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BT Studio 4500 Twin

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    5 Reviews
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      25.02.2012 10:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good reliable product

      This twin set of cordless phones from BT which include an answer machine as well cost us £39 from Amazon which is a great price in my opinion for what has proven to be a reliable set of phones with good sound quality. Each phione comes with its own base and they each require two AAA batteries which come supplied. As you can see from the picture the bases are different sizes because naturally one of them has to house the answering machine functionality.

      The only downside to these phones is that there is only a 50 number contact list and while this is quite a lot it is not really enough for the number of phone numbers we wanted to store, I'm a bit annoyed that I only found this out after the purchase, my fault as I kleft this purchase to my other half and he would never think of such issues.

      Set up is very easy although you do need to leave it for 24 hours to charge fully the first time out of the box, there is a digital display to set up the time and date on and the manual is easy to follow, the phones have plenty of features but they are not overly and unnecessarily complicated which I find to be a positive. They are silver in colour and look functional rather than stylish but for the price they represent good value and at least they do not look cheap.

      The phones themselves are nice and light to hold so long calls are not an issue and they have a good range, supposedly up to 50 meters inside and 300 metres outside however we have never had need to test these limitations at all. What I do like is the fact that the sound quality is very good and you do not need to have the volume on a high setting to get clearly audible calls through either handset. The sound quality is also good on the answering machine which can hold up to 12 minutes of messages in total and it cuts out after three minutes on any message to prevent those people who forget to hang up from filling your memory up. When a message is available the number of messages is shown on the digital screen.

      For me they have been reliable phones in the few months that we have had them, sound quality is good and they are easy to hear when they ring. The only issue for me is I would have preferred the ability to store more contacts. Battery life is good, the original AAA batteries are still in use.


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      19.02.2012 19:40
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A pretty good system for the price

      We were given a set of phones when we first moved into our own home but towards the end of last year we found that they were no longer working properly and we decided we were going to have to buy some new ones. We quite liked the idea of having an answering machine as it was what we were used to so we set off to find a set of two phones complete with answering machine.

      I was quite surprised that we found these phones in our local b & m discount store as we had only visited the store for a couple of bits and pieces before going phone shopping, the phones cost us £35.99 which we knew was a decent price as we had had a look on the internet before we had gone shopping so we had some idea of what price we would be paying. The phones came securely packaged in a cardboard box and all of the packaging was suitable for recycling.

      On opening the box we found the 2 handsets and 2 bases complete with wires and plugs to allow them to charge and there were four rechargeable AAA batteries two for each handset, the base with the answering mahcine on it is bigger than the one without and all the screens had sticky plastic covers on them to protect the screens. The phones weren't fastened into the box in any way so it was easy to remove them from their packaging and underneath everything was an instruction manual.

      The phones that we bought were not only for answering calls, you also have the answering machine, an address book which holds up to 50 contacts, a redial list of up to 10 numbers, a 40 number call list, a clock, keypad lock, call timer and a low battery alert.

      The phone was very easy to set up literally just plugging the charger wire into the base and then plugging into the wall socket and leaving it to charge for an initial 24 hours before using it. My husband set the phone up initially so I don't know exactly how to do it but he managed it pretty easily and managed to have the correct date and time set, we don't use the programmable contacts list as we don't ring out on the landline so we don't need them in.

      The phones look pretty good too, they are silver in colour and have rounded corners making then look pretty sleek, the bases are also silver in colour and both handset and base are black on the back. The buttons all dip in the middle and the phone is comfortable to hold even when you are on a call for quite some time.

      The phone works well and the sound is extremely clear, the ring tone on the phone is not very loud and my daughter has to shout me if the phone rings when I am in the kitchen as it simply isn't loud enough to be heard from there. There is an intercom button which will call the other phone, ours is upstairs and this has come in useful rather than shouting up the stairs when my little one is sleeping, I would say the phones don't seem quite so clear when using the intercom. The phones have a good range supposedly 300 metres outside and 50 metres inside, when my Mam had an accident and needed to speak to my Dad she rang my phone as he was engaged and I was able to walk next door and into another house and the phone still worked pefectly. If your signal is getting weak on the phone the signal symbol will flash however this is pretty useless if you are on the phone as you would have it to your ear and not notice this anyway.

      The answering machine can hold up to 12 minutes of messages and each message can be a maximum of 3 minutes long, the answer machine is clear and gives you the date and time of your message aslong as you have set these details, the controls for the machine are easy making it easy to play and delete your messages. The drawback of the answering machine is that it doesn't let you know when you have a message apart from a number on the screen whereas my old phone beeped to let you know which is better.

      I would recommend these phones but we are thinking of buying another single handset to have in the kitchen due to the volume issue but this is probably as the kitchen is an extension so is quite far from the phone. The phones do what we wanted and so I give them 4 stars.


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      18.07.2011 22:58
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      The reception from this is lot clearer than a BT phone bill

      I recently had to buy a new phone due to the fact that my old one had taken on too many tantrums, most of them from my eldest daughter who thinks the quickest way to hang up a phone is to slam it down with as much force as possible onto the nearest hard object.
      So, I went on the hunt for that new phone which would grace my house for the next few years or so, as long as I kept it away from my daughter that is.
      The type of phone I was looking for had to meet certain criteria's, it had to have a built in answering machine, it had to be a size that would not take up too much space on my desk, it had to have built in caller display, and, most importantly it had to be cordless so no one is wired to one spot.
      Luckily, these days, most phones are cordless with many of them having a built in answer machine and many other gadgets as well, so finding one that fitted my list of necessities was not too difficult at all.

      On my hunt I found a nice looking phone with a well known name etched onto it, that name being BT, (British Telecommunications), with the actual phone being called the BT Studio 4500.
      And as it was at a good price and came as a package I chose to buy it without hesitation.

      When I got it home and unpacked it inside the box there was... (and should be...)

      * Base Unit with built in answer machine
      * Hand set charger
      * 2 hand sets
      * Four rechargeable batteries
      * 2 power adaptors
      * Telephone line chord
      * User guide

      So I went about setting it up, discovering what this BT phone had to offer, which is...

      * Answer machine
      * Front display
      * Built in address book for up to 50 contacts
      * 40 number call list
      * 10 number redial list
      * Caller display, depending on you provider

      Other features of this sleek looking phone are...

      * Built in clock.
      * Alarm clock.
      * Conference call
      * On hold music
      * Secrecy
      * Keypad lock
      * Call timer
      * Low battery alert
      * Out of range alert

      ** MY OPINION...

      As I said, I bought this BT Studio 4500 phone as a package, a twin pack in fact, one part being the main unit which had the built in answer machine, the other being just a phone. You can also expand the number of phones connected to the main unit by up to five separate hand sets, (sold separately).
      The phones have what is, in the technical world, called DECT technology, (DECT simply stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone), which means that the sound quality is crystal clear no matter where you are standing in the home. And believe me when they say crystal clear they mean crystal clear. It's that clear that it's almost like talking to someone standing right next to you.

      The entire package looks the part, if you like silver that is, although silver does tend to go with a lot of colours. Both the mains unit and the hand set chargers are neat and sort of curvy looking, making them pretty nice to look at with there black bases and flashing red neon lights.
      As for the size, well the main answer machine unit is a petite size, being approximately 132mm x 111mm x 53mm. The hand sets are also just the right size and easy to handle, being 154mm x 51mm x 30mm.
      The charger for the extra handset is 92mm x 112mm x 52mm so they wont look out of place on a small shelf, so long as it's near a mains socket that is.

      The hand sets have a good range, being approximately 300 metres outdoors, or 50 metres indoors although this range does decrease due to obstructions such walls or buildings.
      When you have a good strong signal the little signal indicator on the hand set stays solid, but if you step out of range, or are about to do so, then the signal indicator will flash to let you know.

      Setting up the phone itself is done with ease, especially as the user guide provided is so easy to understand with clear, concise instructions. So I won't go into too much detail about this set up as it could be seen as 'padding', but I will state that if you follow the instructions carefully you should be able to set the time, date and answering machine messages with-in minutes.
      Just remember that it has to be near a mains plug socket and a telephone point. The mains wire is approximately 2 metres long so any mains socket nearer than 2 metres is good.
      The connection leads, being the mains and the telephone cord, can only fit into there chosen slots so there's no problem with mixing them up.


      The initial handset charges should be for a minimum of 24 hours to give the batteries that perfect start in life. So do remember this and try not to use the phone before the end of this initial charging time.

      The controls on the handsets are well laid out, with each button having a clear imprint of what they are for, such as the interior intercom button, the address button, the ending of the call button and so on, with there being a lovely large menu scroll button in the centre.
      Then the actual display on the handsets is also clear and easy to understand, with such icons spread around to show you what the phone is offering, such as the signal strength, the battery power level, mute on/off, alarm setting and more.

      Then there's the answering machine base station for the main phone itself. This again is simple to understand and so easy to use, with a clear simple number display to show you if you have any messages, flashing for any new messages, and all the buttons around the display to play or go through your messages.
      The screen shows you the exact length of each call made/received, allowing you to easily keep track of you calls.
      The answering machine itself can hold up to 12 minutes in total of recording time, with each message being 3 minutes in length, which should be enough for most caller to leave a message, and the clarity of the sound coming from the single speaker makes listening to those messages a blessing, so I don't have to strain to hear what people are saying.
      The built in address book can hold up to 50 separate contacts and, depending on your line package, it can offer caller display, showing either the number or the callers name if the caller is in your address book, so you can ignore the calls if you want to.

      And as it has the capabilities of remote access you can listen to your messages from anywhere in the world, as long as you can remember your four digit code.

      As for the price of this lovely little wonder phone, well this two phone package sells for around the £40.00 region, with the triple version selling for around £60.00, although if you just want the single unit, with the built in answer machine, this alone sells for a mere £25.00. Which for what you get is remarkably cracking value for money in any ones books.

      In all, if you need a DECT quality phone which not only looks the part but does what it is supposed to do with some style then this is certainly worth looking into. I have absolutely no regrets with buying this one at all and would quite happily buy another one if and when my daughter decides to throw another of her 'teenage' tantrums.


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        18.08.2010 19:04
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A decent quality phone that I'm expecting will last a good while

        We've had the BT Studio 4500 twin cordless phones with answering machine as our main home phone for about a year now, and its generally been good value for money and hasn't caused any problems. The set of two phones is currently available on Amazon for around £40 which isn't exactly bargain basement price but its not too bad at all for what you get.

        There are two identical handsets, one with a basic charging base unit and one with an answerphone base unit. The buttons on the handsets are clear, with the numbers and symbols big enough to be easy to see and press, there is a digital display which sometimes tells you the number that's calling you and sometimes doesn't, I have to confess I have no idea why it varies! The display on the handset will also tell you if there's a new answerphone message waiting for you.

        The battery life of the handsets is very good, unlike my last BT phone which would run out of battery after about a 30 minute phone call, this lasts for a couple of hours of talk time and much much longer on standby, which is useful for if you need to be in a different part of the house from the phone but are waiting for an important call, which saves you dashing up and down the stairs or out of the garden every time the phone rings!

        The sound quality of the phones is ok but not incredible. There is a volume control so you can adjust it to your comfort level but as someone with quite poor hearing I find that I need a quiet room and to listen very carefully sometimes even when the phone is at its highest vilume, depending on how good the connection is. The sound is generally clear, whatever the volume.

        The answerphone is very easy to use, there is plenty of space for lots of messages and I've had up to 15 at a time stored on there after holidays etc. You can adjust the volume of the speaker for the answerphone which is handy, the sound quality of this speaker is very clear usually but of course can depend on the quality of the connection and the background noise on the other end of the call. A display tells you how many messages you have stored and flashes if there are any that are new.

        The BT Studio 4500 has quite a few features that I haven't actually used but seem like they would be useful, such as an alarm clock, a phone book and conference calling facilities. If the ease of use of the features I have used is any indicator it should be pretty straightforward to use these too, although you may want to keep the instructions as its not immediately obvious just from looking at the base unit

        These phones aren't the most stylish or attractive, they are a slightly old fashioned silvery-grey plastic and are definitely 'function over form', however they're small enough to be unobtrusive so don't bother you too much.


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        12.08.2010 02:09



        Would recommend if you think the extra features would benefit.

        We have had this product for around a year now and it is proving to be reliable. This cordless phone set comes with two handsets and cradles, one of which has an inbuilt answerphone machine. The answerphone allows you to record a reasonably long outgoing message, and holds about ten minutes of incoming messages (not the best available but more than adequate for the average household). The handsets and cradles are very compact and stylish. The cords for the cradles to charge up the handsets are several metres long, which is useful if your electric sockets are in inconvenient places. Each handset has an inbuilt phone book (the two handsets synch whenever you add a new contact) which is simple to use and very convenient. Several ringtones are available, and you can even set each handset to have a different ringtone. Ringtones can be set at a wide range of volumes. When using the phone, the sound is clear, and the handset can be used with great reception anywhere in the house (unless you live in a mansion!). Other extra features include last number redial (up to ten numbers), a call log, a secrecy feature (so your call cannot be eavesdropped on from the other handset) and an alarm.
        My only criticism of this product is that the battery life is not as long as claimed (10 hours talk time). I find it needs recharging after around 5 hours of talk time. Recharging is not an effort as the handsets are charged directly from the cradle, the only concern here is the electricity bill (not that it realistically makes much difference)!
        You can pick up this product for under £50. This is more expensive than a basic phone, but if you would benefit from the added features, it's worth it.


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