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BT Graphite Single 1500

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5 Reviews
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    5 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 12:37
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great phone with a great price tag!

      What a great phone, my previous was the stand phone with no screen so this really is my step up into the world of modern phones! - Well at least for phones which stay stationary (at least the base that is).

      This phone looks great and comes with a great price to match so if you do want a hassle free that does the basics then snap this up today! I barely use any of the features on this phone so let me get into pros and cons and an overall!

      It looks great, the black material has a gloss but not of a cheap one
      The buttons are large - which is also what I like in a home phone
      You can buy multiple packs of these for your house - which although I haven't - it's still a bonus
      Great signal - I live in quite a large house and i still get great signal if I take the phone out into the garden during the summer!
      Easy to save numbers and it's also easy to select
      Loud: It really is loud and it would be hard not to notice this phone!
      Never loose your phone again - Press one button on the main machine and it will call your phone!

      It gets dirty quite easily - for example the screen is the main issue
      In a world of LED screens, the screen on this phone just looks dirty and a little out dated
      We have some issues with setting the date so the answer phone always says the wrong time! - Probably easy to fix but you know how things are...

      I don't want to say it again but truly a great phone! I'm yet to have any major issues with it and because of that I'm not looking to upgrade! - So it must be doing something right!


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      10.09.2011 14:10
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      would recommend

      I have had BT Graphite 1500 Telephone with Answer Machine (single) for the past 2 years and I am very pleased with it. It is a black modern looking phone that is easy to use. It has a lovely small base, so you can put it anywhere and doesn't take a lot of space.

      The instructions that come with the phone are very short with a title quick start guide. They are on double sided A3 paper and for me that was sufficient to set up all that I needed. The instructions are very easy to use.There is a website also included in the instruction stating that more detailed instructions and a full user guide is available for download.

      I am not going to go through all the specifications and technical terms i.e. screen is monochrome, lcd display is 14 segment and so on, as that means very little to me. I was more interested to know that it:

      Stores 50 numbers and names in the phone book
      Up to 10 hours talk time
      Up to 100 hours standby time
      10 ring tones
      Speaker volume control
      Hands-free speakerphone
      40 call log
      Caller ID (depends on service provider)
      12 minutes recording time on the answer machine

      Let me start from the most important specification, in my opinion, which is talking hours or simply life of the batteries. My previous phone use to pack up half way through the conversation (I know that I do talk a lot on the phone, but never the less I did expect the battery to last at least hour, hour and a half), so I am very pleased that I can still talk as much as I like and the battery is lasting. After 2 years I am yet to experience that beep when the battery is going low.

      Next one is phone book and as I mentioned before it can hold up to 50 names and phone numbers, which is great. The only thing is that when the phone rings and the name appear, it is not very clear to see the name or number of the person calling. So, unless I have my specs on, I have no chance in the evening seeing who is calling (daytime is better).

      It has 10 simple but nice choices of ringtones which are absolutely great to hear.
      Also it has a very good sound quality while talking and I can adjust the volume on the handset while talking, which is very convenient.

      Regarding the answer phone it can store 12min recording time. The only downside is that there is no 'beep' to tell you that you have got a message, but have to walk to the base to look if any messages are left. It only displays the number of messages left. The number of the messages left does flash on the base, but I sometimes forget to walk to the phone when I come in to see if any left.

      In my opinion this is a nice, modern looking phone with a lot of excellent features.


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      19.09.2010 15:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A nice looking phone without having to spend a fortune

      I recently bought this phone on eBay and got it as a bargain so wasn't sure what to expect but I'm glad to report I appear to have struck lucky.

      I don't tend to use the home phone a lot as both myself and my wife get the free call time on our mobiles as do most on a contract, however we do still use the home phone from time to time and of course to receive calls. It was due to this fact we didn't want to spend a lot of money, but like all of us we still wanted to get value for our money.

      The key features of this phone are

      - Digital answering machine
      - 50 Entry phone book
      - Caller display
      - 40 number call list
      - Hands free speaker

      Some of additional features are

      - Call waiting
      - 10 last number redial
      - Secrecy facility
      - Alarm setting
      - 5different tones on handset and base
      - Base and handset volume control
      - Earpiece volume control
      - Keypad lock
      - Handset power on and off
      - Auto talk feature
      - Up to 10 hours talk time
      - Up to 100 hours standby time
      - Range of up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors
      - Out of range and low battery warnings

      The answering machine feature is fine addition to the phone and definitely warranted the money we paid. It comes with up to 12 minutes recording time, base unit loudspeaker and can also be accessed remotely.

      Another feature which we are thinking of taking advantage of is being able to add extra handsets, it can handle up to 5 handsets which means you could have one in most rooms. I don't think I would go that far but another handset in the bed room would be very handy to save the long run down the stairs only to find the caller has rung off just as you picked up.

      If you are paying for 1571 why not stop that and use the free answering machine on this phone, yet another way of saving money in our current financial climate.

      All in all if you are looking for decent phone with lots of features but don't want to spend a lot of your hard earned money then this is the one for you!

      For a change, nice one BT!


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      09.08.2010 12:39
      Very helpful



      Well worth getting, a reliable phone

      The BT Graphite 1500 is a simple but fairly effective phone that does everything you need without hundreds of features you can't work our how to use anyway.

      The main grab of this product is that it has an answering machine, which was handy when my mother became self employed and was getting messages all day. Paying BT to take our messages seemed senseless when we could have one on a simple machine like ours.

      The handset is wireless, which is very handy for taking calls anywhere. I don't know exactly how far the range is but i've stood at the bottom of my garden and still been able to take a call! Very good for mothers who want to carry on doing what they were doing, or people who want to make a private call.

      Feature wise, it has everything you could want really. The number of a caller is displayed so you can easily ignore pesky telemarketers. It will also tell you when a call is international too. The 'redial' button gives you a list of the 20 most recently dialed numbers, and the 'calls' button tells you the 20 most recently received calls. Handy to press a number rather than calling 1471! There is a secrecy button on the phone so you can put your caller on hold, too. The find button on the base is very useful too for when you cant find the handset - just press find and wherever the phone is, it will start ringing. You wouldn't believe the number of times i've found it down the back of the sofa!

      The answering machine holds up to 10 minutes of data, which obviously depends on the length of messages but is usually about 20-30 messages for us. There is also the feature that you can answer the phone whilst a message is being recorded, so if that caller is telling you that you've won the lottery you can still pick up! (:

      My only small grievance with this device is that when putting a call on loudspeaker, the sound crackles and can fade in and out.

      But other than that, for the price, a well recommended product.


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      23.03.2010 13:48
      Very helpful



      Its not bad?

      Just bought this phone and not liking it at all! It feels quite bulky and I always seem to be dropping it?
      When I've finished with it and put it back in it's base and it seems to be in and when I let go it falls out!

      It's fine to use and I can work it out when putting numbers in the phonebook but not as easy as previous phones? I'm very lazy with reading instructions and have gone without them for 25 years so why am I finding this not as easy? Especially this day and age! To be honest I haven't yet read the instructions and don't really need them so it's not hard to use just complicating.

      It's shiny black- very stylish and looks the business.

      It has a digital answer phone so that's one very good thing, I haven't got to pay BT for the use! You can pre-record your own message and it holds upto 12 minutes of recording's.

      It cost me £39.98 and is guaranteed for 12 months.
      It has call waiting where it beeps to let you know that someone is calling you whilst your on the phone.
      A 50 entry phonebook if your that popular!!
      Caller display with 40 number calls list.
      A handsfree speaker.
      Secrecy facility.
      5 handset and 5 base ringer melodies, all quite good tunes.
      Earpiece, bas and handset volume control.
      Keypad lock.
      Upto 10 hours talktime!! 100 hours standby time.
      Range of 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors? Don't really get this one as I thought it would be the other way around! But still good range either way!

      This phone is ok purchase for its price as it's quite cheap and you can buy more handsets if required.

      I hope this has been useful for you.


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