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BT Freestyle 350 SMS Twin

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    4 Reviews
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      13.09.2010 18:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Nice functional wireless twin system

      I have had this phone for two years now and have found it to be excellent. I bought it for 100 euro in Argos and they are certainly worth that money. I bought the twin set because I wanted to have a phone downstairs and in my room and also its very handy when you loose one phone or if one is out of battery.
      It is a really stylish handset in black and silver. The screen is in colour but is quite small for my liking. The phone's screen atttracts a lot of finger prints as it has a glossy shine to it. Even putting it up to your head to call someone makes it a bit greasy looking when finished. One phone plugs into the main base and on this base you control the answering machine and the phone can be charged. The other phone plugs into a smaller base just for charging.
      It has a few features but the one I like most is the answering machine. You can choose how many times you want the phone to ring before it puts the caller through through your message minder which lasts for a duration of 15 minutes which is plenty for someone to leave you a message. The message can be changed on the answering machine too if you want to let people know your not home. I just left it at default because I cringe at the sound of my own voice!
      The phones battery once fully charged has lasted me about 3 days without having to charge it. It does alert you with an annoying beep when it is running low. You can change the background image to pre selected images and there are a range of funky ringtones too. It is possible to text on this phone but I have never used this feature.
      The sound is crystal clear and I have talked to realtives in America and Austrailia without any interupptions to the strong signal. I can also happily go out into the garden and still do not loose the reception from the main base which is perfect for those long summer evenings when you just dont want to stay in!
      I like this phone. Its really attractive in the kitchen too and wireless handsets are in my opinion a necessity if your taking care of a baby. Its great to be able to give a bath and order pizza at once!


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      04.06.2009 19:08



      A phone that works well for me

      I have had this phone for a few months and I really like it. I found it on Amazon for a good price on a twin pack of phones. It's good to have one on both levels of the house. The size is not too big or too small. It has a good design and colour.
      I chose this phone because it comes from a brand that I trust. It hasn't given me any problems so far. The ringer has several tones and is loud enough. I also like the fact that I can receive text messages on these phones. The screen is bright which makes it easier to see numbers being dialled and incoming calls on the caller ID.
      The only thing I dislike are that the buttons are quite close on the keypad and it's easy to hit the wrong button when putting in numbers if you are putting in an account number in a hurry.
      Other than that this was a best buy for me. It suits my needs at home.


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      19.05.2009 00:38


      • Reliability


      A good starter digital phone

      This phone is lightweight. It is digital and cordless, powering itself from a independat base station that it can stand on.
      The base station needs a mains electric supply so before purchasing makes sure you have a electric socket near to your phone socket or can easily run an extension lead. The quality of sound is very good and and this continues at least within 10m of the base station. With previous cordless phones I experienced interefence if the TV was on however this is not the case with this phone. The buttons are a good size but the LCD display appears very basic in design. The base station is good and provides a good solid base howver it rests rather than clicks into position so you are not 100% it is in the right position and charging. When dialing after pressing the green button the tone for the number entering is very loud and phone has top be held away from the ear.


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      16.11.2007 13:15
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An easy to use, good looking cordless BT telephone

      I am not really a gadgets person if I am honest, the simpler the better for me. I am not going to sit down and read a manual to find out how something works. I like to plug it in, press an on button and away we go.

      I was in desperate need of a new house telephone, not only was mine a little dated and by that I mean it wasn't even cordless, but it had begun to made this horrific cracking sound whenever I tried to speak to people, so I decided that I needed something cheap, efficient and if possible cordless so I could walk around the house and talk on the telephone instead of being routed to the sofa. Instead all the wires you need are to plug it into the wall where your previous phone line was and the adaptor into the plug socket on the wall and that is it. This telephone set come with a warning not to use them in the bathrooms

      So off I went to my local BT shop and selected BT Freestyle 350 Twin Cordless Handset because priced at £80 for two phones they looked simple to use and the main thing is that there was an answering machine which is what I had been wanting for quite a long time so that people could leave me messages when I'm not home, a rarity that it is.

      The BT Freestyle telephones are both cordless which is something I was definitely looking for and they both come with their own bases to sit them in. The bases themselves are very sturdy; the main telephone is housed on the base which incorporates the answering machine. The telephone handsets look very similar to a mobile telephone in my view, they are quite slim in size and are alphanumerical buttons which make it easier to access your stored information or send a text message as you would normally. The buttons themselves are quite small in size, so if you are like me and have small hands and fingers it is perfect but you have big hands then you may have some difficulty with the buttons. There is a red and green telephone button which is for answering and ending calls which is commonplace with most telephones and a menu to allow you to scroll through the telephone options to change the ring tone, volume of the ringer, your SMS messages and so on.

      When I bought my handsets within the box I got two bases, two telephones, all of the wires I needed and the user manual which I haven't even begun to read properly yet, but it is set out with picture diagrams so that I don't have to sit confused trying to figure out how something works.

      So what features do these phones possess?

      1) There is a quite a large directory which allows me to store up to 100 names and numbers for easy dialling and also because im quite forgetful it comes in very handy. It is easy to programme all of the numbers into your telephone as well which is also very helpful. Another feature of this telephone is that if someone calls you and you don't have their number you can save it to your directory direct from the telephone,

      2) On the handset there is a BT Button which gives you quicker access to the services from BT, not a button I have ever used admittedly but it is there if I need it,

      3) From these telephones I cans end and receive SMS messages, although I personally prefer to use my mobile telephone. In order to send am SMS message you would have to subscribe to this option through BT,

      4) It comes with an answering machine as I have already stated and the answer machine can be access and operated by the telephone base, by the handset or from another telephone using remote access. Whenever my machine is flashing to tell me I have a message I have only ever to date pressed the play button to listen to my messages. The answering machine is digital and allows a 15 minute recording time which is perfect for my mother who likes to leave long messages and usually gets cut off half way through *evil grin*,

      5) The telephones have a full colour screen and you can change the wallpaper on them, there is a choice of 8 different ones to choose from and you can also give your handset a name,

      6) They have 300m range outdoor call clarity and 50m inside, so I can go outside and peg out the washing whilst talking on the telephone and I can hear the other person crystal clear and they can also hear me too. On the telephone itself there is a little icon which will flash if you are moving out of range and it will begin to beep until you move back to within the speaking distance.

      7) There is also a caller display option which I find very helpful and there is also an option to have call waiting on your telephone so that when you are on a call if someone else tries to call you they know already that you are on the telephone. I did activate this function but it irritated me by beeping in my ear when someone was trying to get through so I deactivated it.

      8) The final thing about this telephone which I find useful is that it can be used hands free and you don't have to have a telephone stuck to your ear to chat to people. The sound quality when doing this is really good and very clear and it something I opt to do quite a lot when the telephone rings.

      The final feature of this phone which I am going to mention and believe me for someone who isn't into gadgets this phone has an awful lot of them is the 'callme' feature. If like me you sometimes spend nights away from home working or going on conferences and you know someone is going to call you at home, you can set your telephone to contact your mobile telephone whenever you are called, much like a divert option.

      Since purchasing this telephone set I have been really happy with it, the sound quality is brilliant and the fact I can leave the sofa to talk to people whilst washing up or doing something else is amazing for me, I stuck too long with my old telephone when it really wasn't necessary and I am definitely not looking back.


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    • Product Details

      BT is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services. Its principal activities include local, national and international telecommunications services, higher-value broadband and Internet products and services, and IT solutions.


      Directory lets you store up to 100 names and numbers for easy dialing;

      The BT button provides quick access to a range of useful services, including SMS text messages, Calls list and BT services such as Helpdesk and Directory Enquiries;

      Send and receive SMS text messages;

      Answering machine can be operated from the base, at a handset or by remote access from another phone;

      Expandable system. You can have up to 5 GAP compatible handsets registered to your BT Freestyle 350 base;

      Change the wallpaper and color of the screen;

      Digital call clarity with up to 300m range outdoors and up to 50m indoors.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: BT Freestyle 350 SMS Twin - cordless phone - answering system with caller ID/call waiting + additional handset
      Product Type: Cordless phone answering system with caller ID/call waiting + additional handset
      Cordless Phone Standard: DECTGAP
      Answering System: Digital
      Intercom: Yes
      Speakerphone: Yes
      Caller ID: Yes
      Voice Mail Capability: Yes
      Call Services: Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer
      Display: LCD display - colour - Yes
      Display Features: Wallpaper
      Display (2nd): LED display - monochrome
      Body Colour: Black, silver