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BT Freestyle 750 Twin

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    3 Reviews
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      23.09.2013 21:01
      Very helpful
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      These phones have been very good but I am going up replace them because of the battery

      WHAT IS IT?

      A set of 2 cordless telephones to use from the same single phone line.


      I have had these telephones for about 3 years and they have always been very good but now the battery has started to be very weak on the main handset so I have got to look for another set now. That is a shame because I like these phones very much.

      They are silver and the one I have downstairs is on the bigger unit and that is the one that holds an answering machine also. The unit for our bedroom phone is a lot smaller and it is only to place the phone on for charging with no buttons to press or other functions.

      The answering machine is good, it is built into the base so that it does not take up extra room and the messages are recorded direct into it and not onto a tape. It comes in after the 5th ring unless you turn off the machine and I have never been able to find how to set it to more or less rings because sometimes I would like for there to be more rings before the recorded message comes on to give me the time to get to the phone. I have left the prerecorded message on because I do not like to talk into machines and my husband could not speak slow enough to make himself very plain for a personal message. You can save messages when you have listened to them or delete them straightaway, the saved messages will not be deleted until you press delete yourself and it does not matter how long you have kept them for.


      I have been happy with my BT telephones and I am replacing them only because it is so expensive to get a new battery that I might as well buy new phones for a little bit of extra cost.

      The sound when I am talking to someone is very clear and there is never any interference even when I take the handset into the kitchen. You can use the telephones up to quite a long way away from their base but it is obvious that you will not be able to walk down the road without it cutting off. I have used mine near to my back door but when I am standing outside, and I have taken the telephone around the side of the house also if my husband is working on one of the cars on the driveway and someone is phoning to speak to him.

      The phones have a speaker on them but I think it is hard to hear through that and the battery goes down very quickly when I am using the speaker so I do not do that very often. When we have a power cut the phones will not work and that is bad but I think all cordless phones are the same when that happens.

      The phones look a little bit old fashioned because they are very square and quite bulky comparing to other cordless phones that are made by BT. I care about design so have never liked the look of these even though you can change the wallpaper for different looks when they are plugged in, you can also name each phone to save from mixing them up but I have not done this because our upstairs one does not come downstairs or the downstairs one never goes upstairs. I like that you can save some telephone numbers for speed dial but I don't remember ever what number I have set to each preset so I get mixed up and sometimes I think that it would be quicker for me to dial the number.


      Our twin pack of telephones cost about £40 but that was a few years ago and I think they might even not have been brand new then but I cannot remember. I think I might have bought them as refurbished on Ebay.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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        31.03.2012 18:32
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        If you still have a landline this is a good phone to have

        I was given this handset by my work when they upgraded to a newer version. I know that landlines are old hat now but I had to get one installed in order to receive my o2 broadband.

        This phone is cordless, and unlike the picture I only have the one on the right which is the voicemail hub as well as being a docking station to charge the phone.

        It only works when it has enough battery charged, so it needs to be plugged in all the time which is a bit of a drain on the electric bill. However I have it turned off most of the time, and when I know that my mum is going to call she always uses the landline, so I turn it on for 15mins before.

        The best thing about this phone is that when it is docked it also works as a speakerphone, so you dont need to walk around holding the phone with your shoulder if your doing something else. The volume can be adjusted for both the speaker and in ear phone so if you are doing something loud you may still be able to hear.

        There are several ringtones all as bad as the other, the voicemails get recorded and all you have to do is press play to hear them.

        This phone has really large buttons, they are quite clicky and also bleep when you press them. Its also really robust, I have dropped the phone several times and it continued with the call. It has also been used loads at my work for around a year, and I have now had it for another year and the call quality is crystal!

        If you still use a landline this is fab to have as a voicemail service, and also to store phone numbers as it can have 50, easily entered through the handset.


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        05.11.2011 16:02
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        good, reliable phone

        I purchased the BT freestyle cordless phone a few years ago, it cost around £45
        It is a cordless telephone, which comes with a twin handset which can be placed in another room in the house.
        The quality of the sound in the phone is very good and there is a volume button so it can be adjusted according to your preference.
        The handset is quite large approx 7 inches but on the plus side this means that the buttons are larger and easy to see.
        There is a phonebook which holds approx 50 numbers and is accessed from a button on the handset.
        There is a choice of ringers and volumes which you can select according to your preference.
        There is an answering machine feature, the play/pause delete and volume settings for the answering machine are located on the main base, not the twin base, however you can listen to and delete messages on both handsets. The handsets will also display when there is a new message on the machine.
        There is a find button on the main base to locate the handset if it goes missing. This function is extremely useful with a cordless phone, however it can sometimes be difficult to hear the paging sound (especially if the phone is buried in the sofa)
        The battery life is good on the handsets they can be left off the base for a couple of days before the battery would run out. They automatically recharge when returned to the base. There is a bar on the handset display showing how much life is left in the battery.
        There is an intercom button on each of the handsets, which is particularly useful if you want to talk to your family members who are upstairs or in another room.
        The only criticism which I would have with the phone is that when you answer with one handset you cannot pick up the call with the other handset. This means that if the phone is answered upstairs and the call is for someone downstairs, someone will have to run up or down to pass the phone over. However it means that people cannot listen to your conversation using the other handset.


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    • Product Details

      BT cordless phone with answering machine and big buttons. / 50 Name and Number Directory Caller display with 20 number calls list and 5 number redial list Ringer volume control and visual ring indicator Earpiece volume control and inductive coupler (for use with hearing aids) Handsfree/Speaker Phone Up to 15 minutes record time on answering machine Up to 10 hours talktime and 100 hours standby time Low energy power supply

      Technical Data

      Product Description: BT Freestyle 750 Twin - cordless phone - answering system with caller ID/call waiting + additional handset
      Product Type: Cordless phone answering system with caller ID/call waiting + additional handset
      Cordless Phone Standard: DECTGAP
      Answering System: Digital
      Intercom: Yes
      Speakerphone: Yes
      Caller ID: Yes
      Call Services: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Hold
      Display: LCD display - monochrome
      Display (2nd): LED display - monochrome
      Body Colour: Grey