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BT Edge 1500 Twin

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    2 Reviews
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      17.12.2011 19:23
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      cordless phone by BT

      About a month ago my house phone stopped working on me so for the time being I replaced it with a basic one but it had no features and wasn't the best. After getting fed up of that I decided to look on Amazon for a better replacement and was surprised when the nice phones weren't really that expensive after all. I opted for this BT Edge 1500 phone which is not a company I normally get my phone from but it had such good comments on Amazon and even the overall design of it just looked very modern and impressive so I ordered this model.


      The BT Edge 1500 phone is a very nice design, it is 268g in weight which isn't too heavy at all and it is 15.1 x 4.85 x 2.75cm which is for the phone itself but ofcourse it is docked on a base. This phone runs on an AAA battery and it is black and rectangular on a base which is also black with a colour screen. It has big buttons on the handset and is pretty standard and the base that it is on is sleek also with buttons for the answering machine and also on the base it has the BT logo which all works very nicely together and it looks stylish in my living room.

      BT EDGE 1500

      So, first things first the phone has a capacity of 200 for storing names and numbers in the phonebook. It has a digital answering machine which holds 27 minutes of talk time which is actually not that bad as who has messages that long anyway. It of course has its colour display and it has 15 ringtones and it has a hands free speakerphone. It has standby time of 160 hours and up to 14 hours of talk time. Outdoors this phone has a maximum operating distance of 300 metres and indoors it is 50 metres and it has 9 quick dial memories.

      Now, that all of the basics have been covered it just goes to show for the price paid it really does tick all of the boxes. The phone also comes with a low battery indicator which I've thankfully never come across yet and an out of range indicator too. It has a 50 last number called list which is always handy if you need a number dialled previously and it has a call transfer as well as a call waiting indicator and a conference call feature and a secrecy function so it has pretty much everything covered.


      So, with this phone I am not going to lie, I do not use all of the features mentioned above but then who ever uses every features that comes with an appliance. I use the majority of the features that most use at once so to start with the main reason I picked this phone was for the overall design. It doesn't take up too much room at all and it really does fit in perfectly with my livingroom design and it looks great, sleek and modern. The colour display screen really makes it stand out and it does dim after a while. You get a choice of 3 different background and I currently have it on a red and blue background which is really nice.

      Also, on the colour display screen you get a clock to see the time and you can personalise it with whatever you want so mine just has my name on the front. There is a symbol that is shown on the screen also when you have an answering machine message, this flashes rather than your standard beeping tone that most phones have. To install this phone wasn't difficult at all, you get a manual with it too which is easy enough to use you just don't get as much detail well as I would have wanted but when you plug it in you just need to leave it to charge until it has full bars then your phone is up and ready to use.

      You do obviously want to set most things up with your phone so that it is all done instantly.One thing I wanted to set up right away is the answering machine, now this is fine you can create your own message very easily and it can be re-recorded if need be. I have a message on there of myself speaking and I like that and the fact that it wasn't hard to set up. The answering machine has 27 minutes of time on it and you can delete messages easily once you have listened to them. It is very reliable and I haven't really had anyone complain about using this to leave messages.

      When on this phone you can set ringtones for individual callers, your most used so that when they ring you, you know who it is calling you. You also get a number of ringtones to choose from on this phone, a lot of well known songs like 'carmen' and 'the entertainer' so it makes it a bit more fun rather than a standard ring. You can also set the phone so that when you pick it up that it opens the call instantly. The ringing volume can be adjusted up to number 5 but I keep it on 3 as that is loud enough for me but it all depends on what you can hear. The call volume can be adjusted also when speaking if you cannot hear the person you are speaking to.

      The battery life on this phone is good also, I never have hours of calling at once so I suppose, I've never fully tested how good this is but I haven't witnessed the low battery noise yet. It charges instantly when you place it back onto the base which I like and then will fully charge it until your next phone call so it really shouldn't ever run out. I never really use the speakerphone feature either so can't comment too much but I know that it does work fine and likewise I haven't used the conference call or call transfer features but these are more business like settings that are made for the office.

      Lastly, the call quality is very good and very clear. I never have any problems with it crackling or going out of signal range and my phone calls are always perfect in sound. I can hear everyone I speak to fine which is just what anyone would want so I couldn't ask for more in terms of the call quality. I really do recommend this phone thoroughly, I wasn't sure initially what to expect from it but it has lived up to my expectations fully and I am very pleased with my purchase with literally nothing negative to comment.


      I would fully recommend this to any household or office in need of a modern up to date phone. It is reasonably priced, has a good and realistic range of features. It works great and charges fine and has a really nice design so that it even looks stylish. It is easy to hear and adjust and you can change ringtones whenever and keep the phone exciting. I think it is perfect and if I need anymore phones for my bedrooms I will maybe get another of these as I really am happy with my buy.


      If you fancy this BT Edge 1500 phone then you have made a good choice and Amazon are selling this phone for £23.75 directly from them and with free delivery.

      For more information go to http://www.shop.bt.com/


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        07.10.2011 15:37
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        Very good cordless phones!

        When our old cordless phones turned out to be not such a good buy (they broke within a year) we looked around for replacements and having read a few reviews about them, decided on these BT cordless phones. We have had them now for about 4 months and I have to say that I am really impressed with them!

        As the name suggests, these are a set of two cordless telephones which are manufactured by BT. They come with a built-in answering machine, which you can turn on and off as you need to. It records up to 27 minutes of messages and you can record your own message to incoming callers. Playback of messages is very clear and you have the ability to save them till you no longer need them.

        The handsets each have their own bases. The main base plugs into the phoneline and electric point, and the second only needs to be plugged in to the electric point. These then keep the handset batteries (included in the package) charged. The handsets have a operating distance range of 50m, making them very portable.

        The keypad is back-lit and has lovely big numbers, so if you have sight problems they are easy to see. The screen has a liquid crystal display and is also well-lit with easy to see display and changeable wallpaper. When not in use it displays the time. When in use, there is a menu on the left of the screen which takes tou through to the phonebook, handset settings, base settings, clock and alarm settings, Advanced settings, network services, and answer machine. On the right side of the screen is the instant access to the phonebook. Numbers are very easy to install, and one thing I really liked about these phones is that once you have installed all your numbers in one handset you can then transfer them to the other handset instantly. The phonebook holds up to 200 names as well, so plenty big enough for the family's important numbers!

        There are 15 polyphonic ringtones, including a simple, ordinary ring, which I personally prefer to the tunes it also has. The ringtones are not too bad on the ears, not at all tinny or too shrill.

        Other features include:

        Call waiting
        caller ID
        Conference call
        Call transfer
        Call screening
        Toll Saver
        Menu Operation
        Volume Control
        Ringer Control
        Audible Battery Alert

        We have found these telephones to be really easy to use, the batteries have a talk time of up to 840 min and so far they have not let us down. They also look good on the table and as they are not so big that they take up a lot of room. I love the fact that they are so portable and have a good range, so you can use them in any part of the house and even in the garden, plus the call transfer is really useful, especially when you are watching TV of an evening and a call comes through for one of the kids who are in the other room, but cannot be bothered to answer the phone in the first place! That kind of saves our sanity!

        If you are thinking of buying a set of cordless phones, then I would thoroughly recommend these. We got ours from Argos and they cost about £59.99 for the pair. I do believe that you can buy them in sets of three and four as well, so if you have a lot of rooms to cover, then these would do the job very well indeed!

        In all, these are a very good buy!


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