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BT Freestyle 750 Trio

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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2010 13:08
      Very helpful
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      it's a great little set that leave you satisfied

      This is the main phone that we use in our house, this day and age it's all about having a cordless phone and doing away with the corded ones, making them a thing of the past.
      Don't get me wrong there are a few old style corded telephones that still can provide for a certain number of people, but that would be a style of telephone, like one of my previous reviews, the BT Big Button 100, which provides some good features for the elderly, whether it be for their hearing or their eyesight.
      We all have mobile phones in our house and are use to the cordless feel and we knew that the phones that we would get for the house, even though they are cordless and in a way making them a mobile phone, they wouldn't look like a mobile phone in size or design.

      The BT Freestyle 750 Trio Dect Phone measures each hand set being 7 inch x 2.5 inch x 1.5 inch, making this telephone set roughly what I expected in size.
      Each hand set has all the basics you would expect and require, being LED screen with large number buttons (they do seem a bit bigger than necessary), call button (Green), hang up button (Red), star and hash/pound button, a back button and a phonebook button, there is also a menu button that offers you some more features but it is not too complicated to work out and you are also provided with a manuals to help you with any extras you may want, there is also a secrecy button that allows you to mute your microphone in your handset so the person on the other end doesn't hear anything (cheeky huh), they all have a docking station (AKA Cradle) that allows them to charge whilst placed in there cradles, there is one main cradle that has more features on it making this cradle the primary one and the other 2 secondary due to the fact that the other 2 only charge the phones.

      You can choose between 10 Monophonic ringtones that are provided in the phones, what makes these a little different is you can choose one for incoming calls and a different one for out going calls, which just gives it a little bit of character, and when you have chosen which you would like you can pick the volume level you want to have it set at. You also have the option of having some of your more frequently used numbers into groups and having their own ringtone so you can identify (close) to who is calling.

      You are provided with a storing facility on the phone memory that allows up to 50 peoples name and numbers, storing them alphabetically, which once has been set up, can act as your caller ID.

      You are provided with an answer machine which you can access on any three of the hand sets choosing whether you want to delete them or save them and all you do is press the menu button and your first choice is answer machine.
      The primary cradle has a little display screen on the base which will show you how many messages you have waiting in red for viewing and there is a play button on the right of the display, to the left of the display panel there is a plus and minus button for the volume, on the right of the play button you have skip back - stop - skip forward.

      The range for this phone is stated in the manuals as being "300m outdoors and 50m indoor"
      The main part of a phone is the sound and this one delivers 100% satisfactory, loud and clear crystal sound with no crackling or muffled sounds, depending how the connecting phone is sometimes you get like a delayed sound like an echo, but most of the time you never experience this.
      There are 100 hours of standby time and 10 hours of talk time.
      There is a loud speaker function on the handsets that you can have on or off, you can set your phone so that instead of pushing a button to answer it can be a voice answer, and just like any handset out there your phone will start to beep when the batteries are low and if you are going out of range then it will beep also.

      The hand set is comfortable against your ear and if you want to use your hands for a quick something you can have it against your shoulder and ear with absolute ease without the fear of it slipping and falling to it's death, they seem to be quite durable as they have fallen a few times with me but not from great heights.

      You can buy the BT Freestyle 750 Trio Dect Phone from Amazon for £89.99
      Which is a bit much to pay but you are provided with a lot of features.

      Final Thoughts

      This is a worth while product and has all the necessary functions you would want and then some, there is nothing left out of this product that requires you to get some kind of add on like you can get with other phones.
      So if this sounds like something you want but the price is a bit high, shop around because I'm sure you can get it for cheaper somewhere.


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        14.10.2009 19:06
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I love it

        ~~Embarrassingly large~~

        This was the whole family's first comment as I unwrapped our new set of BT phones. We were all used to the super slick, wafer thin, ultra sophisticated look of our mobiles, and seeing the large grey handsets with their extra big number buttons was just.... well... embarrassing!

        In fact the handset measures 3.6cm deep, 18cm high, and 5.8 cm wide - not that large really, and very comfortable to clutch between your ear and shoulder - this one will not give you neck cramp! The giant buttons are really easy to use and you can actually see the writing on the yellow digital display panel! I quickly Googled the product name to find out other peoples' opinion, and found myself surprisingly unaffected by a plethora of glowing reports from elderly, disabled and partially sighted users. This phone is great - who cares what it looks like?

        ~~Easy peasy!~~

        The phone comes with a double sided A3 sheet of instructions - although I understand that this minimal information has been a problem for some users, I found that the phone was so simple to set up and use that I could use every function without having to even glance at the instruction sheet. For those who need detailed advice, there is a full user manual available to download from the BT site - but I applaud BT on their paper saving policies.

        The handset itself has very few buttons to confuse the user. A large X with the word BACK next to it, sits next to a large tick with the word MENU next to it. Apart from a button labelled PHONEBOOK, and the green ON button with a red OFF button, these are the only function buttons on the front of the handset. Fantastically simple!
        On the side of the phone are up and down arrows that are used to scroll up and down the menu.

        ++Answer Machine++
        Pressing the MENU once shows ANSWER MACHINE in large letters on the display panel. From here you can listen or to or delete your messages from any of the three handsets, as well as change the outgoing message. The answer machine has a 15 minute recording time, and the base unit flashes when there is a message waiting. A message counter tells you how many messages you have waiting, or saved.

        ++Ring tones++
        There are 10 monophonic ringtones available for the handset, and you can choose one for internal calls and one for external calls. The tones range from shrill, to 'fire alarm', to melodic - but there is nothing too offensive or raucous on the list. It is simple to select your ringtone and select the volume that you want.

        You can input 50 names and numbers into the directory, and this also acts as a caller display for incoming calls. I was delighted to find that the entries arranged themselves alphabetically once they were input - a great improvement on some of my cheaper phones. You do however still have to scroll through each entry to find the one you want - there is no search function.

        Every entry can be assigned to a group (friend, VIP, family, etc) with that group's own individual ringtone.

        As you would expect from a phone in this price bracket, phonebook entries can be easily copied over from one handset to another through the menu function, avoiding the need to input each number three times.
        There is also a 5 number redial list and a 10 number calls list - both very easy to use via the MENU button.

        ++Power and range++
        The quality of the sound is very loud and clear. Occasionally it is almost too powerful and there is an echoey quality, which is not ideal. The range is excellent, and I have never experienced interference on the line or lost a connection. There is a 50m range indoors, and up to 300m range outdoors. The phone has up to 10 hours talktime and 100 hours standby time. Once again this is ideal for the elderly, who may want to have the handset resting next to them for a long period of time as they sit, avoiding the need to jump up every time there is a call.

        ++Other features++
        Handsfree. The automatic setting on the handset is to autotalk - so if the phone is ringing and you lift the receiver you can talk without pressing any button. If the phone rings and you press the green ON button, the loudspeaker is activated. This can take some getting used to, but is a very simple feature to switch on and off during a call. Equally, pressing the BACK button during a call switches on the mute, or secrecy function. Pressing it once more switches the mute off.

        ++Handset warning beeps++
        This can be set to go off if the handset is out of range or the battery is low. A useful function.

        ++GAP compatible++
        I had to look this up! It stands for Generic Access Profile, which means you can use any compatible handset with any base unit: e.g. a Panasonic GAP handset will work with a BT GAP compatible unit.

        ++Handset naming++
        Each handset can be given an individual name. This is a completely useless function, but I still love it, and have given each of mine their own little nickname - to the humiliation of my children.

        ~~Special features for those who need it~~

        This phone is particularly suitable for the elderly or partially sighted. It is compatible with digital hearing aids; the earpiece volume can be easily turned up during a call, using the arrows on the side of the phone; the ring tone can be set to loud and clear; the buttons can easily be used by those with arthritis, without fear of pushing the wrong buttons by mistake; and the display panel has very large lettering with an excellent orange backlight that makes it easy to see. The ringer volume on the base unit can also be turned up to maximum if required for those who are hard of hearing.

        Other reviewers have related tales of disabled 82 year old technophobes using this phone with ease, and many others with poor eyesight say that it is the best phone that they have ever owned.

        ~~Do I love it?~~

        My phone was half price from Argos at £44.99. It was definitely a bargain.
        I cannot heap enough praise on this phone. It is not sophisticated, it is not clever, it is not stylish - it is a good, simple sturdy phone that does absolutely everything you would want from a phone.

        Why be proud? I choose functionality and practicality over beauty and sophistication every time!


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