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BT Graphite 1100 Trio

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2013 20:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good quality phones for the price, good range and easy to use

      I have owned these 3 BT Graphite phones for over a year now and they are wonderful quality for such basic home units. I really wanted an answer machine but I have an office phone at home also and a mobile so didn't feel it was absolutely necessary now family and friends try the mobile when I don't answer

      They are sturdy phones with a slightly wide barrel to them that tapers off towards the top of the handset, and each one has a lit plastic panel on the front. They use half the amount of electricity than the average house phone but I am particularly impressed with the sound quality of the calls. I own a Philips phone for my business and the sound on that is nowhere near as good as my BT Graphite phones and to the point I am thinking of swapping them out.
      These phones are cordless and sit on a base unit for charging. The backlight colour is blue and the menu is easy to navigate on the phones. They have a phonebook which can store up to 50 numbers, on the website I purchased them from they did say it was 100 numbers but this isn't the case.

      Each phone has caller display so its easy to decide whether to answer or not, I believe my husband filters calls when he thinks the 'monster in law' is calling! There is a handsfree option if you fancy sharing your calls or like me, usually have your hands tied to some food preparation episode and are unable to hold said phone to your ear. There is also a 50 number all log which is great, it enables you to redial at your leisure, its an easy scroll on the menu to see each call and also there is a facility to delete each call individually or delete all at once.

      I love the choice of ringtones but in fairness, there would only be about 3 I would use out of the total 16 available. They are fair quality and the ones I would chose are pretty gentle on the ear, they don't blast around the house but generally have you running to find the phone which will often prove difficult as they are not that loud on the ring itself.

      Once you have drained the battery in each unit, it will give an audible bleep in your ear as a warning, giving a few minutes to swap the phone over if needed, thankfully its only you who hears this as your caller hears nothing but your conversation. They can take a little time to recharge (over and hour to enable you to make a few calls) but this isn't a problem when you have 3 sitting around. I have tried to use these phones anywhere but in the house and garden and the range for them is pretty good for that, my garden is about 20 feet long and the sound doesn't falter even when im at the bottom of the garden.

      The setup is really quick and easy, you plug one unit into the mains and the phone line and the other then only need a power supply (no extra lines needed) so I have 1 unit upstairs, 1 in the lounge and 1 in the kitchen although I do tend for find all 3 phones sitting on my sofa by the end of the day!
      There is no facility for text on this phone but again, I wasn't expecting that when I bought them.

      One downside to these phones is that once you enter your phone number s into the phone you need to update on all the other phones as they don't automatically port across, I usually just go to redial as mostly I have called the people from each unit at some point and their numbers are then stored.

      Great little phones on a basic level, good sound quality and reliable


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      17.01.2012 17:22
      Very helpful



      If you can spare the extra money, go for something with better audio quality

      @ About, Build Quality @

      These phones come as a trio and have chargers as bases, normally when they are on charge they will light up with a red LED and make a long "beep" noise. They will also make a fast two beep noise when they are getting low on battery - unfortunately they make this noise when you're on the phone too, and it's quite loud andy our ear and the person on the other end of the line can hear this.

      The phones are made from solid plastic and the buttons are rubber. At the back of the phone there is a battery compartment which takes two batteries. For some reason there is also a foam pad on the back of the battery case, and it takes quite a bit of effort to get the case off to change the batteries. Still, you can leave rechargeable batteries in for several months on end as I have done, and they will still only need recharging for about 2 hours to get an hours use out of them. It depends on which batteries you want to use in order to get the most life out of them. with brand new rechargeable batteries in they can call for up to 600 minutes.

      I typically get about 35m out of range before I start to notice is drop in signal quality, and this is usually breaking up of a call line, reduced sound quality and a crackling phone line. The phones do however show what signal quality you have in the top left corner of the screen. The screen itself is a greenish tint and has clear digital text on the front reading which hand set is in use. It also has a battery bar on the right which is not accurate when the battery gets low. I often find that half the battery drains in 40 minutes and then when the batteries are getting really low, the bar drops much faster.

      @ Sound / Call Quality @

      When the phones ring they make a three tone beeping noise twice in quick succession. Then there is a pause before they do this again. They are quite loud and can be heard through thick wooden doors a couple rooms away, but they are not ear piercing - Three of them going off at the same time is loud but again, won't be painful when you pick the phone up.

      On loud speaker audio quality is reduced and there is a strain on the speaker at high volume. The loud speaker is about as loud as the ringing but the other persons voice becomes more muffled and hard to hear. On the regular speaker at a quiet volume sound quality is ok, but people who speak closer to the microphone can sometimes be muffled and unclear. Don't forget these do have adjustable volume controls but I normally have them on full volume which is not uncomfortable.

      @ Overall @

      These phones are average. They have good build quality and dropping them wont smash them to smithereens but equally their sound and call quality could be improved. I would recommend these if they are at the top of your budget but if you can spare the extra few quid and pay more, get something of better quality.


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  • Product Details


    Call waiting

    10 last number redial

    Secrecy facility

    Alarm setting

    5 handset and 5 base ringer melodies

    Base and handset ringer volume control

    Earpiece volume control

    Keypad lock

    Handset power on/off

    Up to 10 hours talktime and 100 hours standby time

    Range of up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors

    Technical Data

    Product Description: BT Graphite 1100 Trio - cordless phone with caller ID/call waiting + 2 additional handsets
    Product Type: Cordless phone with caller ID/call waiting + 2 additional handsets
    Cordless Phone Standard: DECTGAP
    Intercom: Yes
    Speakerphone: Yes
    Caller ID: Yes
    Call Services: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer
    Display: LCD display - monochrome