 'Handset, Batteries, Base Unit, Charger' and 'User Guide'. http://www.amazon.co.uk/BT-2000-Cordless-DECT-Phone/dp/product

      ~*~Reason for Purchase "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore"~*~

      The phone that had to be replaced is the same that I reviewed back in April 2011, the BT Décor 1100 which was a cord phone, a very basic model costing £16. I was so surprise when I came across the BT 2000 Cordless DECT Phone on Amazon for only £4 more! The previous phone's cord had become ridiculously tangled, so much so that the connecting wires frayed and caused connection problems. No amount of careful detangling helped come the end so Splashing out £20 was the only way to go! :~D

      ~*~My usage experience ~ "Hanging On The Telephone"~*~

      I felt a little overwhelmed when I first looked online for a cordless phone, with the multiple features that the advertising spiel gives on the copious amounts of products of this nature available but this phone is designed to make using such media so easy!


      I love the classy stylish appearance of the phone. The phone is situated where the décor has mainly black and white schemes of shades along with silver and black vinyl quotations set on adjoining walls so the predominantly silver base and handset that is set of with co-ordinating black strips looks made to match. I wouldn't say that it truly matters to me to co-ordinate, a home needs to be a 'home' not a show house, but the shades look great so I'm happy with the appearance of the product. The phone is wonderfully light yet feels sturdy enough to cope with little accidents!

      *Getting Started*

      Plugging the base plate is child's play as I only needed to turn the plate to the reverse side, and connect the line cord to the socket on the base though connection to the phone wall power mains had to be done once the phone was fully charged! I didn't use the phone for twenty four hours to ensure it was fully charged for uninterrupted usage. I am pleased to say, that unlike so many other products, this phone came with batteries! A little tape separated the batteries from the connections and with one gentle tug, the seal was removed and the handset lit up. The User guide provides brief simple instructions on setting up.


      As I have gotten older, I dislike fussy intricate novelty features that tend to confuse and complicate rather than make life easier so I instantly fell in love, if that's the correct phrase, for the phone's handset. The buttons are large enough to be easily located in numerical order and the icons are chosen to be clear and simplistic to enable the user to operate the product efficiently with ease; this is exactly how I find the set-up. There are 19 keys on the handset. Just beneath the screen are two small oblong buttons that feel smooth and springy to the touch. I appreciate that the tips of my fingers do not slip off the surface as some inferior designs can cause issues with. Even when I have answered a call with wet hands through rushing from a task in the kitchen, this has had no effect on the rubber button's surface! Here are two white symbols of a tick and an X that is set against the black surface. When I gently press the tick icon to the left of the handset, this will take me to an array of options such as the main menu settings as well as the sub-menu locations of which confirmations are displayed clearly on the screen.

      Below the two icons are four buttons that range from oblong and square shapes. I can now appreciate why the diverse shapes enhance the consumer's usage experience because even in lower light settings, I can quickly tell that I am pressing the button of choice. The little book icon ensures that I can access contacts quickly. The ^ Vol button is the same button with the v Calls icon but because the link dips between the two alternating icons, I have as yet not experienced any issues of inaccurate dialling. The bright green phone/speaker icon button furnishes me with a luminous like feature to assist me in making calls effortlessly. The crimson red phone down/stop icon is equally handy to locate in an instant. The next buttons are the numerical/lettered buttons, all white set against the black surfaces which I find particularly helpful as my eyesight isn't what it used to be. The numerals are large enough for me not to need my glasses when using but the lettered images are in small font!

      *Making Calls and storing contacts list*

      This really couldn't be simpler! For me, simplicity in technological designs is paramount to me, an aging grand-mother! :~D All I need to do to make a call is press the green phone icon, dial the number, then simply press the red phone down icon to end the call. But I only use this for utility calls etc. as storing close contacts is wonderfully easy too. The phone has the capability to store fifty name and number call list (that can even be copied between handsets!) and a twenty number redial list. I haven't stored many numbers in the fifty directories, apart from acquaintances and utility information but my twenty redial lists is full! I have family, friends and numbers like the surgery and children's school stored in this category. I love that at the touch of only a couple of buttons, I can be almost instantly connected. Time is precious and no one wants to be taking even the briefest of times with the boring task of redialling numbers, so this feature is an absolute gem for me.

      Storing new contacts o the fifty directories is another straightforward task I am thrilled to say. All I need to do is press the little book icon button, select the option tick button, add the new contact I wish to enter, press the tick button once again and the information is stored. Adding details of the contact's name is simply accomplished by using the letters on the keyboard of the handset and pressing the tick icon to confirm. In fact, it is almost identical as texting on a mobile phone; all I need to do is keep pressing the tick icon button until the correct letter for the person's name appears on the screen. Pressing the tick icon saves the information as you go. I have made a few mistakes when entering details, not due the phone's design but my clumsiness! But I only had to press the red X button to erase the inaccurate info.
      I love the speed dial feature because it is so quick and easy to access. To save a speed dial entry I just press and hold the speed dial button that I want to store the number under, there is a choice of between 2 and 9, and a confirmation tone will register that the task has been accomplished.

      *Screen and caller display*

      The screen is small at only 1.6" but because it is lit up be a blue backlit screen I can clearly identify callers and information without any difficulty. In fact, the blue really looks lovely in the evenings with low light settings in the lounge. Whoa ark at me! :~D The light does go off after a brief period if away from the handset but goes on instantly when a call comes through. If you are subscribed to a 'caller display' function this will show up on the screen but I cancelled mine in an endeavour to reduce the utility cost!

      *Handset Ringer, Melody and Volume*

      I found setting the ringtone as easy as the aforementioned functions. I just pressed the menu call scroll button to the settings and the ringtones are displayed. By pressing the tick icon I can set my choice. In fact, anything to do with choosing the ringtones, melodies and volume is all done by selecting the menu button and scrolling down the settings that clearly identify options. By simply using the tick feature, I can set, save and so forth. This really is a much uncomplicated design that I have come to appreciate more and more with usage. I normally get my clever son to set technological products but even I can manage this little gem! :~D The reception is excellent no matter which room I am in. For a cordless phone at the price it is being sold for, I am thrilled with the clarity of reception.

      *User Guide*

      As guides go, this is pretty meagre in paper, no Amazon Rain forest concerns here! :~) The guide consists of one sheet folded into three. But where the guide lacks in space, it makes up for in its conciseness. There is everything one needs to know to set up and use the phone. I used the 'Check box contents' section to ensure the package had all the components I had ordered. The diagrams are very clear and the instructions are consumer friendly. I will mention here though that I had to put my glasses on to read the small text that surrounded the phone diagrams as the font is around a 8/9 on 'Word' gauging. I have scoured the guide and cannot see anything that a consumer needs to know that has been omitted! But, the manufacturer has still included details of how to obtain more information should the consumer feel they need it. There is even a 'General Information' section with some very practical info such a warnings, disposal and guarantee details.


      There is even a mute button, which my son uses a little too often! :~) I like to use the mute button so that the phone won't disturb the grand-children in the evenings when they stay over. I would like to add to the notes concerning excellent reception that I made above. The phone has 'an outdoor range of up to 300m & an indoor range of up to 50m combined with a battery life of up to 12hrs talk time or standby for up to 120hrs on a full charge you can be ready to make & receive call with confidence'. Now that is stats that really fit the bill for me as it means that in the summer time when I am out in the garden, I can still make and receive calls without hassle! Eco credentials come as standard with this BT Phone and it's good to know the packaging it comes in is recyclable. "The BT2000 uses a low energy power supply so is kind to the environment as well as your wallet". I need to ensure that cost is kept down so this feature is very practical for me indeed! There is even a clock that is handy so I can make sure I don't chatter on too long! :~D And even an alarm, which my son finds very practical for waking up too. There is a low battery alert signal that helps me avoid running the phone down and charging it up in time. "The new menu structure makes it easy to access a number of really useful BT Calling Features, so it's simple to divert calls to your mobile when you're out of the house, hold a 3 way call with your friends, or accept a call from call waiting. There are also options to Cancel Ring back, Reminder Call, Call Barring and Anonymous Call Reject". http://www.amazon.co.uk/BT-2000-Cordless-DECT-Phone/dp/product

      ~*~Would I Recommend? "Your phones off the hook but you're not"! :~)~*~

      Yes, absolutely. This is a really lovely efficient phone with many features that make using the product a delight. My son is looking forward to get another handset so that he can make an internal call to me to get a brew on...a feature I wish the BT 2000 didn't have! :~D The set up 'Wizard' feature is a great asset in quickly starting up with its practical and clear prompts taking the consumer through each step. This phone removes the frustration of coiled cords, restrictive usage in rooms and furnishes the user with many facets that make phone calls an effortless and fun task.

      The BT 2000 Cordless DECT Phone is currently available through Amazon for £19.00 'Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery'.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my story on getting mobile with the home phone! :~)


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