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BT Freelance XB2500

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    4 Reviews
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      23.10.2013 01:21
      Very helpful



      Handy home phones

      After our corded simple value phone stopped working after a couple of years we had to get a new one, we knew what we had in mind..a cordless phone so we could use it around the house instead of one place so when browsing in Tesco as it's a quick walk to get too, we found these BT phones on special offer I think they was around £20 for a triple set, although I'm not sure what price they are as of now, as I bought them around 5-6 months ago.

      ~About the phones

      The phones are black and basic looking without too many buttons going on with your standard 0 to 9 numbers along with the # and * buttons, there's also some extra buttons including: Speaker phone, phone book, Recall button, call list, redial and volume controls and the screen is a blue back lit display so it's clear and simple with black text, The phones aren't too big either and not heavy so it's comfortable sitting in my hand.

      As I have the triple set two of the phones come with a charging dock sort of thing that's fairly small and can be placed anywhere in the house near a plug socket. The base of the phones has to be plugged into the wall and also the phone line which has to be within 2 meters of a mains power and phone line socket so the cable will reach it this goes in the back of the base.

      This base is also the voice mail part where you have you have the voice mail controls such as a display showing how many voice mails you have with red numbers, various buttons such as Play,delete, skip and answer phone on/off, also you can put the third phone in this base while the other two are around the house.

      These phones charge when they are in there own handsets, but I've sometimes left one phone lying around somewhere and the battery soon goes quite quickly weather your using it a lot or not which you can see the battery life on the screen with a battery icon that will tell you if it's low or not,also it doesn't matter which phone sits in what as they're interchangeable. You can also name the phones such as "main phone" or as I've done and named it nicknames.

      When someone rings all three phones start to ring too so it doesn't matter where I am in the house I'm always near a phone so I don't have to rush to a certain spot and then missing the call! You can also get different ringtones on the phone which is in the settings area most of them are pretty loud too.

      What I most like about these phones in the sound on them when I'm having a conversation on the phone, as I'm partially deaf and am use to relying on lipreading I can sometimes struggle to hear people on the phone, but these phones are loud enough for me and they are very clear!

      I'm so far very satisfied with these phones apart from the battery life as if it's not charging after around 2 days of it sitting somewhere else it's near enough dead but then I have two others to rely on while ones charging up so its not to much of a big deal.

      I'd recommend these phones as they are cheap and do the job well, easy to set up and has many features with it although I can't comment on the Phone book as I haven't used it yet.
      I mainly love the sound on it as I've had a few phones that I can't hear very well with due to my partial deafness, but these phones make it so much clearer and louder for me!

      This review is also on Ciao under the same username =)


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      16.07.2013 16:59
      Very helpful



      BT phones

      We had to buy a new home telephone recently and decided to buy these after a quick look around in Curry's. They were in the middle price bracket of a home telephone that we were looking for, not too cheap, not too expensive, in the £30-£40 region which I thought was a good price for a home phone.

      Firstly what I really liked about these phones and what made up part of my buying decision is that the phone actually comes with 2 handsets and two cradles for which the phones sit in so we can have one downstairs and one upstairs. I find this really handy as I never like to run up or downstairs if the phone rings and like to have one on each level. The one downstairs has the answer machine function on it and is a bigger cradle than the other one, this is what I call the base phone. The other phone just sits on a small cradle upstairs and charges when it is in this cradle.

      Firstly I will talk about the handset itself. It's a bit plastic looking and doesn't feel like the most expensive phone ever but the buttons press well as they are fairly large and there are not too many complicated buttons. There is a green button with a phone icon on it that is the button you press to either answer a call or make a call and then there is a red button with a phone icon on it that allows you to end a call, very simple buttons really. I find the handset gets really good reception and whenever I am talking to someone the calls are always clear and crisp. It's very easy to scroll through the functions on the phone to access things like call list and messages, etc.

      The phone has an answer machine and if you have a message the home cradle will flash telling you you have a message waiting. Then you simply press the button to hear the message. The answer machine had 15 minutes of recording time which in my opinion is plenty and we never go over this time.

      If you want to set up a phone book you have space for 50 names and numbers. I find this really handy as I never remember numbers any more so to be able to scroll through and find them is great.

      Another great feature for me is that there is a lock you can put on the keys so little fingers cannot make calls, great when you have two toddlers running around the house.

      The phones are cordless which I really like and I find they hold their charge really well. We've left them off the cradle charger for a few days at a time and they still have charge left in them which I think is great.

      All in all a good set of BT phones.


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      06.11.2012 00:04
      Very helpful



      Good phones


      Just a year or two ago, I was moving from Virgin Cable to Sky TV and Phone. In the process I decided to ditch my ten year old single corded phone, in place of these new cordless sets. I have one, the main unit in the dining room, a further secondary one in the kitchen, and the final in my bedroom.


      You can get this range of handsets in single, twin, triple and quad set-ups. I have the triple unit. The telephones all sit in a small hub, but the main phone has a larger base with the controls and the answering machine display. The phones themselves are traditional rectangular shape and are a matt black in colour, with a bright blue display. The handsets are very light indeed, and as I mentioned they do not have leads. However each port or hub is connected to the mains so you need to have sockets available.


      When you first plug in the phone you are taken through a very simple set up procedure, where you can set the time and name each handset. For example I have mine named according to the rooms in which they are situated.

      When you key in the number, you can look to see you have typed it in correctly before pressing the dial number, so you can correct any mistakes. One problem here is that, say for example the second digit is incorrect; you have to delete every subsequent number, a bit like the backspace button on the computer. There is no arrow to scroll to the number in question.

      The phone itself has an indoor range of 20 metres which should suffice in most common situations. The battery life allows for 10 hours of talking, without charge, although I can admit I have never tested this feature! Because it has rechargeable batteries, when you place the phone in the dock it charges up. You can also store up to fifty numbers in the telephone which is straightforward and very easy then to call the numbers back up again.

      The phone has a built in answering machine, which you can turn on and off, and it can hold up to 15 minutes of recording. You can listen to your messages either through the speaker on the base of the main phone, or through each individual phone, by going to the answering machine menu - a very easy process.
      One other good feature is the built in loudspeaker which means you can set the phone down, particularly useful if you have been placed on hold by a call centre.


      To me there are two problems. The first one is the volume of the phone. People often speak at a regular tone, but I struggle to hear even when the phone is turned up completely. This could be a problem for many people, considering I actually have very good hearing.
      The other problem is that sometimes the phone just decides to lose connection to the network, and will display 'NONE FOUND' on the screen, meaning you have to place it back into the base to get it to register.

      I recommend the phone, as for only £50 you can have three wireless individual home phones. This is good if you need to move around or if you want to make internal calls or pages to your family!
      Despite its few hitches, I would recommend the phone.


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      31.07.2012 17:51
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not recommended.

      We've had this phone for about eighteen months now at my parents house. We seem to get through phones like Lewis Hamilton gets through tyres, I have no idea why. My dad owns his own business so it does ring numerous times a day, sometimes in excess of ten times but people are never on it for long. It never gets lost or dropped or damaged so I dont know why my parents seem to have a new phone every few months as they only ever buy them when they've given up the ghost. It suddenly came to me this afternoon that this phone has been the longest phone member of our family for a long time!

      Price and availability

      My parents bought this phone in Tesco well over a year ago, I cant remember exactly what they paid but they usually spend around £80 (we have the trio set of these phones)! Currently on Amazon you can buy the single set which is one phone with answering machine as pictured about for £29.99 which is a fairly average price for a cordless phone with answering machine these days.

      Setting it up

      My parents are the plug and go type when it comes to phones so for them it was very easy to set up! However, after having a look I can confirm that it is very simple to add contacts to the phone book and change the ring tones etc. I was quite surprised to see that it also has a number of other features to be done via the phone including registration and an alarm!


      I quite like the appearance of this phone. Ours is identical to the one above so as you can see it is quite plain and simple and is black in colour with a blue light up display when in use. On the base there are also all of the answering machine control buttons making it simple to turn it on and off and to delete messages, change the volume etc.

      The phone itself is quite rectangular compared to most but is a great shape because it fits in the palm of your hand perfectly. Its also quite light so if you are on the phone a while you dont end up with achy arm!

      Making calls

      This is what the phone primarilly gets used for after all, it is a phone! Dialling a number is easy, the number buttons are of a good size making the numbers easy to read (especially for older people or when you've just woken up!) and as you press a button it makes a dull, quite quiet beep noise and also displays the number on the screen. I think most phones do this but it is a feature that I like because I am a 'checker' through and through - if I cant check I dont do it so therefore when dialling numbers I need to check I've dialled the right ones! Alternatively, you can also select a contact from your phonebook or from the recent calls list. This list holds numbers both that you have dialled and that you have received. I really like this feature as often someone calls and you dont pick up in time and its just one click and you know who it was. Of course, there is 1471 but that takes like 20 seconds and none of us have time for that these days! Also, the same people tend to ring more often than others so their number is easy to bring up and dial.

      Listening to the dialling tone is quite quiet. I'm sorry to say this continues when you are talking to another person (before somebody suggests I turn the volume up, it is turned up!). In addition to them being very quiet, their voice is also quite muffled which makes it a nightmare to hear anyone. When I use the phone I like it to be silent around me so I can have a proper conversation and hear everything correctly but even if I'm completely alone I struggle when using this phone. Calling call centres are the worst because although you cant hear the one person your talking to properly, it seems like the 100 other people around them you can hear perfectly fine! My parents have also found this problem with the phone and they often need to ask the person on the other end to repeat themselves despite not being hard of hearing! There is a loudspeaker which I often use when calling call centres now because its much easier to hear them and for some reason this seems to be of a good quality!

      The answering machine

      My parents always have an answering machine, I can remember one when I was very young that was almost a foot long, had a wood finish and took a cassette! We used to make use of answering machines quite often but now for some reason it never gets switched on. As its a business phone, my Dad hates coming home every evening to five messages from various companies telling him how he could get more trade by advertising here there and everywhere and then identical messages the following day and the one after that and the one after that....So I think that is a lot to do with why we never switch it on now! Also, everyone has a mobile now so if you cant reach them on the housephone you ring their mobile or send a text.
      However, we have used it a few times and when we have I've not had any complaints. It is easy to turn on and off, the pre recorded message is crisp and clear and your messages are loud and clear too which is a relief after the poor quality of the sound when using the phone!

      Battery life

      The phone is pre-fitted with rechargable AA batteries and when the phone is in the holder they charge up. The phone has a supposed talk time of 10 hours but I cant say I've ever felt the need to chat this long! However, when my Dad gets nattering to his best friend he can go on for a good ninety minutes and its never died on him (shame!). It has a standby time of 100 hours which I think is about right as before when my parents have been away all week ones been left out of its holder and it didnt drain the battery.


      Now, if you have a lovely big house and a huge garden or should we say grounds you will want to know the range of the phone. It is said to work for up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors! I haven't personally ever tested this but from our main phone base unit to the end of the drive is probably around 20m and my Dad has often taken phone calls out there (when he's been doing something important like polishing my car)! And apart from the regular sound issues he hasn't had any problems.


      So should you all rush out and get one of these? No. I probably wouldn't recommend this phone unless you have exceptional hearing. The phone I have at home is much louder and clearer, made by Phillips and costs less than the sigular version of this one.


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