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BT Graphite Single 2500

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4 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Good ringing sound
  • Loses range a little bit
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    4 Reviews
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      16.05.2016 12:46
      Very helpful


      • "Long charge"
      • "Good ringing sound"
      • "Easy to use"
      • "Good sound"


      • "Loses range a little bit"

      Great volume and sound, and a completely unmissable ringing tone

      What is it?

      This phone, from BT, is a handheld and cordless phone which can be plugged in anywhere you have a phone line. It is a home phone not a mobile phone.

      What I think?

      This phone my family bought as a replacement for a previous BT phone, as they are very reliable and last a long time. For a start we have noticed the quality of the sound that this phone produces is very good, and there have never been any problems on our end with the quality of the sound coming out of the phone or had anyone say they can't hear us. This phone is also incredibly easy to use - the instruction manual that comes with the phone is simple and not too long so a quick read tells you all you need to know - and things like accessing the voice mail or seeing who has called you is all made very easy. The other good thing is how loud and clear the ringing tone is - it does sound a little bit like a spaceship taking off but you would not mistake it for anything else so we never miss the phone. Finally on the good side is how long the charge on the phone lasts - whilst we tend to keep it on the base if you do forget and leave it off for days there is still charge on it which is really good and useful. The only slightly problem, which probably isn't that bad as it's designed as a home phone, is that we have a big house and if you go right to the ends of it then it does lose range just a little bit. I'm not saying you have to sit right by the base but you can't go too far.


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      05.08.2011 16:56



      Good phone, great value for money.

      Our last phone just packed in entirely and we needed a cheap house phone fast. This one seemed like a good choice, and its been working well so far.

      It was fairly low priced, the main reason for buying. We also needed a phone with an answering machine, and one that was cordless. It looks nice, is small enough to sit conspicuously in our living room, and has large easy to see buttons. The 'calls' and 'redial' function are extremely handy, and the answering machine is simple enough for anyone to use.

      Only a couple of minor gripes with this phone. One is that there is sometimes a little background fuzzy noise when making calls, and the other person can sound slightly quiet or muffled. The other issue is that when on loudspeaker, the call tends to crackle and break up a lot. That could just be our line though, it's hard to tell.

      Overall very useful product and I would recommended.


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      10.05.2011 09:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Well worth the money - a great allrounder

      As I have recently redecorated my lounge to a contemporary style, my old phone was looking very out of place. I then embarked on the search for a new one. There are so many phones out there which are very similar but I was attracted to the sleek design of this particular model. As I live alone, I bought the one handset model but these phones are available with two handsets or even more (up to four) if required.


      BT Graphite 2500 Telephone with Answer Machine - Single.


      50 name and number memories.

      10 ringtones.

      Last number redial.

      Caller ID.

      Call log.

      Call transfer.

      Call waiting.

      Handsfree facility.

      Speaker and ringer volume control.


      Up to 10 hours talktime/100 hours standby.

      Up to 50m indoor range/300m outdoor range.

      Answer machine:

      25 mins recording time.

      2 pre-recorded messages.

      Personalised recording facility.

      Message playback from handset and base.

      EAN/Barcode: 5016351613948.

      General Comments

      This phone is a very sleek and modern design, lovely black colour and would fit well into any decor.
      Very easy installation and it ready to use. However, it was recommended that the phone was charged for 24 hours and it was well over that amount (nearly 36 hours) before my phone was fully charged up.

      This phone is ideal as long as you don't have too many friends, family or takeway numbers that you need to program in. 50 names and numbers does seem an adequate amount but believe me 50 slots do not go very far. I felt a little like a bride to be - having to choose who to attend the wedding breakfast - and ultimately having to delete some people off to fit everyone I needed to in!

      A real bonus of this phone is the online manual - it covers every eventuality and goes into great detail and is very easy to follow. This is a real plus for us technophobes out there as it is so refreshing to have online support which tells you how to do things in plain english instead of jargon. For those who prefer a written book version there is no need to panic - BT will send one out to you free of charge if this is your preferred option.

      There does seem to be a lot of background crackling on the line which I will mention but I have yet to investigate if this is the actual phone or my current landline. I am having the line checked out in the next week so I will be editing this review so as to give you a clearer answer to this point.

      I would not recommend this phone to anyone who has any sight problems. The blue screen makes it very difficult to see on ocassions.

      With a great hands free speakerphone facility and adjustable volume, it is ideal for the times when you inevitably have to get in touch with a call centre - you can even turn down the dreaded Vivaldi hold music which was a real treat!

      One thing I would suggest to anyone thinking of buying this phone is to look daily on the price comparison sites as I found that they did tend to change on a daily basis - that way you will be guarenteed the best price possible. Also, look at discount code sites as I managed to get extra off mine by typing in a simple code at the checkout stage. I bought my phone from Argos at £29.99 which I think is a brilliant price for a phone of this quality.

      Also on Ciao


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      04.02.2011 20:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good phone with features to meet most needs

      When we hand a home phone line installed aroung 6 months ago we needed to purchase a new handset. We had a few simple requirements that we were looking for the handset to meet - it needed to be cordless, have an answer phone, a ringer that could be turned right down and also off with the ability to tell if someone is ringing simply by the phone flashing (a feature known as a 'visual indicator'). This particular feature was important to us as we didn't want a ringing phone to disturb sleeping children. So, we searched online for several hours to find a phone to meet our, what we thought were few, requirements. It soon became evident that there were not many options open to us that met these requirements, that's when we stumbled across the BT Graphite 2500, priced at £39.97.

      The phone has an answerphone which is operated from the base, this has 25 minutes of recording time. The packaging states that the phone has a 300m outdoor and 50m indoor range from the base. I have not tested this to these limits, but the the phone has worked in every room of my house and the line has remained clear. There is also capacity to store 50 names and numbers in the phonebook, a visual caller display, last number redial and hands-free option (as long as you remain near to the base).

      There are five ringtone melodies to select from - all very basic and some very shrill but there are one or two softer ones that can be selected. The ring volume can be adjusted, but even on the minimum it is still quite load and easily heard throughout the house. The phone has a blue backlight, which can be used as a visual ring indicator.

      The phone is charged by standing on the base, which is plugged in. Once removed from the base, the phone remains charged for either 100 hours on standby or for 10 hours of talktime. I've found that it perhaps doesn't last quite so long in talk time, but generally I'd replace the phone on the base after talking anyway so am unlikely to ever require 10 hours anyway.

      **The Look**
      The phone looks modern and slimline, with smooth contours. The buttons on the base are small and there is also a red LED light which tells you how many messages are on your answerphone. The phone is attractive and does not take up alot of space so you could easily keep it on a narrow surface or windowsill. The one problem we found was that there was quite a long electrical cable attached to the base but this was easily remedied by neatening up with cable ties. Of course, this could also be a benefit to you if you intended to keep the phone at a distance from an electrical socket.

      **Ease of use & performance**
      The phone is simple to use and works pretty much like a mobile - with which most people will be familiar these days. The one thing we did initially struggle with was changing the ring melody and volume. We did this via the handset and it appeared to have saved as when we went back in to check the correct ringer and volume played. However, on receipt of our first incoming phone call we almost jumped out of our skins when it rang at factory settings (the shrillest melody, at the loudest volume). Out came the instructions and, after several minutes of fiddling and test calls we eventually worked out how to change this (keeping the phone on the base whilst doing the amendments was key!).

      I'm very satisfied with this phone, it does everything we need and is really simple to use. Any messages that are left on the answerphone are also really clear and of good quality, rather than muffled like they can be on some machines. It was simple to set up and, after a few initial teething problems with changing the settings, basic to amend things such as caller volume when you are on a call. It also looks pretty stylish too, which is an added bonus.


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