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BT Synergy 3205

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2010 16:19
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      A good BT phone

      Mobile phones are a very handy item to have but I do enjoy having a house phone as well and with BT I find they offer the best phones.

      The BT Synergy 3205 in a single phone I purchased which is grey in colour and has many features. The actual phone itself has got a very strong holder for the phone to sit in and has very clear buttons to press as well.

      You have buttons for all sorts of features such as registering new contacts and finding out who called you previously. The phone looks stylish because of the blue background on the display panel and it kind of brightens up the overall display.

      I find grey products usually dull and boring and this is the complete opposite. The phone will charge when it is placed inside the holder and there are two colours which highlight. You have the green colour which lights up when the phone is fully charged and the red light will appear when the phone is charging.

      I hate when I have a phone and I keep on leaving it off the hook and end up losing power so when the phone rings the phone is to weak to talk to people on the other end.

      There are some features on this phone I have never experienced before and one of those is the SMS messaging feature. You can actually send a text message to a landline or mobile number and the idea is fairly simple. You put in a message using the keypad and you have 160 characters and you can write whatever you want. You send the text to the number you have put in and they receive the text to read.

      You can send this to other people with text phones and mobiles as well. You can even pick up messages on this phone from friends as well.

      Have you ever had a phone which never reveals who is on the other end? I have many times but this phone allows you to see who is calling you. I love knowing who the caller is because sometimes I just do not wish to talk to some people so knowing if they are on the phone to me is a great help.

      You have various ringtones you can use as well and not the standard ringing sound which after a while becomes very boring and this feature offers something different. I know the phone has a call waiting option and I am not sure how this works because unfortunately for me I have not got many people who ring my home but I aware of this feature.

      You can find out how long your on the phone for which is another great help because my phone company tells me the first hour of a call is free and anything after you have to pay for. This allows me to keep in control of how long I am on the phone for and saves me money at the same time.

      The phone has no cords so you can walk around your house with the item and I know the distance is pretty good as well around 50 metres and that is pretty good. The weight off the phone is 458g which is not to bad and just double the weight of my mobile phone.

      I think how far you can go with this phone, how it charges and how it allows you to send texts all pretty good. The installation was quick and simple and adding names and numbers was pretty standard and not complicated.

      When the phone has been charged if you leave it around (which I am guilty of) I find it can last over 50 hours without needing a recharge so that might be something people wish to know as well.

      I have added 36 names to my phone and I know I have room left for more and with a good phone which has a volume control as well. Volume control for me is essential because if your discussing party plans or a birthday surprise sometimes being to loud others can hear.

      The colour can be a problem but so can the price. I got this for £34 and the only reason I paid so much was because I wanted something new and fresh and I am glad I did.


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