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BT Diverse 6450

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2008 10:09
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      Up until January I had always had a wired phone in my sitting room but decided that I would buy a nice new phone with a built in answer machine. I wanted a cordless phone that was able to send text messages as I had been reading a magazine that assured me this was the newest feature.
      I done the usual - searched online, Argos book, popped in to my local curry's store and a few other electrical outlets. My budget was £100 and I was sticking to my guns and not spending a penny over it. Whilst in my local curry's store the sales assistance that was very knowledgeable shown me several different phones and i narrowed it down to a select few. It was between BT, Binatone and a Panasonic model. In the end I decided on BT as it's a name that I feel I can trust and have used for many years.

      **The manufacturer**

      BT also known as British Telecom one of the largest telecommunication retailers, providing the market with exceptional products at excellent prices. BT sells products worldwide and also has a extensive range on their very own website.
      BT is well known for providing Telephone lines, broadband, and additional services to householders throughout the world.

      **Price and availability**

      I bough mines from Curry's in store at a cost of £54.99 that was on special offer.
      As I write this review today the phone retails at:
      Amazon - £68.83 inclusive of delivery
      Comms2u - £54.78 inclusive of delivery
      BT.com - £84.99 inclusive of delivery
      These retailers are all online; however I would also suggest that you check your local electrical retailer.

      **The Model**

      Please note there are several options available when buying this particular phone, I bought and I am reviewing the BT Diverse 6450 Cordless telephone with digital answer machine. This is a single unit and you do have the options to buy additional handsets.

      **Contents of the box**

      Well packed and protected in bubble wrap you will find the following with the box (if bought brand new)
      Handset - LCD screen is protected with a removable little sheet of film.

      *Base unit - wrapped well in bubble wrap and secured to egg carton type box

      *Cables/Plug/Battery - a cable to allow you to connect the base unit to the main supply and a telephone cable that is approximately 2 meters long which needs to be connected to the telephone line in order for the phone to work. A very small battery is hidden in the corner of the box; make sure you do not throw it in the bin like I did. A usb cable to allow you to add ringtones from your PC on to the phone. Belt clip so you can clip the phone on to your trousers when walking about the house. And finally in each box you have your headset which will allow you to use the phone hands free.

      Comprehensive instruction book which covers all one would need to know. There is also a guarantee card which requests you complete and return to BT in order to have a year guarantee. However as most buyers will know you do not need to return this as your purchase receipt provides enough evidence in order for your retailer to provide you with a years guarantee


      I have to say I think this little beauty is a quite a looker, Silver and grey in colour and very modern in appearance. The handset is very well balance between screen and buttons, the screen is a decent size allowing the user to see the display with ease. The number keypad area is very easy on the eyes and feels good on the fingers. On the main unit the digital display is very easy to see, red in colour it is easily readable from a distance and in the dark. The BT logo in on the handset just where you listen, it fits in well with the phone's design and does not stand out too much.

      *Handsets - The handsets are very modern and the buttons are spaced out well, in the past I have had the problem when trying to press one number I ended up pressing another, this does not happen with this phone. It has your standard keys in addition to a menu button with has the messages button, calls button etc. The LCD screen is very easily read from a distance, the colours are very bright and the numbers when punched in are a decent size making it easy to see what you have dialled. The handset is very small in size.

      *Base - The base has the built in answering machine which has the play, rewind, forward, delete and also has volume up and down. When you're playing your messages back the answer machine is very clear and I have never had any problem understanding the message. The base is where you need to place your sim card to allow you to receive and send messages via your house phone. Please note that your service provider will charge for the feature.
      Overall - a very stylish phone with a modern sleek design.


      As already mentioned this phone has a digital answer machine and also has the feature of sending and receiving text messages. It has a 200 names and number memory. Now when storing numbers on your phone you can do it by entering the name and number then saving or you can pop your mobile phone sim card in a press copy. Both handsets have caller display built it, when someone calls it will either show the name or if the number is not in memory it will just show the number, You can also assign different ringtones to certain numbers. The digital answering machine can be accessed from any location, all you need to do is call your house number and when the answering machine picks up enter your 4 digit number which you would have set you when you first got the machine.
      With the usb cable that has been provided you can add ringtones and pictures on to your handsets with ease; it's a case of plug and play. You do have a BT editing disc with the phone however I have never required to use it to date.
      Like many phones this one also have a Calendar, a clock (international) , Calculator and memo reminders.

      **Making and receiving calls**

      When the phone rings you will notice that the handset starts to ring first and then the main base, you can have the volume set at a level that suits you, and you can also decide when the answering machine should activate. If the handset is on base lifting the phone from base will answer the call or if the phone is away from base simply pressing the green phone button will answer the call. The phone is very clear and you can always adjust the volume whilst on a call. I live in a three bed roomed town flat which is spacious and this phone works without any problem. According to the instructions the phone should work 50meters indoors and up to 300m outdoors.
      Making calls is just as easy, a few ways you can start. Find the number in memory then press the green call button, dial the number then press the green call button or press the green call button first and then dial or find the number. The phone will start the timer when you have successfully been connected.

      Audible Battery Alert - Yes
      Rechargeable Battery Yes
      Standby Time Up to 95 h
      Talk Time Up to 600 min

      **My thoughts**

      I am delighted with this phone; I think it has many great features, nice and compact in size makes it fit in well with me. I think it's very like a mobile telephone with the actual design and what it can do. The reception always seems to be very clear and the fact it has a 200 memory is fantastic. I especially like the fact it has a colour screen which is nice and bright and the fact you can copy all your numbers from your sim card at a click of a button. On a final note the battery life is excellent, I have had the phone of the base for 3 whole days and it never died, if only my mobile was as good.
      Thanks for reading


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