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BT Studio 4500 Plus

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2013 17:53
      Very helpful


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      Great phone wish I still had it

      I used to own this phone when I lived with my dad it was very good as we lived in quite a big place and I can be quite lazy and did not want to have to go all the way downstairs to answer the phone so I mainly kept one of them in my bedroom this was also very good as if a boyfriend phoned I could just pick up my phone without my dad picking up and ruining my privacy. I liked that the phone could easily be transported from room to room the phone charges up on the silver stand so you just have to remember to recharge it other wise if the battery is low and you make a call it will make a beeping noise to warn you the phone is about to cut out. I liked that I could save numbers on to the phone and then I just had to press say 1 button to call my mum this was also handy for calling a taxi. I liked that the phone was easy to use you just type in the number and press the green button to call and to end the call you just need to press the red button. The answer phone was also very easy to use you just pressed a button to play back a message and you could also delete messages easily. I also liked that you could put calls on hold and silence the line as I often had to hold as my dad did not always want to answer the phone so i could screen the calls for him if a debt collection agency was calling for example I could silence the line and tell them my dad was not in. The main advantage of a phone like this is that there is no chord so you can walk about with it make a cup of tea whilst on the phone or even just talk all night to the boyfriend whilst in bed the only problem with this is it makes it very easy to use too easy that I ran up a very high phone bill.
      I really liked the design of the phone it looked smart and sophisticated it also has easy volume control so you just press a button and the sound is clearer I also liked that you can delete the call log on it but the call log is also useful as you can just call a missed call back easily. The buttons are big and chunky and as I have poor eye sight it was great not having to find my glasses to make a call I think this phone would be good for an older person because of this. I would recommend this phone to a friend because it is possibly the best home phone I have ever used I did not need to run to the phone as there was two and if someone called that I did not like I could just press a button to hang up rather than having to slam the phone down.


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  • Product Details

    The BT Studio 4500 PLUS trio pack is a fully digital DECT cordless phone set that has a digital answering machine built in as well. This phone is often used in both the home and even the office as the Studio 4500 has a sleek compact stylish design. The answering machine on the BT Studio 4500 has a recording time of up to 25 minutes in total. This means that callers will have plenty of recording time to leave a message if the call goes unanswered. With a 50 name and number directory the BT Studio 4500 PLUS has plenty of storage space for contacts such as friends and family. If the phone is connected to a BT line with caller display it will also show the number and if in the directory name as well. The built in clock also has an alarm so users can set reminders and even use it to wake them up in the bedroom at home. If the phone is ringing the Studio 4500 handsets will even answer the call when they are picked up out of the base.

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