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BT Studio 3500 Single

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      16.03.2012 22:31
      Very helpful



      Good value for money with good all round functionality.

      We originally bought one of these phones around 3 years ago because we were looking for a cheap cordless phone with an answering machine. However, we had to replace it after just over a year as it stopped working and was just out of warranty! Nonetheless, we were happy to replace it with the same because despite its` faults, it is very good value for money.

      Generally the phone is adequate. Plus points are that it's cheap, fairly small, has an answering machine with a reasonable message capacity and the handset has a reasonable battery life. Minus points are that the sound quality isn't great - it's quite crackly (although if you've got reasonably good hearing, this probably won't bother you too much) and the microphone in the handset is quite directional i.e. your mouth has to be in just the right place for the microphone to pick your voice up well. I really struggle to be heard when I`m using this phone yet I have no problem at all being heard on my mobile. However, my husband has no problem at all!

      Would I recommend this? Yes, providing the crackly audio won't get on your nerves!


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      06.10.2011 08:55
      Very helpful
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      A pretty good phone

      To be honest it is very rare that I use my house phone because I have a mobile which is on a contract that offers more free minutes than I could possibly use. However, when my husband and I split up I needed to get a phone line activated in my new home so that I could get the internet and so I decided that I would purchase a cordless phone with an answering machine so that should I be out and about and someone did call they could at least leave a message. The phone which I chose to buy was the BT Studio 3500 single.

      When the phone arrived it was nicely packed in a small cardboard box. On unpacking the phone I was pleased enough with the look of the phone. It is a silver plastic base and phone which ok doesn't look as trendy as some of the newer cordless phones but I wasn't really worried about this. The base of the product has all of the buttons required for the answer machine and a panel which will flash when you have a message. The actual phone again is silver with all of the buttons you will require to make a call as well as menu buttons for adding data to the phone book and such like.

      Setting up the phone was relatively simple as far as adding names and numbers to the address book goes. You can add up to fifty numbers in to the address book which is handy for when you have caller id with your phone plan because it will automatically tell you the name of the person calling when they ring which makes it easy to screen calls! I struggled more setting up the answer machine as it said that I could record an outgoing message but it just wouldn't let me do it and so I have the bog standard automated "the person you are calling is not available at the moment, please leave a message". It annoyed me at first but to be honest it isn't that often anyone leaves me a message to hear it anyway!

      The phone itself fits nicely in my hand but also fits well to my ear when I am walking around on the phone, usually on hold, and trying to put away my washing as well! The phone has no issues in being transported around the house with me and I find that the quality of the call doesn't alter when I do this. I find the sound quality to be ok but not crystal clear to be honest. It is easy to dial out with the phone as the buttons are a reasonable size and press easily and with very little effort.

      The phone has up to ten hours call time apparently....I am not about to test that one out but it can certainly handle a good hour when my friend and I get on the phone and are having a good natter! The phone also times how long you are on there so I will often hang up the phone and then think "oooops" when I see how long I have been on!

      If you lose the phone, which I have been known to do before now, there is a button on the main base which you can press which will page the phone and it will beep so you can find it which is a useful feature I think.

      Although this phone only cost me around twenty pounds a couple of years ago and has lasted well I do have a few little issues with it which annoy me. Firstly the phone will tell me that I have new calls when I check it, which is fine...except when you scroll through them they then seem to just stay there instead of disappearing when you are aware of them! Secondly, when you listen to an answer machine message it automatically deletes them which isn't ideal as sometimes you may need to listen to the message more than once! As I said I normally use my mobile and so my friends and family are aware of this and will try and contact me using that but it is still annoying really.

      If you are looking for an ok phone which will last well but are not too worried about it looking like the latest model then I would recommend this phone to you. It is simple but functional and is just what I needed.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        29.06.2010 18:47
        Very helpful



        A no nonsense phone & answer machine great value too

        Our old landline BT phone needed updating and we wanted something stylish easy to use and not cost a fortune.We bought ours about 2 years ago and I have to say its a neat little package for people who just want a phone and nothing more.At Just under £30 it was a good buy for us.

        It is smart in silver and has grey numbers,cordless handset and base is the charger/answer machin.The instructions are easy to follow just plug in the power adaptor and telephone cable into the base, pop in the batteries in the handset and put it on to the base to charge.This takes 24 hours so you will still need your old phone to start with.When fully charged plug the phone line into main socket.

        Its now ready to make and receive calls,simple.The answer machine is also ready,there is an off button and it will speak "Answer off",very clever.You set the time and day on the answer machine using the handset,this is childs play.

        It features a secrecy button you can press so caller can not hear you,It has a redial/pause,and menu button.You scroll up and down through menu options using volume up and down,straight forward really.

        It has a talk end button and phone book button where you can store 50 names and numbers,neat.There is a keypad lock to prevent accidental use of keypad,an INT button for internal calls to other similar handsets you may set up around the house.We only have the one main phone so no need for another handset,but if you have more than one handset you can use this to transfer calls too if desired.
        Finally power on/off.

        Listening to answer machine messages just hit the big "play" button on the base,there is a skip forward/back ,a delete messages button and stop button to switch it off from answer machine mode.The "OGM" button is for recording your own out going message so this will be heard by callers.You can set to answer and record or answer only,your choice.You even have a record memo option,say if youre leaving the house and want to leave a message to the wife,you can record it on the phone,quite useful at times if you are in a hurry and are driving unable to call home using your mobile.

        It has a call screen option too,useful if you get troubled by canvassers and the like wanting to sell you double glazing or a new kitchen.

        We found it simple to set up and easy to use,not too technical.The handset has a good range around the house and even outside in the garden.It may be too limited for some but suits us fine as sometimes a phone just has to be that,a phone and nothing more.

        I hope you found this review useful and thanks for rating it for me.I have other reviews on DooYoo and Ciao website too,thanks for looking.


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        29.10.2009 14:19
        Very helpful



        A basic phone from BT that has some good qualities but just not a great phone

        Why this phone
        This was a phone we selected for our home based on a couple of criteria about 18 months ago. We wanted a phone with a built in answer phone, that was cordless and from a well know manufacture as our experience with very cheap phones wasn't very good. This phone to seemed to tick all those boxes so it was duly bought from Argos. At this point I had never heard of dooyoo so didn't look at any reviews on this phone I think if I had we may not have picked this one.

        What is it?
        This is a landline phone by British Telecom. It is a sliver phone and needs to be plugged into an electric socket to work. The handset needs 3 AAA rechargeable batteries to function and these are included with the handset. This version is a single handset but you can buy this phone in twin, trio and quad versions but as I don't have one of those I can't comment on how those work.

        This phone has several features not all of which that we use so for the purpose of this review I am going to focus on the bits we use and how we find them. I will then list the other bits at the end so if you want to know if it has a specific feature you can find out.

        Instruction manual
        It is easy to understand the information as it is clear and concise. The index at the front helps you locate easily the functions that you want to use and how to set them up. Alongside the text there are small picture boxes to show you exactly which button to press and what the display should say if done correctly.

        Set up
        This is really amazingly straight forward insert batteries to the phone. The bit on the back slides off without to much problem and reinserts very easily. You then plug the phone in into the socket and the electric socket and hey presto after a short while of charging you are ready to make a phone call. Now the instruction manual says that you should let it charge continually for 24 hours before making a call but we found it was ok for a quick test phone call of a few minutes after about 20 minutes of charging but for longer calls you are probably best letting it charge up fully the first time.

        Making a call
        Firstly once you have taken it off the base this doesn't automatically make the phone ready for dialling you would need to press the phone button to open the line up. This is useful in our household with a toddler as it means he doesn't accidentally make a call every time he lifts it off the base. It will however answer a call by just lifting off the base.

        The buttons are soft to touch but do need to be pressed firmly for the phone to recognise them.

        Once you are connected the clarity of the connection is not always fantastic and on occasions there is both static and white noise on the line or an echo effect which can be a bit disturbing. I find that if you redial the number this often clears it but it is very annoying when it happens. Another issue with the clarity and sound is that the volume always seems to be quite and no matter what I do if there is a background noise i.e. a screaming toddler it is not always easy to hear the person on the other end. The people that I am on the phone to when I have asked questions about noise have never heard anything or been trouble an echo or me sounding quite.

        One of my favourite features on this phone really has it stores the last ten numbers and you simple scroll through them for the one you want simplez as the meerkat would say

        Phone book
        This is a useful feature for me as with my dyslexia I find it hard to remember numbers so this phone stores them for me. It can hold up to 50 numbers but I personally haven't that many in it. The process of putting them in is simple and the instruction manual really talks you through the process in an idiot proof way or at least this dizzy blonde found it to be. As you add extra names in it re-jigs them to have them in the correct alphabetical order for you. To phone some one from your phone book it is very easy you just navigate down your list and press the call button and the rest is done for you. Unlike some features on the phone the phone book remains held on the phone memory if there is a power cut.

        Secrecy button
        Does what it says really if pressed the person at the other end can't hear what you are saying. I have only used this by accident really.

        Display screen
        This is another area that I am slightly disappointed in really not because it doesn't tell you the time or how long you have been on the phone or who is calling you if the number is in your phone book because it does. But the display is really hard to read depending on what light you view it in which can defeat the object really.

        If there is a power cut or you un-plug the phone from the mains the display goes back to the factory settings and you need to re programme the date and time which can be infuriating.

        Answer phone
        The answering machine is capable of storing up to 13 minutes of incoming messages this is really a lot of messages and if you are lazy like me and forget to delete them this space can hold a lot of messages we have had up to 30 stored at one time.

        If you have a message there is a red flashing button that will alert you to this rather than a beep. I personally prefer a flashing light as beeps just annoy me and our cats.

        It allows you to record your own voice mail greetings this is again simple and straight forward to do. You can select to have either an answer only message where they can't leave a message or one where they can. Again the instruction manual talks you through doing this process in a simple and straight forward way.

        There are two pre-recorded messages are also available already. If there is a power cut these default messages kick in for you once the power is back on.

        Messages can be played back through a loudspeaker in the base, or privately, through the handset depending on what you choose we I have to say only really use the base for playing messages.

        You can if you choose pick up you answer phone messages remotely I have never used this feature but I guess if your waiting for an important call this would be useful.

        Ring tones
        There are five ring tones available and you can actually set a different ring tone for some of the names in your phone book if you choose. The rings are neither wonderful nor annoying just basic rings really.

        Find button
        This has come into its own now I have a toddler who loves phones and wanders off with it you simply press the find button on the base your phone will ring till you find it and press a the phone or on the base. A very useful function in any how with a toddler I think.

        We have a small house really and find there is no problem using the phone in any room in our house either upstairs or downstairs where the base is located. It is advertised as having a 50 meter range inside and a 300 meter range outside. But I find that if I go much beyond the patio which is a lot less than 300 meters away from the base the signal gets to weak and it becomes even harder to hear someone on the phone.

        Good phone book facility
        Easy to set up
        Answer phone easy to use
        Good instruction manual
        Find button
        Redial facility holds up to ten last numbers

        Clarity not always great due to at times echoes, white noise and static.
        Hard to hear the other person on occasions
        LCD display difficult to see in certain lights
        Doesn't hold answer phone message and date and time when power gets turned off


        I would recommend this phone to people who want a basic entry level phone but if you are after something a bit more sophisticated I would say spend a little more to get a better quality phone to due to the poor sound quality. I think when we replace this one we will look for the next model up. If you have any hearing issues such as slightly deaf this isn't the phone for you as it is very quiet.

        Where from and price
        As I mentioned we bought ours from Argos the current price is £34.99 you can also buy it from Amazon and other small electrical retailers

        Other features that we don't use:
        Call waiting
        Call transfer.
        Keypad lock.
        Up to 10 hours talktime.
        Up to 160 hours standby time.


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