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BT 4000 Big Button Twin

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2013 19:25
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      Perfect phone for the elderly or someone after a more simple phone

      Firstly, thanks Dooyoo for adding this to the catalogue! Now, with that said and done - lets get on with the review. My grandparents are both in their mid 80s and don't have a computer, a mobile phone or anything. Their previous BT phones had packed up and it really is a lifeline for them as they dont get out often. I was then given the task of finding a similar replacement. After a little searching these BT Big Button 4000 phones fitted the bill. I believe I paid £52 from Argos and collected them (the last in stock!) the following day.

      Now, the phones may be easy to work but for elderly people they aren't that straight-forward to set up. Thankfully I was there to lend a hand and while they aren't the simplest (and I'm not technology minded) I didn't find them too bad to set up. The little instruction book it comes with is fairly handy so I told them to hang onto it just incase.

      The phones come half-charged and the charging docks are easy to plug in. The main reciever (I think that's what it's called) sits upstairs with a second dock downstairs so you can pick it up upstairs or downstairs. BT also do a single version if you only want one phone but having two is more handy. After I peeled off the relevant plastic bits and connected the cable into the main dock upstairs we were good to go... not quite.

      The screen isn't massive but the text is large enough for most elderly people to see fine. The background is orange with black text. Once it's turned on you can choose to go through the Setup Wizard or to do it manually on your own. I would reccommend the Wizard as you can sort the time and date, settings to block nuisance calls (this includes international calls, witheld numbers and phone boxes) and add contacts to the phonebook. All of this took about 10-15 minutes after I'd put in about 5 contacts.

      However, pressing Phonebook and scrolling through the contacts isn't that handy for my nan as it takes a while so I set up the Speed dial feature. I can't quite remember how you do it, but it's all in the instructions book. To dial a speed dial number (say the Doctors is number 3 on Speed dial), instead of pressing 3 you hold it for about 2 seconds and then it will connect. It will come up with "Doctors" if you have added that number to the Contacts book prior to this. After a few attempts she got the hang of this.

      To answer a call you press the big green button and to hang up you press the big red button. All pretty straight-forward. Another handy feature is if your (grand)parents struggle with hearing is the "Amplify" button on the side of the phone. My grandfather sometimes speaks to his sister in America when she calls and he has a hearing aid but still struggles to hear on the phone, this button is essentially like putting the phone on speaker so it's clear for him to hear.

      As for using the phone, it fits nicely in the hand and the buttons are chunky and easy to hit. With the small ish scren and big text, altering something in the menus isn't particularly straight-forward but my grandparents won't be needing to do this as I've set it up for them and if they needed something changing, I'd be on hand to help. Oh, the phone also comes with (god knows why), not 3, not 4, not 5 but 15 ringtones. Most were pretty silly and we went with the standard one in the end.

      To sum up, I probably wouldn't have this phone in the house if it were just for me. But for the elderly, this is perfect. The text is big, you can amplify and block nuisance calls and the buttons are big and chunky. And for 50 odd pounds for the pair, it's good value from BT.


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