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BT Graphite 1500 Trio

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    4 Reviews
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      14.05.2011 18:08



      If they was half the price i'd have to thing twice at buying these

      I bought these phones from ebay as i've never been one for paying full price for anything. All I can say is i'm glad a didnt pay full price for them.

      The good points about these is its only the main base unit that needs to be plugged into a telephone socket the other two can be plugged into the mains this was the main reason for me buying them so I could have a phone upstairs. The battery life is fine the Mrs is always leaving them off the holdsters and it takes around 2/3 days of them been off before they start beeping indicating that they need charging. The singal is also more than acceptable i've been outside around 40 mtrs away from the base unit and the reception was fine.

      Now for the bad points, you could say what do you expect for £70 but i'd have like them to have colour screens rather than something that looks like a calculator. There seems to be no option to change the ringtone on them which I would have expected. Also it may just be me but i find when i hold the phone up against my shoulder I often press the button that puts the phone down but this could just be me. The biggest problem I have with these phones is the actual sound quality. When your using the phone normally its nothing better than the cheap phone I used to have with my old dial up modem but the hands free speaker quality is absolutly awfull its like the first hands free on the old mobiles far too loud and tinny.

      To summarise i'm sure with a bit of hunting around you can get far better phones for £70.00


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      02.04.2011 10:28
      Very helpful


      • Reliability



      We upgraded to this three phone set from BT a few months ago after our old phone had an unfortunate meeting with a sink full of water and met a soggy end. The phones come with three seperate bases, two of the bases are merely recharging ports while the third one is the hub for the answerphone as well as charging the phone handset while it is connected to it.

      What I like about these phones is the simplicity of design and also the fact that they are easy to use, sure they have a lot of features but the instruction manual was very clear and easy to read and a lot of the features are intuitive or automatic making the use of them easy enough.

      Of course the call quality is very important and I have been impressed with the quality of the sound and also the rather good range that they have. No crackling or lost signal issues have arisen over the last couple of months of use. The technical spec says they have a 50m range indoors and 300m outside, I cannot say that I have tested either claim, all I do know is that they work just fine in my house.

      The phones seem to be holding their charge really well, difficult to say how long they would last as having three phones they tend to be strewn around a bit however there were certainly no issues after a 90 minute chin wag the other day with a friend (thankfully on a free tariff deal so hubby will not go mad)

      The answer machine can store 12 minutes worth of messages and the phone system has such things as caller id, a secrecy button, intercom and a key pad lock which will be useful for when little miss starts to get older. The phone can store up to 50 contact numbers which is not a lot but enough for those you call on a regular basis.

      We paid £65 for the set which compared well with other triple phone packages however this was a sale price. So far I have not really found any major faults with this cheap phone set other than the ring tones are a bit naff. Certainly one to look out for if you are on a tight budget but want extra handsets.


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      29.03.2011 19:41
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great cordless house phone

      I have got this phone because I wanted a cordless phone that I could carry around the house, and mainly so I could talk in bed haha. I got it from Sainsbury for £39.99 which is a bargain.

      The phone has a built in answering machine where you can record up to 12minutes. It has a 50 name and number directory so no need for the phone book anymore (well for your first 50 ppl) the phone gives you a selection of 5 different ring tones and volumes. It says you get around 10 hours talk time but I have not actually checked this as I usually put it back on charge when I'm finished with it. It has good range which I was happy about, meant I could answer the phone in bed, the garden and all over the house. You got 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. The phone comes with caller Id so you can see who is calling, this is good when you don't want to answer the phone to certain people lol. You get some other good features like low battery warning and out of range warning which is good because it gives you time to quickly fix the problem.
      The phone came with two rechargeable batteries so need to buy lots of new ones which is good. The brand is BT and can be used on any phone line. It a nice black colour and good looking design. I believe it was made in Japan and the phone size was around 170mm height and 120 in depth and 150 width with a weight of 0.45g.

      The phone comes with a stand charging unit that needs to be plugged into the mains. You can also play back messages from the base which is cool, no need to listen down the phone.

      The phone:
      The phone looks really nice and stylish and is ergonomically made well. It fits into my hand well and feels comfy when I'm on the phone. The phone was really easy to use, the main features are very simple but most phones are the same. To use the other features they are really to use to but can be easily followed using the instructions. Another good feature is that it has a keypad lock.

      The phone is really good. It does a lot and looks really good. I really like this phone and think that the range is really good. The battery life has been really good so far and the storing names and numbers feature is really good. Saves me looking up people's numbers. I would give this phone a really high rating.


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      27.06.2010 20:53
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A bit steep but ok for free

      We were given these phones from BT as a gift for being good customers when we hinted we were going to leave them so to me they are a bargain as they were free. They consist of three phones of which two stand on a plain base for recharging and one has an answerphone base.

      The main phone -
      this is the one that has the answerphone base and has the following feaures -
      Answer machine - up to 12 mins recording time
      Message playback from base
      Message counter
      Hands free speakerphone
      Prepatory dialling
      Handset paging
      Secrecy button
      LCD display
      Earpiece volume control
      Alarm Call transfer
      Call timer
      Keypad lock
      Ringtones - 5 Ringer volume control on handset and base

      Sounds a lot but it is actually pretty basic, the answer machine is easy to use, it shows the number of messages on a display and as you listen to them they can be deleted or they can be saved. I must admit though I have never used the alarm call transfer, call timer or prepatory dialling (what ever that is!!). Maybe I am missing out on something I dont know but I am happy to be blissfully ignorant! It does have a button that you press on the base that makes the phone ring so you can find it which is a god send in my house as it always goes missing. (maybe thats what the prepatory dialling is!!!)

      The other two phones are the same phone but the base is plain and lighter than the main one.

      The ring tones -
      These are just very basic tones which consist of a number of different pitches not different tunes so dont get excited.

      The Battery -
      The battery life when not on the base is not to bad as it can go a whole day without being on the base and still have life in it. It beeps when in use when the battery is low so you are aware it needs charging but it has never ran out on me mid call. It also has a battery sign on the display which shows how much life it has in it.

      The signal range -
      It has quite a good signal range of 50m indoor, 300m outdoor, I can stroll halfway down my street and still be connected which I think is good.

      Other little things I like are that it shows who is calling before you answer which is very handy and it also stores up to 50 phone numbers. You can also have a four way conversation as you can be conected to someone out of the home and have all three inside listening to the same conversation. You can also phone upstairs to another phone which I supose would be usefull if you have a huge house.

      I have just looked online and see you can pick them up for around £75 for the set of three which I must say I would not pay, they are a good phone but for that money I would want a lot more.

      The only downside is that in a powercut the phone does not ring or work due to relying on a plug socket.


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  • Product Details

    Digital answering machine with up to 12 minutes recording time

    10 last number redial

    50 entry phonebook

    Caller display with 40 number calls list

    Handsfree handset speaker

    Call waiting

    Add extra handsets without adding phone sockets

    Technical Data

    Product Description: BT Graphite 1500 Trio - cordless phone - answering system with caller ID/call waiting + 2 additional handsets
    Product Type: Cordless phone answering system with caller ID/call waiting + 2 additional handsets
    Cordless Phone Standard: DECTGAP
    Answering System: Digital
    Intercom: Yes
    Speakerphone: Yes
    Caller ID: Yes
    Call Services: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer
    Display: LCD display - monochrome
    Display (2nd): LED display - monochrome